Level 1 Lesson 11 / Please give me / 주세요

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In this TTMIK lesson, you can learn how to ask someone if they have something and also how to tell someone to “give” you something. Please read the attached free PDF file while you are listening or after you listened to the MP3 audio lesson. If you have any questions, please feel free, as always, to ask us in the comment for this lesson! 감사합니다!

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • Qistina Izni

    is this correct?

    orenji-eun juseyo= Dont give me anything just give me orange, only orange.

    im still trying to understand the topic/subject marking particles..

    • Nurimanda Dputri

      I think that should be orenji-neun juseyo..

  • Joeble

    I don’t know if someone has mentioned this already but there is a typo in the pdf for Level 1 Lesson 11. It says “사과 없어요? [sa-gwa i-sseo-yo]” but it should say “사과 없어요? [sa-gwa eop-seo-yo]”. The romanization is wrong. ^^;

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  • Tara

    Hey guys!
    Pretty easy to understand, as usual.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks for your comment with pretty picture. Is it vanilla?

  • Elaine Marques

    I need to know if I’m learning….is this sentence correct 그가 장갑 주세요?


  • 지웰 알라이싸

    lol when I said to my friend that she is 재미없어요
    She replied: 죽고싶니? ㅋㅋ Then she chased me
    Me: /run/ 와~ 살려주세요! xD

    TTMIK 재미있어요 ♥♥

  • Nurimanda Dputri

    Yeeey..just fun as usual..thanks a lot for teaching today..
    안녕힉계세요. .><♥♥♥

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks for enjoying our lessons! 고마워요! 안녕히 계세요.

  • Nadya

    Dear teachers, help me please!) Is 주세요 expression is the politest way to ask someone to give or to do something? Or can it become more polite by using 입니다/습니다 ending? If it can, write please the correct form of it! 감사합니다!!!

    • Seokjin Jin

      With “-입니다/습니다” pattern, you can describe something but you can’t make “asking” sentences. So, it is good to use “-주세요” pattern when you want to ask someone to do something.

    • Nadya

      선생님 감사합니다 for your answer! You have helped me a lot! *bow*

  • cheong yana

    오와 너무 좋아요..저는 TTMIK를 사랑해요 너무 사랑해요…..고맙습니다 :3

    • http://twitter.com/jinseokjin jinseokjin

      ㅎㅎㅎ 감사합니다.

  • Serenity Maria

    the two new people voices are so dull its hard to understand their pronunciation :/ making it harder for me to understand what they are saying >.<

    • Kit L

      U means James and SoYang? They are not native Korean, but their Korean are considered very good already.

  • Kyle Jones

    On your pdf, on the top of the second page, you have a typo in the romanization of the korean! The third example says 없어요 but you wrote I-ssyeo-yo!

  • Hilda

    I am still confused over the use of subject and topic particles….

    • viona

      me too

  • Bergen

    Since 우유 주세요 means “give me some milk please”, can I turn that into a question? Like if I say 우유 주세요? Does that mean “can I have some milk, please?”

  • farah tea

    I’ve started yesterday and am finding the lessons beyond helpful and I am very grateful for all your hard work, but there is one thing that somewhat irks me; the way the conversation tends to sound awkwardly forced is a bit uh… yeah. But nonetheless, it is all very, very helpful!! (I’m really sorry T^T)

  • Menna Yehia

    돈 주세요?? 돈은 없어요?!! 저는 돈은 있어요 =D =D =D

    • Seokjin Jin

      ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 저도 돈은 있어요. ㅎㅎ

  • Matt

    After reading the pdf of the lesson I had to look up what ‘bulgogi’ was. Now I believe “불고기 주세요.” may be the most important thing I take away from these lessons.

    감사합니다 for the lesson.

  • Nadine Azore

    Thank you for the lessons, I’ve actually learned more from the 11 lessons that I’ve listen to than I have from the 8 months I’ve been in Korea (which is sad)

  • samane

    thank you soooo much for the lessons they are awesome also so helpful . downloading the audios are soo easy. thank u so much .I have learned a lot from your amazing lessons .plz keep working .

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank you for studying with us! :)

  • Christian N. Paulsingh

    감사합니다. Learning Korean is fun! Thanks from student in the Caribbean :)

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank you for studying with us! =)

  • Carly W.

