Level 1 Lesson 15 / Sino-Korean Numbers / 일, 이, 삼, 사 ….

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In this TTMIK lesson, we are talking about numbers. In Korean there are two sets of number, one is native Korean numbers and the other set is sino-Korean numbers. Sino-Korean numbers are numbers that are based on the Chinese language (therefore if you speak Chinese, you will find that the sino-Korean numbers are quite similar to the Chinese numbers), and in this lesson we are introducing numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 100, and 1,000.

Numbers are not always easy to memorize, especially if you don’t have to use them often, so be sure to practice using them every chance you get!


You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • http://smaugthedesolator.tumblr.com smaugthedesolator

    I think it’s interesting how all number systems are very much the same… like I think the English numbers (like thirty three) is a bastardized and lazy way of saying three ten three (thir ty three)

    • faiza

      it’s good point . l think that to 감사합니다

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miles-Younkin-Pottery/1501563486771653?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Miles Younkin

      One way to put it, others might say efficient (assuming that’s true of course)

  • faiza

    very important lesson but how about numbers more than 9999

    • xConjo

      10 십
      100 백
      1000 천
      10000 만
      100000 십만
      1000000 백만
      10000000 천만
      100000000 억

    • faiza

      정말 고마워요
      yes who knows ? maybe i need this numbers some time
      anyway thanks a lot for your advice

  • faiza

    for exemple 9999 is it 구천구백구십구? well i hope it’s correct

    and we can also use the sino numbers in minutes 분 and money 돈 and Mathematics 수학 ( kg ; km ; g ; l …)and phone number . that’s correct isn’t it ?

  • Anggi Dwi Kiranti

    이게 진짜 짱이다

  • fey

    안녕하세요! Is the correct way to say 2014 천이백영십사?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      2014 is 이천십사. ^^

  • misozo

    안녕하세요! is it right to write 31200 this way 삼일전이백 ?

  • Jahn

    Can I say my age using Sino-Korean numbers?

    • Seokjin Jin

      In that case, we don’t use sino-Korean number.

  • Matt

    For number 6 would the following be correct?

    육시예요. = It is six o’clock.
    그거 륙시예요. = It is six o’clock.

    Where in the first sentence we use “육” because it is at the beginning and in the second sentence we use “륙” because it follows “그거”.

    감사합니다 for lesson 십오!
    (Also comments on lesson 14 were disabled so 감사합니다 for lesson 십사 as well)!

    • Seokjin Jin

      It is six o’clock. = 여섯시예요.

      We don’t use 륙 for 6 nowadays. :) Thanks for your comment.

  • 수진

    삼 이 구 팔 칠 일 사 ㅇㅂㅇ

  • Viridiana Martinez

    to say 1992 would I say il-jeon-gu-baek-gu-sip-i?

    • Suzy_jang

      I thik it’s Cheon-gu-baek-gu-sip-i because they said we don’t have to “il” in the beginning before cheon or baek or sip

    • Viridiana Martinez


    • Viridiana Martinez

      oh that’s right, i forgot. thank you

    • Viridiana Martinez

      thank you :)

  • Letsfly!

    something like 1565375 would be such a mouthful, but i guess thats english too eh

    • Seokjin Jin

      If I read it in English, it should be such a mouthful for me, too. Reading numbers is so hard!

    • Victoria Gordon

      That’s the number I wish was in my bank account in USD

  • Lilya

    Am I basically reading a math formula like 1234 = 1000 + 2×100 + 3×10 + 4? 천이백삼십사

    • Seokjin Jin


  • Desiko

    Thanks for the lesson!
    Now I know how to say my birth year – 1997 would be 천백구십구육, right?

    How do we say say a phone number? Should I say it number after number without anything it between?

    • gnew

      I think it should be 천구백구십칠

    • Desiko

      Oh, yes, thank you! :D

    • gnew

      anytime :D

  • Asmaa

    1993 => 천고백고십삼
    is that right? thank you

    • JooyeonPark

      천구백구십삼 :)

  • Nawal


    일, 이, 삼, 사, 오, 륙, 칠, 팔, 구, 십…. 백….. 천
    woooow i’m so smart i got them in 15 minutes thanks to your fun way to teach things ^^

    Exp : 3457 ==> 삼천사백오십칠 am I right ??

