Level 9 Lesson 23 – -(으)면서

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Similar to the English term “while”,  -(으)면서 can be used to add onto an action verb to describe doing an action at the same time as another. It can also be used to contrast two actions or can be used with nouns and the -이다 verb, but the translation to English is not always going to be “while”. Check out more about this structure in this lesson!

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to practice what you’ve learned with our workbooks, you can get them here.

My Weekly Korean Vocabulary!

Learning different expressions and sentences derived from a keyword is a very effective way not only to understand the word in the context but also to improve your sentence building skills, like you practiced with this lessons. Check out My Weekly Korean Vocabulary e-books with which you can learn 7 new keywords every week with 20 accompanying sample sentences followed by vocabulary note for each keyword!

Idiomatic Expressions Sample Lesson
You can learn some commonly used idiomatic expressions through this video lesson series available at HaruKorean.com. This video lesson is a sample video of the series. In this sample video lesson, you will learn what ‘생각이 없다’ means with teacher Hyunwoo ^^

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