Level 1 Lesson 25 / From A To B, From C Until D / -에서/부터 -까지

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안녕하세요! We are back with another lesson for Level 1. And in fact, this is the last lesson for Level 1. Lesson number 25 will introduce how to say “from A to B” and “from C until D (in terms of time)” using the words 부터, 에서 and 까지. Make sure to try making your own sample phrases, and if you have any questions, please feel free, as always to ask us in the comment box.

Congratulations on finishing Level 1! We will be back very soon with Level 2! 감사합니다.

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • sewar

    계정은 없으면 ttmik 사용할 수 있어요

    • http://twitter.com/jinseokjin jinseokjin

      You can also use TTMIK without the account.

  • Cait

    I don’t know if anyone is interested, but there’s a site called quizlet (you can bing it, it’s the first result) and it’s basically a site for digital flashcards. It’s very cool. I put all the TTMIK level one vocabulary up on it ;) the sets of flash cards are all titled “Korean (Hangul)” so they should be easy to find. Just so you know :D Thank you TTMIK! you rock!

    • Zhuldyz Juli Tungushpayeva

      I also use it! it’s really great and easy.

    • Jean-Philippe Defrenne

      amazing website, I love you

  • selma

    its cool to learn korean but its difficult

  • Jennyfer

    How would you say out a whole list of destinations? I feel as though:

    Seoul buteo Busan ggaji hago Busan buteo Daegu ggaji hago Daegu buteo Jeju-Do ggaji does not seem right at all?

    Seoul to Busan then Busan to Daegu then Daegu to Jeju-Do

    • http://twitter.com/jinseokjin jinseokjin

      It doesn’t sound that wrongly. So you wrote like 서울부터 부산까지하고 부산부터 대구까지하고 대구부터 제주도까지, and I think you did a good job.

  • 거스 Gus

    언녕 여러분! 감사합니다 for the awesome lessons! I would like to know how to say “from the time that X until the time that Y.”

    For instance, “From when I arrived home until now, I’ve missed you.” Would that be:
    “집에 도착했어부터 지금까지 보고 싶어요.” ?

    Oh also, when telling someone of my commute by train, would it be correct to say:
    “학교에서 집에까지 헌글 공부했어요.”

    Thank you~!

    • http://talktomeinkorean.com/ Talk To Me In Korean

      You can say “집에 도착했을 때부터 지금까지 보고 싶었어요” :)

    • 거스 Gus

      ^_^ 감사합니다. Is “X-을/를 때…” a standard construction to indicate “the time when X”? I think of the Mandarin construction “X 的时候 (X de shihou).”

      For instance, if I want to say “I saw him when I went to Seoul,” would I say:
      “서을에 갔을 때 그거 사람 봤어요.” ?

    • Seokjin Jin

      서을에 갔을 때 그거 사람 봤어요. > 서울에 갔을 때 그 사람 봤어요.

      I think you understand the concept of -ㄹ/을 때… well. :)

  • Ana Camila Bringel

    당신은 아침부터 지금까지 집에서 청소 안 했어요!

  • Houyam


    YEY I finished Level 1 I’m so happy and I can’t wait to start level 2 :D

    감사합니다 ^^

  • Houyam

    Hello :)
    I don’t speak spanish but I can help you to learn Arabic if you want :) ,but it’s the most difficult language in the world.Arabic is like the ocean you can never finish learning it ^^

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks so much for your comment. :) Haha Someone will want to go to the ocean.

    • Rizwan Shakir

      How would I contact you if I m interested in Learning Arabic. I speak Urdu as a 1st language and English as a 2nd language n have good command over it….my eemaail is mr.rizwanshakir[at]gmail dot com and @ FB….mr.rizwanshakir

    • Houyam 열정 ^^

      hello I’m a native speaker but I don’t have any idea about teaching BUT don’t worry those 2 web sites can help you to learn arabic quickly :)

  • Andy Saint-Hilaire

    I could probably help you guys out with Spanish. How would I write my name in Korean? It is pronounced “sent-ileir”. 감사합니다

    • 하쓰나

      센트 이럐르 if the t and r is pronounced in the end
      if it doesn’t 센 이래

  • Gelas

    My native language is Spanish since I am from Puerto Rico!! If still interested on practicing Spanish you can let me know. I have a nice course that I am using to teach my girfriend the spanish language. Anyway I wanted to say Thanks for all the lessons!!! I went to Korea last April and I manage to understand a few things thanks for you lessons and the ones my girlfriend give to me!! Thanks once again TTMIK!! I will forever be grateful to all your hard work!!

  • Diana Huerta Martínez

    Greetings from Madrid (España)!!! Glad to listen Spanish around here!!! Thank you very much for these lessons!! It helped me a lot to remember the basic korean course I attended in 서강대학교 while I stayed in Seoul last year!!! Im happy knowing I didnt forget what I learnt there!!^^ GOOOOD JOOOB!!

