Korean Vocabulary with Pictures #12 (bus, route, license plate, window, wheel)

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In the 12th episode of Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, you can see a 마을버스. It’s a smaller type of buses that run through smaller areas of the city. Practice saying the words out loud as Hyunwoo introduces them one by one.

마을 버스 [ma-eul beo-seu] = village bus
운행 노선 [u-naeng no-seon ] = route
창문/유리창 [chang-mun/yu-ri-chang] = window
번호판 [beo-no-pan] = license plate
앞바퀴/뒷바퀴 [ap-ba-kwi/dwi-ba-kwi] = front wheel/rear wheel

koreanvocabulary-마을 버스

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