Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #11 (fingernail, hair, watch, to drink, button)

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In the 11th episode of Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, you can take a look at Kyeong-eun drinking something in a cafe. Practice saying the words out loud as Kyung-hwa introduces them one by one.



머리카락 [meo-ri-ka-rak] = hair
손톱 [son-top] = fingernail
시계 [si-gye] = watch
단추 [dan-chu] = button
마시다 [ma-si-da] = to drink

koreanvocabulary-커피마시는 경은 누나

  • Áyunga ssss

    How can I configure the inter these words?

  • Shapagat Kendirbayeva

    Will be know the new words everyday, of couse korean words! Thank you a people, whys did this program!

  • 선생님! There is a spelling mistake in “fingernail” – You wrote 소톱 instead of 손톱 : )
    Thank you for the new words! : ) 감사합니다!