Level 7 Lesson 29 / so that …, to the point where … / -도록

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Are you ready for another TTMIK lesson?! In this lesson, we will be looking at the verb ending -도록. This ending can have a few different translations to English depending on the sentence, so be sure to study with us so you can improve you Korean language skills and learn to use -도록 in the correct context!

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • Wan Imran

    전 첫사람입니다! 행복함~~~ ^^

    • 저는 미혼이에요

    • Wan Imran


  • 제가 더 쉽게 먹도록, 더 좋게 만들어주세요.
    Please make it better so I can eat it more easily.

  • 안녕하세용 티티믹 ㅎㅎㅎ

    1.트스트가 좀 쉽게도록 리뷰준비해주세요.
    Please prepare a review so the test can be a little easy.


    • majpark

      약간만 바꿔 봤습니다.

      “테스트가 좀 쉽도록, 리뷰를 준비해 주세요.”

  • Soh Zhau Wan

    I have difficult to download the Level 7 Lesson 29 PDF file. is it possible to send to me?

  • uka

    i really want study korean

    • 김태균

      I really want “to” study Korean.

  • kds

    힘이 세어 보이네요.
    날마다 땀이 많이 날도록 운동 하거든요.

    • majpark

      두 번째 문장을 바꿔 보았어요.

      “날마다 땀이 많이 날 정도로 운동을 하거든요.”

  • Hi, I’d like to do a practice sentence via HaruKorean–are there links to these lessons so I can practice? I really need to work on my grammar. Thanks!

  • 아이자

    annyeong haseyo~
    This is really helpful. You really have to practice so that you won’t forget what you’ve learned before. That’s always been my problem, I always forget and this really helps a lot.
    Jeongmal kamsahabnida!

  • Andre

    제가 이해하기 쉽도록 설명했다.

    제가 이해하기 쉽게 되도록 설명했다.

    When you use shortened language like 쉽게 되도록 ==>쉽도록 It would be helpful if you let us know.

    This sentence was a little troublesome in its translation.

  • 파김치가 되도록 많이 일했습니다.

  • 김태균

    선생님이 잘 가르치도록 조옹히 했으면 좋겠죠.

  • Ngating

    Is ‘도록’ and ‘도록하다’ two different grammar points ?
    I’ve recently learned that ‘도록하다’ means ‘to be sure to do sth’ , could teachers please explain? Thank you.

  • Ronnie

    학교에서 탈락지 않도록 열심히 공부하세요…

    study hard so that you will not be expelled/cancelled in school…

    좋은 선생님들이 이고 맞아요?

  • Hannah Lamprea

    제가 이해할 수 있고 많이 배우도록 잘 설명하셨어요. 감사합니다, 선생님들! ㅋㅋㅋ
    I just started listening to your mp3 lessons yesterday and I’ve found out that I will learn a lot by doing so compared to just reading the pdf lessons.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Yes. You will learn a lot through that way. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

  • Eman

    한국어 잘 말하도록, 열심이 공부해야 돼요.
    여기 조용히 있도록 아이가 자야 되요.
    어제 자도록 지루했어요.

  • Desiko

    FT Island’s song 미치도록 has very good examples of the 3rd usage 😀


  • 정지혜

    제가 한국어를 많이 공부하도록 다 이해했어요.

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1) Please be quiet, so that I can study properly
    – 제가 제대로 공부하도록, 조용히 있으세요

    2) Please leave, so that I can focus.
    – 제가 초저하도록 나가세요

    3) Cook the food in a way that people could eat it.
    – 사람들이 먹도록 요리하세요.

    4) You should study in a way that you would come first.
    – 당신은 일등이도록 열심히 공부해야돼요

    5) I ate to the extent my stomach hurt.
    – 배가 아프도록 먹었어요

    6) I shouted to the extent, where people could hear me.
    – 사람들이 다 듣도록, 외침했어요

    Please, correct me if there are any mistakes in the sentences I wrote.감사합니다!!

    • JooyeonPark

      Great sentences! 🙂
      Here are some corrections.
      1) 제가 제대로 공부할 수 있도록 조용히 있으세요 (or 조용히 해 주세요.)
      2) 제가 집중할수 있도록 나가 주세요.
      3) 사람들이 먹을 수 있게 요리하세요.
      4) 배가 아프도록 먹었어요. (This is good.)
      5) 사람들이 다 듣도록 외쳤어요.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Sanjeeda Masroor

      It’s clear that I missed that -을 수 있다 part. That was really helpful. 감사합니다 선생님!! 화이팅!

  • Dania Freih

    1. 다리 아프도록 걸었어요.
    2. 더 아프지 않도록 약을 먹었어요.
    3. 노트복을 살 수 있도록 돈을 모을 거예요.
    4. 예쁘게 만들도록 조심히 해 주세요.

    please correct my sentences 🙂 감사합니다!!

  • Cheryl

    Is it correct to say like this:

    너를 이해시키도록 내가 어떻게 해야 돼요?
    How should I do in order for you to understand that?