Test Your Korean – Fruit Names in Korean


How many fruit names do you know in Korean? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz!!

Click here or the image below to take the quiz.


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Thanks for studying with us!

  • 라샨

    100%!!! 아싸!!!

  • 85% ㅠㅠ… 괜찮아… I’m proud becauses i don’t use dictionary…

    많이 퀴즈 있을수록 열심히 공부할 것 같아요..

    TTMIK 파이팅~

  • 짱시앙

    Argh I have problem viewing the quiz! ><

  • Samier

    I missed 1 because I thought the tomoatos were oranges OTL


  • George Posten

    Oh what fun!

  • i love korean

  • i want to learn korean
    i love korean super

  • Diyna


  • 수수

    really love it!

  • Emma

    100%!!! ^^