Level 9 Lesson 20 – Sentence Building Drill 16

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In this series, we focus on how you can use the grammatical rules and expressions that you have previously learned to train yourself to comfortably make Korean sentences.
We will start off with THREE key sentences and practice changing different parts of these sentences so that you don’t end up simply memorizing the same three sentences. We want you to be able to be as flexible as possible when making Korean sentences.

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

My Weekly Korean Vocabulary!

Learning different expressions and sentences derived from a keyword is a very effective way not only to understand the word in the context but also to improve your sentence building skills, like you practiced with this lessons. Check out My Weekly Korean Vocabulary e-books with which you can learn 7 new keywords every week with 20 accompanying sample sentences followed by vocabulary note for each keyword!

Catch the Wave
You can also learn some useful idiomatic expressions related to 기분. Check out this episode of Catch the Wave and learn what 돼지꿈 and 기분파 mean! Catch the Wave video.