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks for studying with us!

  • Thanh


    Why is it 집에서 while they are in the restaurant? I already looked it up but it only meant home or house. This is confusing >”< Please help me!
    감사합니다 :)

  • Svea

    어제 프랑스에서 한국까지 갔어요.
    Is it okay to use 가다 in this phrase? Or do I have to use another verb?

  • Ciera

    I went on quizlet and it is amazing it is such a big help to improving my Korean! 감사합니다!

  • Jenni4

    wah feels like a big achievement to have reached the end of level 1 ! So Proud. Thanks so much for helping me get here :)

  • 애슐리

    Hiiii, Can I know what 어떻까지 means? I hear it everywhere… please answer :(

    • Seokjin Jin

      Actually, it is 어떡하지.

      You use the expression when you don’t know what to do. I means “what am I supposed to do?” in English.

    • 애슐리

      aaaaah 알았어! 감사합니다 :-)

  • Nadya

    Teachers, help me please! How can i say “or” in Korean? Also how can I say “and” if I need to list two or more expressions? Like in the sentence: “The answer “B” is correct AND the answer “A” is also correct (is correct too).”

    • Seokjin Jin

      “The answer “B” is correct AND the answer “A” is also correct (is correct too).”
      > B도 맞고, A도 맞아요.

      For “or”, you can say “또는” or “혹은” in Korean.

    • Nadya_V14


  • Catia

    I’ve got a question (lots actually but I’ll ask just this one) what is “지” like when it’s used in 어떡하지 and stuff like that? Is there a lesson on that one?

  • ChroniclesOfHigherAi .

    So is there a difference between 어디까지 가요? and 어디에 가요?
    Perhaps 어디까지 가요? is more like “Where are you going from here?” And the latter is just asking where they are going. Thanks for any answers!

  • Djilian Foster

    My cousin is learning spanish too :p !
    This lesson in dificult :(

  • Djilian Foster

    Please unswer me !!

    If I say : A 부터 ha-da , should I add 까지 –> A 부터 B 까지 ha-da ?

    Plz unswer to my question :)

    • Seokjin Jin

      Yes, you can use it like you wrote. :) You can also just say A부터 하다 and B까지 하다.

  • Juanis

    So 부터 Can mean From and when listing something, its the first thing you do?

  • Felipe Ezekiel

    In the middle of the podcast I figured out the meaning of that line of FIESTAR’s “One More” that says “우리 어제부터 오늘까지 똑같은 Level”. I’m having so much fun with these lessons!!!!! x)

  • Lovely Nody (나다)

    I understood the lesson but i didn’t understand the last examples :(
    From head to toe for example … we can say that they are nearer to places more than time so why can we say 부터 ?!

  • jennifer

    Cannes에서 Singapore ㄱ가지

  • NinjaGirl

    Is this right?

    어제부터 오늘까지 공부했어요.

    • Guest

      네, 맞아요

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Yes. =)

  • Nicole

    Hello I’m done with level 1 and I’m just reviewing now, I’m having a hard time with the particles and some tenses. I did some simple sentences, can you correct them? Thank you :) 1) 배 주 현 인형 이에요 > Bae Joohyun is a doll 2) 어제 그 딸기 주스 마시했어요 > She drink the strawberry juice yesterday 3) 저 피아노 좋아해요 > I like the piano over there 4) 영화 봤어요 > I watched a movie 5) 너 생각해요 좋아해요? > You think I like you?

    Can I ask when should I study level 2? Thank you again :)

  • Kasia

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZRWlGD-GYY in this song you get ‘until yesterday’ repeated over and over again. I hope 까지 will be drilled into my head after a few listens ^_^

  • Frida

    Just wanted to say tht I got shocked when I heared u guys spoking Spanish. I was like “Is this the right site?” lol. Anyways greetings from Mexico! hwaiting

  • Guest

    어제부토 안먹었어요 .. (i didnt sleep since yesterday)

    어떼요 ?

    • Jo A


    • Jo A

      Sleep is not 먹어……

    • Seokjin Jin

      I didn’t sleep since yesterday = 어제부터 안 잤어요.

  • 하니

    어제부토 안먹었어요 . ( i didnt eat since yesterday)

    어떼요 ?

  • faiza

    한시부터 여덟시까지 잤어요
    집에서 학교까지 달렸어요
    i’m not sure for the verb “to run” in the 2nd sentence
    please help me if there is any mistake
    고마워요 . 저는 행복해요 i finished level 1 thank you for your hard work

    • KyungHwa Sun

      한 시부터 여덟 시까지 잤어요.
      집에서 학교까지 달렸어요. <– This one is perfect! =)

    • faiza

      정말 고마워요
      i really be happy when you correct my sentences
      it an honor for me