Level 1 Lesson 6 / What is this?, This is …. / 이거, 이거 뭐예요?

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In this lesson you can review a little bit of what you learned in the previous lesson (very important stuff!). And you can also learn how to say “this” in Korean, how to ask “What is this?” and how to answer with “This is ABC.”

“This” = 이거 [i-geo] or 이것 [i-geot]
“What is this?” = 이거 뭐예요? [i-geo mwo-ye-yo?]

Listen to the lesson to learn more about these important words and phrases, and if you have any questions or feedback, as always, make sure you post them in the comment for this lesson. Thank you! 감사합니다. ^_^

You can read more about this grammar point at this Korean Wiki Project page.

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • BAEKㅕ니 ❤ㅅ❤

    이거 뭐예요 ?

  • Cratdagda

    Hel뭐o, I’d just like to clear something up.
    I usually hear Koreans using 이 기(don’t know if its spelled that way). I’m assuming that “이기” means “that” but I’m not entirely sure if I just heard it wrong.
    example of what I hear:
    이기 뭐야

  • leah

    I was just wondering, could I have an object in my hand and still simply say “뭐예요?” or would i have to say “이거 뭐예요?” are they always interchangeable or are there certain situations i’d use one or the other? and is it the same for saying “책이에요” as well as “이거 책이에요” if I’m holding the book or pointing at it?

  • Ezgi

    luv this !!

  • 벨라

    How about 이게 (이것이)? What does it mean?