Level 7 Lesson 1 / I see that …, I just realized that … / -(는)구나 / -(는)군요

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Welcome to Level 7!  In the first lesson of Level 7, we talk about how to use -(는)구나 and -(는)군요 to show your reaction about something that you found out about or realized for the first time.

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1) Oh! (Now I see that)You’ve become very pretty!
    – 더 여뻤지군요!

    2) (Now I see that) You already knew her!
    – 그녀를 벌써 알고있었군요!

    3) So, this is the puppy you were talking about!
    – 당신이 말하는 강아지 이거구나!

    4) So, this is Kimchi!
    – 이거 김치구나

    5) So, this is the dining table
    – 이거 식타이군요!

    6) You’ve finished it already
    – 벌써 끝나군요!

    7) (Now that I’ve tasted it) It’s really tasty
    – 진짜 맛이군요!


  • Dania Freih

    1. 둘다 어제 왔군요.
    2. 이 수건도 샀군요.
    3. 이게 너무 귀엽구나.