Korean Vocabulary with Pictures #14 (sunset, roadside trees, center line, roadside, arrows)

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In the 14th episode of Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, you can see a picture of the sunset, taken near the TalkToMeInKorean office. Practice saying the words out loud as Hyojin introduces them one by one.

석양 [seo-gyang] = sunset
가로수 [ga-ro-su] = roadside trees
중앙선 [jung-ang-seon] = centerline
도로변 [do-ro-byeon] = roadside
화살표 [hwa-sal-pyo] = arrows

koreanvocabulary-성산초교 앞 도로

  • Very artistic! I love the association between images and words. It’s the best way of learning!

  • Please need help to clarify this: When you make reference to a tree is a 나무 but if you are referring to roadside trees then you say 가로수?

    • Yes, I think you understand it well. 🙂