Level 8 Lesson 21 – Advanced Idiomatic Expressions – 머리 (head, hair)

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In this lesson, we will be talking more about the use of the word 머리 (head, hair) in Korean idioms. If you study with this series, you will learn many idiomatic expressions that are based upon a certain Korean word that is used in everyday Korean conversation. In order to fully understand and use the expressions introduced in this series, it is essential that you understand the grammatical structure of the sentence and check out any previous related TTMIK lessons so you can grasp the full meaning of these idioms.

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

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      Thanks for studying with us!!

  • Leah Hicks

    How convenient, I just started learning Korean body parts xD

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    This is Awesome!! I’m only on the way down bottom Level’s (Level 4 right now) and I enjoyed it so much ^^ super fun when you just want something off topic :)

    Thanks :)

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    Very useful expressions , thanks

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    Thanks for this lesson again!
    I have learned so much korean with TTMIK and I’m pretty proud of myself! :) How long are you gonna keep making these lessons? Will there be Level 9? 10?

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    OMG. When i started learning korean it was hard for me to find a site that can help me to learn about this language.The reason why i want to learn this language its because of Korean Dramas that we have watched here in the Philippines. Now i really love to learn and it makes me more excited because of TTMIK. If i have a chance to watch new videos it makes me happy.More knowledge to gain from here.
    Thank you for this web.

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    선생님 오늘 밤에 머리에 대한 관련하는 표현을 많이 알게 되어서 정말 심심한 감사합니다.^^

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    very useful and helpful expressions.