How Do You Say “Life” In Korean?


Do you know how to say “life” in Korean? There are sooooooo many ways to say “life” in Korean, such as 삶, 인생, 생명, 목숨, 생활, etc. One of our listeners asked teacher Kyung-hwa about the differences between those words, but don’t be alarmed! It’s not as complicated as you think. Together, let’s figure out which word is best to use in various situations! =)

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Describe This Picture – Hot Coffee and Legs Crossed


Let’s learn some new Korean words and phrases through this picture! Today we have a photo where Seokjin is serving some coffee to Joo-yeon, the newest member on our team, while she is sitting on a stool with her legs crossed and reading a book. How would you describe this situation in Korean? Let’s find out through this video lesson!

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Catch The Wave – 문이 잠겼어요 + K-Pop Lyrics

Catch The Wave is a radio show that airs on Arirang Radio every day at 6PM KST, featuring many guests including Hyunwoo. On Fridays, Hyunwoo joins Adrien Lee, the host of the show, for the second half of the show at 7PM to introduce a useful Korean survival phrases, introduce a Korean song through its lyrics, play an audio clip sent in by a listener (which can be you!) and also answer some questions in real time. You can listen to the live shows as well as the recorded shows at or watch recorded videos a couple week after each episode has been aired. This video is the recording of the show that aired on April 3, 2015. Enjoy!


News In Korean – April 21, 2015 (Sample)

안녕하세요! 이번 주 News in Korean 샘플 뉴스 기사입니다.

Water is taken for granted in everyday life in many parts of the world, but a lot of places are going through extreme droughts, including California in the USA. In one of the articles for today’s News In Korean delivery, we talk about the drought and countermeasures for it in California. You can listen to the sample news article recording right here, ready for you at normal speed. Receive regular updates and translation e-books by subscribing at : )

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Survey – Books on Korean Culture and History?

So far, all of the paper books that the TalkToMeInKorean team has published are about the Korean language. We have a bunch of new books coming out this year on learning Korean, but our publishers would like to know if our listeners are also interested in learning more about the Korean culture and history through books. If we were to publish books on Korea’s culture and/or history, what kind of topics would you like to read about? And what kind of books (including Korean language reference books) would you like us to publish in the future? Please let us know in the comments!