    감사합니다 for your hadr work ^^

  • cheong yana

    일, 이, 삼, 사, 오, 륙, 칠, 팔, 구, 십…. 백….. 천

  • Imani

    제 번호입니다 = 구영사 륙륙(육육)이 팔구팔칠

    선생님만 전화하세요(농담이에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하면 별로요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)
    다른 사람들 전화하지마세요 :)

  • angel

    so 1998 would be 천구백고십팔 right?

  • https://www.facebook.com/yinara94 Noor M. Ahmed

    안녕하세요 :)

    일 이 삼 사 오 륙 칠 팔 구 십 … 백 … 천 :D

    (1994) 천 구백 구십 사 Right? :)

    감사합니다 <3

    • Vi chhai

      일 이 삼 사 오 육 …..

  • yourippehdees

    체 전화번호는 일오일영칠칠팔삼팔영구 이에요. Ok, not really, that is my practice number.

    • PenguinBeng

      Is it 15107783809? I’m still not used to numbers T_T

  • Tracy

    So 08025818196 will be 영팔영이펄일팔일구역?

    • PenguinBeng

      08025818196 – 영팔영이오팔일팔일구육?

  • rachel

    어녕하세요 ^^
    Would 7431 be 칠천사백삼싶이 ??

    감사핲니다 !!

    • troy

      Good work, only a few minor things. You have 7432. Change 이 to 일. 칠천사백삼십일. And 십 with a ㅂ.

      And 감사합니다 with 합 instead of 핲 but pronounced like 함. The 하 is sometimes not heard (if being said quickly) so it can sound closer to 감삼니다.

      아녕 instead of 어녕 also but that just looks like a typo.

    • rachel

      the last one was a typo sorry!!
      thanks for the help!

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miles-Younkin-Pottery/1501563486771653?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Miles Younkin

    영일륙이-륙영팔-이영이사 ….. 영사.영이.천구팩구십오

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miles-Younkin-Pottery/1501563486771653?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Miles Younkin

    So Icheon (이천) pottery village literally means 2000? Does anybody know why?

  • PenguinBeng

    1996 – 천구백구육?
    09351259874 (not a real phone number) – 영구삼오일이오구팔칠사?

    • Buse Tılkı

      1996 is not correct –> 전구백구십육

    • PenguinBeng

      Wow, I forgot/didn’t notice the 96, 감사합니다~

  • Elizabeth Torkowski

    1-337-342-0633 is: ……… 일삼질삼사일ㅡ록삼삼 is that correct ?????

  • Jonas Tran

    010-9868-0810 is : 영 샵 구팔육 팔 영 팔 일 영 is that correct ??

  • Guest

    Are phone numbers written as 1 large number or many 1 digit numbers like they are in English

  • Maria Larsen

    I was born in 천구백구십삼 (1993), so I’m 이십삼 (23) years old in Korea.

    Or would you just say 구십삼 (93) if you’re talking about birth dates or more recent years in general?

  • Judy


    Can you please spell in korean the other word for 영 – zero? The one which sounds like “kong”.

    For some reason it does not apear on Google Translate…

    감사합니다 !!

    • HelloFriends

      I think it is 공 :D

    • Judy

      I think so too but Google claims it’s a ball ;)

    • Karen

      a zero is round like a ball

    • Judy

      I guess I’ll accept it… Thanks!

  • HelloFriends

    I was wondering, it seems 경은 and 현우 pronounce 싶 slightly differently. 경은 pronounces the 시읏 like an ‘s’ while 현우 pronounces it like an ‘sh’, so which is the correct pronunciation? Or is it just different dialects/accents? 감사합니다!

  • mio senpai

    i am 18 years old so it would be sip-pal and born on 1996 so it’s cheon-geu-beak-geu-sip-geu ?

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