Hyeonjeong Kim

Hello, everyone. My name is Hyeon-jeong Kim. Very nice to meet you! It is not easy to learn to speak a foreign language like a native speaker, but when someone wants to try to do that, there should be ways to help him/her achieve that goal. And that is why we are making learning material for Korean at TalkToMeInKorean! I want to learn more languages too. I love reading books, traveling, eating delicious foods, and working together with people to create something.


  • kaveh yousefzadeh

    Recently I have provided some of so entataining,interesting,romantic Korean series!
    I am watching two of them now.their name are you are beautiful and heartstrings!
    When I saw all of these series (their numbers are more than 8 series),I will declare my comments.
    These two series pivotal actress are my dearest park shin hye1
    I have heared my dear park shin hye said once that 80 percent of her personality has reflected in you are beautiful series!
    I frankly assert the romantic series alike you are beautiful, heartstrings, my girl friend is gumino,…are milliard times better than Iran films,…!
    I thanks so much from these so romantic, beautiful series!
    I have found my lost thing that I look for from my childhood!
    I extremely love these kinds of series!
    I kiss my so dearest park shin hye,eun hea,…a lot!
    I wish that I meet them in Korea,…many times!
    Bravo! Bravo! the milliard times bravo for these so beautiful, entertaining series!
    I have watched you are beautiful series completely. but I haven’t seen heartstrings series completely. because one of its DVD is corrupted. And the end of episode wasn’t clarified. I will request them afterward.
    Now,I am watching my girl friend gumino.it seems my dear park shin hye has played in a short scene in bus!
    Anyway, I have found my lost things that I look for from my child hood1
    I have decided to watch a lot of so beautiful romantic Korean series alike these ones in my longevity!
    A milliard times bravo!
    Afterward,I will sent my comments about these 8 and more series in nutshell!
    My dear park shin hye I have be familiar you personality by you are beautiful series,…,as you said once!
    I love you so much! I love my dear yun hea,…your rival actress in you are beautiful series so much too! I kiss my dearest gumino a lot too!
    I love these Korean series extraordinary!

    • laleh

      daghighan az tarighe hamin korean drama be zaban korea alaghemand shodam . man ham you’re beautiful va ham heartstrings ro ta akhar didiam . be nazare man agar korean drama doost dari hatman boys over flower va love rain ro bebin to love rain ke man alan dar hale tamasha kardanesh hastam jang geun suk bazi mikone.
      rasti to iran cheghadr tool mikeshe ke een site load beshe?

  • Judah

    I am currently studying Korean language at King Sejong Institute here in Manila, Philippines. I can slowly read Hangul but cannot understand it fully. I need to consult a dictionary most of the time and to increase my Korean vocabularies. This is why I need to know the best elementary English – Korean / Korean – English dictionary available in Seoul. My Filipino friend who will be in Seoul before the end of August will be looking for the best and highly recommended dictionary she can get. I have visited all the big bookstores here in Manila but I wasn’t able to get the dictionary I want. Korean reference booklets are only for travelers not dictionary. I hope to get a quick reply on this so I can relay tell my friend what to buy. Kamsahamnida! :>

    • christina

      email(christina_cole48@yahoo.co.uk) so that i

  • jiyeon

    안녕하세요 김현정

    I’d like to learn & improve my language in Korean. 1St I love south Korea sooooooooo much & I hope 2 visit it near .. I’m beginner in learning 한국
    May u help me to learn and practice it .. plz ..?!

    and I would to communicate with Korean girls how can I do that ?! :$
    And i hope 2 communicate with u :$$

  • jiyeon

    안녕하세요. 김현정

    1St I sooooooooo 한국 sooooooooo much .. and I’m beginner in learning Korean language and I would to learn more & practice it

    Really I would 2 communicate with u and Korean girls
    Can u tell me how ?!

  • Yulia Utaminingtyas

    저는 율리아 입니다.
    인도네시아 사람이에요.
    지금은 한국어를 공부해요.
    만나서 반가워요.

    • 히엔

      전 베트남 사람입니다. 만나서 반가워요. 거회가있으면 베트남에 한번 오세요! 전 한국어를 아주 좋아해. 우리가 같이 공부합시다.

    • christina

      email me(christina_cole48@yahoo.co.uk)

    • christina

      email me at(christina_cole48@yahoo.co.uk) so that i teacher english ok

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  • http://parkminrin97 minrin

    can u teach me in korean.. i’m a korean people but cannot speak in korean because when i was small i stay at america,,

  • http://parkminrin97 minrin

    please !

    • 히엔

      really? poor u!! Korean’s not difficult, i’m sure bc i learn alone but now i can speak it with Korean people, hehe!!

