Hyunwoo Sun

Hi, everyone. My name is Hyunwoo Sun (선현우). I was born and raised here in Korea and I am still living in Korea, but I LOVE learning foreign languages so I have learned (and am still learning) English, Japanese, French, Chinese and Spanish, and I’m planning to learn more. With the help of some really awesome people, I made this place with the goal of making it easier for learners of the Korean language to continue learning without giving up. I hope you will enjoy learning with us, and I’d love to hear from you about how we can make this site and our lessons better!

I love watching action movies, making videos, taking photos, learning new languages, traveling, and b-boying… or making a video about all of these things! : )

Thank you!

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  • Jinggle

    Your English is also very good! You use words that I rarely heard from normal conversations. Keep it up!

  • Sharon Susan Koshy

    Hi Im sharon from India.. my mother tongue is Malayalam. other than that i can speak Hindi, Tamil, English. IM learning Korean and French now

  • Chris

    Hey^^Hyunwoo Sun you are really awesome!I think that you are a great teacher and thanks for your great work you have done.Really i admire you.Of course all of what i say are in force for all the teachers of TTMIK~

  • minpyo

    Hi Hyunwoo Sun seonseinim hope you are doing fine best teacher ever ^^, i really want to thank all of you, members of TTMIK, you are of great help for me. thank you so much for your hard work . keep up the good work you are doing very well ^^

  • lykajaneracab

    i want to learn koraean language( kunsahamneda)

  • kuciii pu

    Hi Mr. Hyunwoo Sun
    u hv a wonderful voice
    and thnk u sooooo much for teaching me korean….^-^ :D

  • korean language lover

    Hi 선현우 선생님, Please advise 여명 씨 that the questionnaire is publishing email addresses of the respondents to anyone who visits the forum. This is not a safe or acceptable practice. Please have him/her correct this as soon as possible! Thank you!