How Do You Say This in Korean? (15 March 2013)

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Welcome to the 5th episode of “How Do You Say This in Korean?”! This is a weekly segment, published every Friday, where teacher 경화 (Kyung-hwa) will be joined by a co-host of her choice each week to answer some listener questions. The questions we will be answering in this series are mainly about how to say certain things in Korean.

How do you say “I love my brother-in-law.” in Korean?
= 저는 우리 형부를 사랑해요. / 저는 우리 제부를 사랑해요.

How do you say “Is where you live far from Seoul?” in Korean?
= 사는 곳이 서울에서 멀어요? / 사는 데가 서울에서 멀어요?

How do you say “Speaking of…” in Korean?
= … 얘기가 나와서 말인데 / 말이 나와서 말인데

How do you say “This is my family/mother/father/brother etc.” in Korean?
= 저희 (__any kinship term__)이에요/예요.

How do you say “How are you?” in Korean?
= 잘 지냈어(요)?

How do you say “I need my coffee fix.” in Korean?
= 커피가 필요해(요).

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