Level 2 Lesson 19 / Making verbs into nouns / -는 것

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​In this lesson, we are going to learn about a grammatical structure that will come in handy when you want to expand your sentences and make longer and more accurate phrases in Korean. In Korean when you link phrases with other phrases, you often make one phrase into a noun form and have it included in a bigger phrase. In order to do that, we are going to look at how to make verbs into nouns in this lesson. Listen in and pay close attention to what 현우 and 경은 introduce, and be sure to give it a try and make your own sample sentences! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • https://www.youtube.com/c/mutru Paul 볼

    저는 중극 음악 은 듣는거 좋아해요. I like listening to Chinese music.
    음악 – music

    TTMIK 감사합니다 <3

  • Dania Freih

    저는 TTMIK에서 공부하는 거 좋아해요. 감사합니다 TTMIK :)

  • pppjyddkyyss


    오늘도 먹는 것 피자예요!

    지금 하는 것 공붕해요.

    저는 쇼핑 몰에 쇼핑는 것 싫어요, 근대 옷는 좋아요, 그래서 온라인 쇼핑 좋아요.

    please correct me ^^


  • Salma

    네! 현우 씨랑 경은 씨랑 공부는 거를 노무 좋아해요

  • Cherubiel Cherub

    매일 버스로 출근하는 것이 쉬워요.
    작년에 그 영화를 보는 걸 기억했어요.
    가끔 한국어 문법을 배우는 것이 어려워요.
    지금 아버지가 읽는 거는 신문이에요.
    저는 남자 친구랑 같이 시간을 보내는 거를 좋아해요.

  • 수현

    전 TTMIK랑 한국어 배우는 거 정말 좋아해요!!!

    전 학교에 가는 거 싫은데 학교에 가고 집에 올땐 한국어공부하기 시작 할 수 있어요!! – I hate going to school but when I come back home from school, I can start studying Korean.

  • 22_r

    Can someone explain why sometimes they are using neun-geo-neun (e.g. 요즘 공부하는 거는 뭐예요) but at other times they are using -neun geo-reul (e.g. 저는 친구랑 수다떠는 거를 좋아해요) even though the sentence structure is the same?

    • Olamide Fagboyo

      In the first example the noun acts as the subject of the sentence(subject particle 는/은) while the second 수다떠는거 is the object of the sentence so it has the object marker/particles(ie 를/을)..,hope that helps

    • 22_r

      Oh yeah thanks! I didn’t see the 는 in 저는 so I was getting confused.

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  • Rahma Mahmoud

    저는 블랙 커피 마시는 가 좋아해요. / I like drinking black coffee .

    오늘은 여동생 해직하는 거 갔다./ Today I went for shopping with my sister .

    Is it right?

  • nudg33


    저는 두분 랑 같이 공부 하는 거를 진짜 좋아요~

    제 취미는 친구랑 같이 베드민턴 치는 거예요. 그렇지만 베드민턴 치는 거를 잘 못 해요.



  • taetheral

    안녕하세요! 저는 지금 연습을 해요!

    저는 책을 읽는 거를 정말 좋아해요! 그렇지만, 쇼핑하는 거를 섫어해요. 저는 바이올린을 놀는 거 잘 해요. 저는 TTMIK랑 같이 공부하는 거 진짜 진짜 좋아해요!

    이 맟아요?

    감사합니다! 정말 감사합니다.

  • 벨라

    저는 공부하는 것은 한글요.

    is it correct?

    감사합니다 ^^

  • Marty Oestreicher

    저는 경은하고 공부하는 거를 촣아해요.


  • Fitzgerald Lee

    Hello TTMIK’s teachers,
    Would like to get some help here, I was learning this (~는 것) thing and started using it with my Korean penpals. And in sentences like (I forced that man to make a cake./ I told my friend to do homework.), it will be incorrect if i used (~는 것) for example if i write it like this (나는 그 남자가 케이크를 만드는 것을 강제로 시킨다)/(나는 친구가 숙제를 하는 것을 부른다). AND/BUT for sentence like (I want my friend to bring apples./ I realize I didn’t bring my key) which is (나는 내 친구가 사과를 가져오는 것을 원한다)/(나는 내가 열쇠를 안 가져온 것을 깨닫는다.), it would be correct.

    From here I see they are the same to me, 3 Nouns with an infinitive and a verb.

    Well and in sentence like (Escaping from home is your decision=집에서 탈출하는 것은 너의 결정이야.) I don’t have problem with it.

    Please help me out, really appreciate your time. (I have been trying to understand the reason why for more than a week+ and still unable to overcome it.) Thank you.

  • Alexis Dy

    Yes , I like studying with you guys.

  • Teleri

    Ah, KHJ…

    제 취미는 김현충씨 방어하는 거 온라인쓰기요

    which hopefully says – my hobby is defending KHJ online….LOL

  • Deepest Nightmare

    네, 경은 씨하고 공부하는 거 진짜 좋아해요!