    Thank you for another helpful lesson! Could you please help me with the topic marking particles used in the audio lesson? I’m still confused by these particles, and I was wondering if I understand properly:

    돈은 없어요 –> Does this imply “I have other things, but money I don’t have”? Or maybe “I would give you money if I had it”?

    장갑은 있어요 –> Suggests “I have gloves but I’m not going to give them to you”?

    I’m sorry if this is a very dumb question >_<

  • 후다

    감사합니.. thank you .. شكرا جزيلا

  • Liisu//

    안녕하세요 !

    I’m a student from Estonia. I really enjoy studying Korean here ! It’s easy to understand & work with pdf file & audio is really enjoyable as well.

    감사합니다~ !!!

    TTMIK 재미있어요. ♥

  • Viridiana Martinez

    Hi, I started learning korean with you guys about a week ago and it’s extremely awesome the way you guys teach it.
    But I have a question, on the pdf I don’t know if its simply a mistake or if its actually supposed to say that on the examples of page 2
    “사과 없어요? [sa-gwa i-sseo-yo] = You don’t have any apple? There is no apple?”
    isn’t it supposed to say [eop-seo-yo] instead of [i-sseo-yo]?

    • Bads

      I believe 없어요 is read as oep seo yo and not i sseo yo. So its right. There is no apple.

    • Viridiana Martinez

      oh ok thanks

  • FinalWholockianGrrlGamerFaerie

    I can’t wait until my Grandma comes back from Korea so I can show off all these new words I have been learning! I feel like a little kid saying this!

  • Carlen Wirth

    Where is the workbook for lessons 11-20?

  • Carine

    Is this correct.
    Bap i 이 서 유
    I’m still not sure about the particals

  • Zahra

    안녕하세요 ^^
    한국어 가르쳐주세요 ^^
    Is this right if I want to say please teach me Korean ?
    감사합니다 《^:^》

    • cheong yana

      안녕하세요 Zahra
      나는 당신의 친구가되고 싶어요
      그리고 한국어 공부하자?

    • cheong yana

      미안해요 ..내 이름이 야나예요
      만나서반갑습니다 ^^

    • Zahra

      안녕하세요 야나 씨 ^^
      저는 자흐라 입니다
      저는 친구되 좋아요
      그리고 함께 한국어 공보해요
      화이팅 ^^

    • cheong yana

      عندك فيس ؟ أو موقع تواصل اجتماعي حتى نقدر نتعلم مع بعض ^^

    • Zahra

      نعم عندي حساب فيسبوك بإسم

    • Zahra

      وصورة الحساب
      ليتوك قائد سوبر جونيور

  • #edz

    I’m studying this lesson right now.. I’m really interested in this language. More lessons 주세요!!! ^^

  • AnnDee

    Can we put subject or topic marking particles before 주세요? Ex. 사과 는 / 사과 가 주세요?

    • JooyeonPark

      It should be an object that is put before “주세요”
      So, it will be like “사과를 주세요”

  • Chiara Copeland

    돈 주세요 ?

  • yourippehdees

    Is there any coffee?

    Large coffee, please.

    강아지 주세요
    Give me a puppy, please. (so says my daughter)

    말 주세요 (누구예요?)
    Give me a horse, please. (Guess who?)

    맥주 마시고십어요. 맥주 있어요?
    I would like some beer. Do you have beer?

    내, 있아요.
    Yes, we have it.

    좋아요. 맥주한명 주세요.
    Good. I’ll  take one bottle of beer, please.

    • OYOrange

      “큰커피를주세요Large coffee, please.”

      Why did you put 를 between coffee and please?

    • yourippehdees

      Because it is the object of 주세요 -give me what? Coffee. So I used the object marking particle.

    • Wendra Setiawan

      “내, 있아요.” is wrong >> 네, 있어요

    • yourippehdees

      Thanks for catching that!

    • Wendra Setiawan

      you’re welcome

  • https://www.facebook.com/yinara94 Noor M. Ahmed

    한국어 시민권 주세요 ㅜ.ㅜ

  • PenguinBeng

    사탕 있어요? 사탕 많이 주세요!

  • Amanda Manuela


  • Molly

    Can you say 시간 주세요 ‘Give me time!’ ??