How do you say “How are you?” in Korean?

“How are you?” is probably one of the most frequently used greeting lines among English speakers. Although this is so commonly used, you can’t translate this quite literally into Korean. Then how would someone say the equivalent of “How are you?” in Korean? 경화 선생님 will explain it for you!

In this video series, “How Do You Say This In Korean,” we choose one of your questions about how to say certain things in Korean and let you know not only how to say it, but also how the sentence is formed. Do you have a particular sentence you want to know how to say in Korean? Ask Kyung-hwa to feature your sentence by filling out [this form]. Thank you for studying with us! 감사합니다.

  • Fergus

    Thanks for this. Can you tell us then how one says asks “How are you” of a person you’ve only just met – or isn’t that done in Korean?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Exactly! That’s what I wanted to say. You don’t say “How are you?” to someone who you have just met. Just say “안녕하세요.” and then introduce yourself or ask some light questions. 😉

  • Imanialovee

    Now I know, Thanks! ♥ uhmm but can you tell us how to respond on that question in korean like I want to say “Oh I’m fine. How about you?”

    • KyungHwa Sun

      You could say “네. 잘 지냈어요. OO 씨는요?”