Level 6 Lesson 11 / I mean… / 그러니까, 제 말 뜻은, -라고요, 말이에요

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Welcome to Lesson 11 of Level 6 of Talk To Me In Korean! Just like there are different ways of expression “I mean…” in English, there are just as many ways in Korean. However, in this lesson, 경은 and 현우 will be breaking down the 4 most common ways to say “I mean…” in Korean.

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  • Gh Arzaa

    1- 그러니까 ,제말은 아무도 올거라고요 .
    ( I mean nobody will come )
    2-그러니까 아무데나 좋 다고요
    (you mean any place is good)
    3- 그러니까 시강 이 없었다고요.
    ( I mean i didn’t have much time)
    4- 제말은 이건 너무 무겁다고요 ,들어 주실래요 (들어 주시겠어요)
    (I mean this thing is heavy , do you mind lifting it to me .)