Level 1 Lesson 20 / Native Korean numbers / 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷 …

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We are back with another number lesson! In lesson 15, we introduced the sino-Korean system and today we are introducing the native Korean number system. Having two separate ways of counting different things might look too complicated, and we will be surprised if you can memorize all the numbers at once and never forget them, but if you keep practicing the numbers in context, you will find it much easier in time. So today, we are going to first introduce the native Korean numbers, and ONLY going to cover how to say your age in Korean. If you can say how old you are in Korean after listening to this lesson, this lesson will have achieved its goal. Thank you! 감사합니다.


You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • Roxana

    An interesting fact : in Persian language (farsi) “살” or “sal” means year. And the word “셌” is pronounced as “se”. So when we want to say three years, it exactly sounds the same in Korean!

  • Sage Weichman

    TTMK, 감사합니다!

    스물네 살이에요.

  • Lovely Nody (나다)

    나는 열다섯 살이에요 ! :D
    Sino korean is easy
    But the native numbers are not ^^ :'(
    어떻게 ?!!! I’ll try to learn them later i think learning while reading them will make it more easier ^^
    감사합니다 오빠 고 언니

  • mila

    안녕하세요!! I love your lessons! Thank you so much! Both of you are so funny, it makes it really enjoyable. When I learn a bit more korean and visit Korea, I’m going to definitely visit you guys and show off my korean!! haha

  • Lisa

    1. 몆 살 이에요?
    스무 살 이에요.
    2. 수박 주세요.
    몆 개 예요?
    세 개 주세요.
    Are they correct? 감사합니다! :)

  • Reiko Angelyn

    Hi there. I cannot find the audio for Level 1 lesson 2. Can you please help?

    • Jay

      Just hover your mouse on the “Grammar” section located at the upper left of the website, below the TalkToMeInKorean logo and click Level 1. You can see all the lessons there in order. ^^

    • Reiko Angelyn

      Thanks Jay. Really appreciated it. 감사합니다 .

      But I’m really kinda slow learner. Though I listen many times yet I still kinda forget ..

      But anyway, I’ll keep practice til I can manage to communicate cuz I’m planning trips to Korea , mayb staying for a month or 2, If that’s possible. ^^

    • Seokjin Jin


      Please check the link above, you will find the lesson you want more quickly.

  • SimplyyFatme

    감사합니다! 열여섯 살 이에요

  • Serenity Maria

    스물다섯 살이에요

  • Tina

    저는 열아홉 살이에요 ^ㅇ^

  • Isaac Batterham

    저는 스물두살 이에요

  • Joel söderström

    안녕하세요! How do you ask how old someone is? Is it 몇 살이에요?

    • YY

      Yes that is correct!

  • Vander

    Why is it I see ㅎ as h on other websites but here it looks a little different?

    • Trisha

      It’s just a different font. ^^

  • 트리샤

    이것은 너무 어려워요. 이것은 더 공부해야해요

  • 토미

    스물두 살이에요

    • 레나티

      저도 스물두 살이에요! :) 토미 씨 안녕하세요?

  • 베카

    안녕! 열여덟 살이에요! ^-^ 감사합니다!

  • Matt

    저는 스물일곱 살이에요. 오래된이에요. [I’m 27 years old. I’m old.]

    감사합니다 for the lesson.

    • Seokjin Jin

      오래된이에요 > We don’t say that expression. Normally we would say 나이가 많아요.

    • Matt


  • princekyung

    저는 열아홉 살이에요~ ㅎㅎ

    • Seokjin Jin

      잘 썼어요!

  • xConjo

    난 열여섯 살이에요

  • Brittany

    Hello! I have a Korean friend who says that he would never say 백하나 for the number 101. He says 백일 is the only correct way.
    Why or when would you use the first way??

    Thanks! Love your podcasts!

    • Seokjin Jin

      When we talk about age, we also say 백한살, and when I count how many times I did something (for example, push-up), we can say 백한번 or 백하나.

  • 후다

    스물두 살 이에요

  • Viridiana Martinez

    저는 스무세살 이에요

  • JysLee

    한국 에 나 스물두살이에요 / 저는 한국 에 스물두살이에요 ( My age in Korea is 22 year old / I am considered to be 22 years old in korea) Is this correct xD…. 감사합니다..~

  • smallfry

    저는 열여섯 살이에요.

    • Seokjin Jin


  • Rashid Ja’afar

    저는 지금 스물세 살이에요.

  • Gaby Bosco


    저는 스물두살 이에요
    (I am 22 years old)

  • Zahra

    안녕하세요 ^^
    저는 서른 살이예요
    but in Korean 서른한 살이에요

  • Maddy

    저는 열일곱 살이에요
    (In Korea 열아홉 살이에요)
    너무 감사합니다!
    TTMIK 사랑해요!

  • Kat

    스무둘 살이에요. ^^

    • Kat

      *스물두 살이에요

  • Imani

    안녕하세요 제 한국살은 십일곱살이에요! 잘 배웠어요! 열심히 배울거예요! 감사합니다~

    • Imani

      아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 십아니라 열일곱살

  • Marc Wentink

    It takes a long time before I see an answer here. My question has been waiting for moderation for two weeks now. Anyway, I have used this sentence in the wiki page in Dutch. (Translated to English of course.)

    Counting years, you can choose yourself. If you use native Korean numbers however, these numbers can change. Numbers 1 until 4 and number 20 have a different form when they are placed before a noun.