  • Steven

    I’m really happy to find this site. I will definitely use this site as one of my many learning tools along the way. Thank you!

  • mageck

    i like to learn korean language

  • http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/shows/iyagi-7/ reynalyn loreniaan

    i like korean language and i want to learn korean language can u help me how to speak

    • christina

      this is mine email(christina_cole48@yahoo.co.uk)

  • Alex

    나는 알렉스이어요.
    미국예 살아요
    한국어를 공부하고 있어요
    한국 친구가 있으면 좋겠어요

  • marwan kteich

    I want to live in korean can you help me

  • kris paso

    안녕하세요, 저는 인도네시아에서온 . . 미안하지만 저는 한국말을 잘못하니까 . 앞으로 잘부탁 드립니다.

  • Apollo A. San Juan

    Hi,just saw your website recently,I’d like to learn the Korean language since I think it will prove beneficial to myself and the company I’ve been working for a long time now.Any advice or referrals you could give me where I can study Korean,I’m in my forties now…….Thank you and God Bless.

  • http://myloveminho.blogfa.com/ 한민정*(fateme)

    hello every body my real name is Fateme and my Korean name is Han Minjeong I’m from Iran as soon as i found this web i tried more for my koren learning i can speak and i can write but i want to be better and better.thank you for your useful web

  • Liesl

    Hi Hyeon Jeong!
    I’m chilean and fan of this incredible website, which I recommend to almost every friend that loves Korea. Unfortunately, this year I couldn’t improve much in my studies of korean because was taking the national test to enter to university.
    In a near future I’d like to go to Korea as a exchange student and I have question to ask you. In some universities in Korea they require me to have approved TOPIK LEVEL 3… Which level do you recommend me to have studied at this website as minimum to prepare myself for the exam?

    Thank you very much,

  • kos

    کس ننت مادر قهوه

  • Chaimae Lagh Ouiyel

    hello i’m fromMorocco and i wanna learn korean so if u can help me it’ll be so good this is my fac:chaimae lagh ouiyel :)

  • https://www.facebook.com/minyong.jan Mi’Noù Chà

    hi ^^

  • saleh

    hi , how are you? i am from Dubai, i like to learn foreign languages, now here Korean. can i hope your help? :)

  • Zhannat Bissen

    Hello! Nice to meet you. Thanks for grammar lessons

  • Regina Han

    안녕하서요 횬정 김

    저ㅜ는 러기나 ㅣ서요

    저ㅜ는 피리핀오

    im still practicing my hangeul i hope its ok
    i hope i will learn more korean here in your website and to be your friends
    i love to learn more korean cause i love korean and im trying also to learn taiwanese japanese and chinese language

  • christina

    i will help you ok, this is mine email(christina_cole48@yahoo.co.uk)

  • hassiba swit mammeri


  • malika abakil

    hello, im malika from morocco nice to meet you i will help you i speak 3 language ( french, arabic and amazigh) me too i want you can help me to study corean language

  • malika abakil

    my skype is chamakh17292

  • 알렉스

    안녕하세요, 제 이름은 알렉스 예요.만나서 반가워요. 저는 헝가리에서 왔어요, 하지만 이제 독일에 살습니다. 한국어 잘 하고 싶어서 배우고있어요.한국어 배우를 열심히 해야겠다고 생각했어요. 하지만 혼자서 조금 어려워요.당신은 나를 도와줄 수 있나요?

  • ines

    if u really want to learn korean luanguage

    i have the best way . u can buy this one and u ‘ll be able to speak korean fluently ;

    1- u can watch kdrama without subtitles

    2- u can understand the lyrics of 2ne1’s songs or .. without reading the lyrics

    3- If you are a soldier, a diplomat, or just someone planning a trip to South Korea, learning the language will help you to break down cultural and communication barriere

    4-The Korean language is spoken by more than 70 million people

    so This can prove to be intimidating for someone interested in learning the Korean language.

    Click Here!

  • Kariz Cahayag


  • Kariz Cahayag
  • lykajaneracab

    i love korea

  • lettie

    help plis what does ㅇㅋㅂㅂ씹새야 mean?

  • fahima

    i’m fahima from iran.
    i’m trying to learn korean.
    so i watch k-dramas.
    but one problem i have is that i want to have the korean subtitle of drama.
    i searched for korean subtitle of a drama that named the mermaid but i didn’t find that.
    i reallllllllyyyyyy become happy if u help me to find that.
    thank u for your good website.

  • https://bossyuni.drcellreload.com Juneaty rachmat

    Hi .. I am juneaty rachmat from INDONESIA

    i wanna to learn korean language .. please teach me TT