    (그리고… 현우 씨도 해요…ㅎㅎ)

  • Loi Shang

    네 선생님의랑 공부 하는 거 너무 좋아해요.^^

    요즘 공부하는 거는 한국어예요.
    요즘 한국어 공부해요.

    “너 뭐 하는 거야 지금?(화나게)”
    아!! 이거 드라마에서 많이 들었어요. 그런데 나 이제 이해해요. 히히..^^

  • Amina :)

    guys help me please. What’s the use of these nouns? Some of the examples they gave really need nouns instead of verbs, but others can be just as good with verbs and not as complicated..

  • linnn

    저는 당산을 얼마나 다시 만나는 것 몰랐어요. you don’t know the fact how much i wish to meet you again.
    Hi teacher, is this correct?

  • Nicole Persichini

    I am very confused as to know when to use progressive tense (learned in Lesson 10) and this lesson of changing verb to noun form using neun goet! I would like to translate My hobby is watching movies for example. Why can’t it be translated 제 취미는 영화 보고 있어요. The anser key has 제 취미는 영화 보는 거여요.

  • http://kimberlyluu.wordpress.com pistachiopalette

    Sample Sentences:
    지금 하는 거는 뭐예요? = 지금 뭐 해요?
    What are you doing now?/What is it that you’re doing now?

    Is 지금 저 공부하는 거는 한국어예요 the same as 지금 저 한국어를 공부하는 거는 이에요 ?
    Right now, I am studying Korean/Right now, I study Korean.

    저 한국어를 공부하는 거는 진짜 좋아요?
    I really like studying Korean/I really like that fact that I study Korean.

    그런데 생각 한국어를 말 하는 거는 힘들어요.
    But I think it’s difficult to speak in Korean/But I think speaking is difficult in Korean.

    This lesson was a bit hard and confusing for me to grasp. Any help and corrections in the sentences would help immensely. Thank you TTMIK!

    • JooyeonPark

      As for the first question, “지금 저 공부하는 거는 한국어예요” should be “지금 제가 공부하고 있는 것은 한국어예요.” and the second one doesn’t make sense. And, you should say 지금 한국어 공부하고 있어요. (Right now, I’m studying Korean.) or 지금 한국어 공부해요 (I study Korean now.) .

      저는 한국어 공부하는 것을 진짜 좋아해요. (I really like studying Korean.)
      제가 한국어를 공부한다는 것이 진짜 좋아요. (I really like the fact that i study Korean.)

      그런데 한국어로 말하는 건 힘든 것 같아요. (But I think it’s difficult to speak Korean.)
      그런데 한국어는 말하기가 힘든 것 같아요. (But I think speaking is difficult in Korean.)

      Hope this helps! :)

  • Jaiysun4

    Sample sentences:

    축구를 하는 것은 좋아해요. = I like to play soccer.

    책을 읽는 것이 재미없습니다. = Reading books is not fun.

    걷는 것은 달리는 것보다 더 쉬워요. = Walking is easier than running.

    • JooyeonPark

      Good sentences! :)
      Just a small correction! As for the first sentence, you can say “축구하는 것을 좋아해요.”
      Other than that, they are great!

  • http://www.taetheral.tumblr.com taetheral

    I’m just wondering, when would we use this? Other than saying what we like? I see it sometimes but I’m confused as to why they used it, instead of just conjugating it normally.

  • JH

    내. 저는 당신이랑 한국어 공부는 거 좋아해요
    Yes, I like studying korean with you.
    Is the sentence structure right? It seems wrong to me but not sure where

    • lea

      It’s 공부하는 거를 좋아해요. The rest is right.

    • arti

      The user below me is correct, but to add, I find using 당신 weird on some cases. It’s the formal version of 너, but it’s still odd.

      For example, I’d use “JH이랑 공부는게 좋아해요” to you instead of “당신” even if we’re directly talking to each other.

  • Màgda Gejnevall

    Okay so I have a few questions.
    -What is the real difference between saying a verb turned into a noun and saying the progressive present form? Is the noun turned verb just a statement of a action instead of someone actually doing an action? Like the present and present progressive form? (sorry if that was confusing)
    -When do you use 는 것 or 기 하다. Are there special occasions for each, like one is more formal or can you just say whatever?

  • Theophilus Abdiel

    Is it right to say something like this:
    저는 어제 먹는거만 갔어요 or
    저는 어제 먹기만 갔어요
    Yesterday i went only for eat

    And when we use -는것 or 기 to make verbs into noun?

  • QUAN

    I am confused with this lesson really! :3 Why are you using this? Using this will only mean that I am stating a fact? Not an action? What is the difference between using verbs that turns into noun with using verbs with conjugated present progressive forms? This lesson really breaks my heart. HAHAHA. I can’t understand it. :(