Level 2 Lesson 2 / object marking particles / 을, 를

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안녕하세요. ^^ In this lesson, we are looking at the object marking particles. As we mentioned a few times through our previous lessons, there are different types of particles in Korean, and these particles (subject marking particles, topic marking particles, location marking particles, and so on) are what make it easy to understand Korean sentences, even when the word order changes.
If you have any questions, please feel free, as always, to leave us a comment! 감사합니다.

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  • Baseemah Kristal Elaine

    어제 가게에서 7 시에 갔어요. 바나나를 2 개, 멜론을 3 개, 그리고 귤을 1 개 샀어요. 다음에 집에 한국어를 공부했어요.

  • Maria

    어제 치즈 피자(을) 먹었어요? -> Did you eat cheese pizza yesterday?

    이청바지를 자주 입어요 -> I wear this pair of blue jeans often

    감사합니다 ☺

    • Harvey Rivas Potot


    • Maria

      oops x.x

    • Helena Blažková

      어제 치즈 피자(을) 먹었어요? >> 어제 치즈 피자(를) 먹었어요?
      을 >> 를 because 를 goes after vowel.

      이청바지를 자주 입어요 >> 이 청바지를 자주 입어요
      이청바지 >> 이 청바지 (those are two words, so there shoud be left space between them)

      Hope I’m right! 😀

  • Suga Swag

    친구하고 영화를 볼 거예요. (I will watch a movie with a friend.)
    은식을 만들어요. (I make food.)


  • Malori Green

    For the last example (텔레비전(을) 일주일에 몇 번 봐요?), does it matter where the words in between the object and verb go?

    Like, is it the same if I say 텔레비전을 몇 일주일에 번 봐요?

    Or 텔레비전을 몇 번 일주일에 봐요?


    • arti

      In the second example, we know that “몇 번” means “how many times”. Now if we were to add something between the words “how many times” in English, it wouldn’t make sense. It’s the same thing with Korean, “몇 번” has to be together.

      In the third example, it’s understandable, but not correct. The particle “에” has to be written before everything else to be included in that week (일주일). If we were to write, “일주일에” after “몇 번” then we are not including “how many times” to “in a week”.

      I hope that helped.

  • Harvey Rivas Potot

    –> TTMIK책을 주문하고 싶은데 어떻게 하면 좋을까요?

  • Bennett Seacrist

    On the most recent “Running Man”, the team apologized to a former guest by giving him a basket of apples. They said something along the lines of “please accept our apology” and the subtitle mentioned that apology and apple were the same word. The moment I saw that I thought of this lesson. 🙂