Level 9 Lesson 3 / Advanced Situational Expressions: When You Are Unhappy

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Everyone has gotten upset over something or has been unhappy about a situation. What did you say when you were mad? In this lesson, we present you with some common Korean expressions to use in situations when you’re unhappy, angry, or upset. Enjoy, and thanks for studying with us! :D

Thanks for studying with us!

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  • http://mykoreannotebook.wordpress.com Kirsten

    안녕하세요 ^_^

    I’m not even on this level but still these phrases are really cool they add to my vocabulary and they are so much fun to use ^_^ thanks so much TTMIK!

    선생님들 정말 감사합니다 ☆

    TTMIK Fighting ~!!

  • yen

    Level 9 lessons는 정말 실용적이네요. 선생님들, 수고하세요 ^ ^. 감사해요.

  • 라넬

    저는 아직도 EPI를 없어서 기분이 안 좋아요.

  • diana

    Annyeong haseyo!im from Philippines,i really love to learn korean language,pls help me,

  • diana

    Annyeong haseyo!im from Philippines,i really love to learn korean language,pls help me,

  • http://fastenme.blogspot.com Tiffany

    My great appreciation goes to TTMK for making a great video. (: It helps to strengthen my knowledge of the language. And by the way, it also helps to understand what they say in Korean dramas. Frequently heard phrases (:

  • 신아얌

    앙!! 이번는 너무너무 좋아용~~ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 나중에 이런 표현을 사용해볼게요~ 감사합니당~~^^

  • https://www.facebook.com/Rodrigobarbosasantos 로드리고

    Thank y, for yours endure, i am learning so much.
    i am from Brazil.
    I love you!
    Thank you!

  • Nastaran

    When did you learn kinds of pronounes? like, my, your, her, his …
    and I, you, she, he,…. and me, yoou, her,him, it, us,…
    and mine, yours, hers/his,….
    and myself, yourself,….
    and I really wait for kinds of adjs and advs.
    thanks a lot.

  • long sichaleurn

    Make job

  • Maria

    How about phrases for the situation when not me, but my friend is unhappy? ^^