Hyeonjeong Kim

Hello, everyone. My name is Hyeon-jeong Kim. Very nice to meet you! It is not easy to learn to speak a foreign language like a native speaker, but when someone wants to try to do that, there should be ways to help him/her achieve that goal. And that is why we are making learning material for Korean at TalkToMeInKorean! I want to learn more languages too. I love reading books, traveling, eating delicious foods, and working together with people to create something.


  • leeMareum

    annyeong hasseyo hyeon jeong unnie… joneun hangingeoreul yuchanghayo hago sipseumnida… tnx to you because this is very useful for me ^^ kamsahamnida:D

  • Tinlok Wong

    hi why i can’t buy
    Hangeul Master this book in your website?

  • zizi

    Hi!Am new hear!What should I start with?