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Hangeul Day Giveaway – Travel Phrases and Korean Slangs

Happy Hangeul Day 2014! Today is 한글날 (Hangeul Day), the official birthday of the writing system of the Korean language. To celebrate 한글날, we have prepared a fun giveaway, so have fun participating and enjoy the free audio program that we will be giving away!!

How to participate

1. Write your name in Hangeul and post it as a photo reply!
2. You can post it here in the comment for this post or on our Facebook page.
3. Or you can also post it on Twitter or Instagram and mention us so that we can see your name written in Korean.

What we are giving away (to everybody who participates):

Audio program that teaches you
– Top 10 Korean Travel Phrases
– 10 Fun Korean Slang Expressions

We’ll be looking forward to all your handwritings!! Have a great Hangeul Day! 여러분의 많은 참여 기다릴게요~!



Thank you to EVERYBODY who participated by submitting a photo of their names in beautifully handwritten Korean! We promised that we would give everybody who participated an audio program, so we did reach out to everybody, but since there were so many people who participated, we’ll post the link right here so you can access it simply by entering the password.

The link:
The password: ttmik

We hope you enjoy the audio lessons and continue enjoying learning Korean with Talk To Me In Korean!


News In Korean – Improve Your Vocabulary and Reading Skills

For everyone who is looking for more reading and listening material, we are now offering news articles written and recorded in Korean. We will publish and deliver 6 short news articles in Korean, recorded at 3 different speeds, and also publish 1 free article each week here on our website. If you are looking to expand your vocabulary and better understand how sentences are formed in Korean, please check out the SAMPLE ARTICLES and subscribe!


한국어로 쓰여진 글을 더 많이 읽고 더 많이 듣고 싶으신 분들을 위해서 News In Korean이라는 자료를 만들어서 제공하고 있습니다. 일주일에 6개의 기사를 세 가지 속도로 녹음해서 이메일과 카카오톡으로 배달해 드립니다. 한국어 뉴스로 공부하면서 어휘력을 기르고 싶으신 분들은 샘플 기사들을 들어 보세요.


Korean In Action

Korean In Action is a lesson package that will teach you the most essential words and expressions that you need to know to describe every actions in Korean. From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, and even while you are sleeping, you are constantly doing a lot of things, and Korean In Action will help you learn and remember the words for them.

[ Korean In Action lesson package = Audio Lessons (over 5 hours) + E-books + Over 60 Video Lessons ]

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International Cover #5 Announcement

Do you like listening to Korean songs? Good! Do you also like to sing Korean songs? Even better! We have another International Cover collaboration coming up soon. We have made four videos in this series so far and every time we do this, more and more people participate so it is becoming more fun each time! The song we have chosen this time is 혼자가 아닌 나 by 서영은.

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K-Word Showdown: Differences between similar Korean words

We are very happy to introduce K-Word Showdown to you all! It is our brand-new audio program that is designed to help you understand the subtle yet important differences between similar or related Korean words and expressions. We have received a lot of questions about the differences between word pairs like 지금/이제, 그립다/보고 싶다, 지루해요/심심해요, and 피곤해요/힘들어요. So we have compiled 30 such pairs of words that can be used incorrectly if you do not fully understand the differences.

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Book Intro – Survival Korean

Make your stay in Korea much easier and enjoy it to the fullest with Survival Korean! We picked most essential Korean phrases you need to know while traveling or living in Korea, and divided them into 20 different situations, which comes with detailed explanations about the phrase itself AND fun and useful information about the situation where the phrases are used in.

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[My Weekly Korean Vocabulary] Take part in our next book!

Are you enjoying studying with us? 🙂 My Weekly Korean Vocabulary is one of our most popular e-book series. And based on the e-book, we published a book, ‘My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (book 1)’ a couple of months ago. A very cool thing about this book is that the illustrations used in the book were created by our listeners and supportsers who took part in “The Drawing Project”.

Now, we are working on the My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (book 2) and we would like to have you as the part of the book! Submit your drawing, your drawing and your name will be on the book!

You can learn more about the The Drawing Project HERE!
You can see the list of the keywords that you can draw an illustration on are HERE!
You can purchase My Weekly Korean Vocabulary book 1 HERE!
You can learn more about the My Weekly Korean Vocabulary book 1 HERE!

Thank you always for studying with us! Happy studying!

감사합니다 ^_^

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Meet up with the TTMIK team!

Let’s meet up! 여러분~ 만나요 🙂 If you are living in or visiting Korea, we are going to have a meet-up at 홍익 어린이 공원 a.k.a 홍대 놀이터 (Hong-ik Children’s Park or Hong-ik Free Park, near Hong-ik univeristy) at 2PM on April 19, 2014.

All the TTMIK teachers will be there as well as some other YouTubers you might be watching:)

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