Level 2 Lesson 20 / have to, should, must / -아/어/여야 되다/하다

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안녕하세요! We are learning another great sentence pattern to know in this lesson! Listen in and find out how to say that you “have to” do something or something “should” be done. And after listening to the lesson and checking out the PDF, let us know what you have to do, in Korean!

여러분, 뭐 해야 돼요? What do you have to do?

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • Sharon Lam

    안녕! how does 되다 become 돼요 (present tense)? are there past tense and future tense forms for 되다 as well?

  • Francesco Colléter

    옴마 칩의 잇써 요, 글앳서, 저 는 요 리 안 해더 좨 요

  • Alex

    뭐 사야 해요? and 뭐 사야 돼요? means the same thing?

    • Ashley Heil

      I think it means the same thing but 뭐 사야 돼요 is more common and more used in informal situations

  • 이만

    Thank you so much
    how can I say ” I have to study Korean everyday”
    I wrote it but I think s.th wrong with it
    저는 매일 한국어를 암기하다 아야 되다

    Thank you again

  • 소피

    저는 정말 피곤 해요, 그래서 자야 해요.

    저는 한국어 배우고 싶어요, 그래서 공부해야 돼요.

  • Ashley Heil

    한국어를 공부해야 돼요

  • Trang Nguyen

    저는 방금 부모님께 식사 요리를 해 드려야 돼요 ㅠㅠ

  • Neoking

    나중에, 화학 공부해야 돼요. 그렇지만 안 하고 싶어요 :(

  • http://yeuki.tumblr.com abeer

    저 물을 더 마셔야 돼요 ㅎㅎ

  • Ahmed

    자야 돼요 I have to sleep
    I was wondering how to use -아/어/여야 되다/하다 in past and future tenses.
    Will it be correct if I say:
    자야 될 거예요 I will have to sleep
    자야 됐어요 I had to sleep

    or is there a different way? Thanks :)

  • Martin Kramer Hansen

    언제까지 옷어야 되요?

    Is it the correct way to use “laugh” (옷다)

    • Seokjin Jin

      웃어야 돼요? is correct. :)

    • Martin Kramer Hansen

      Ah yes. Stupid mistake. 석진 ㄱㅅㄱㅅ ^^

  • Maurício Themoteo

    How do I say ‘should drink’? Thank you.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      I/You/She/He/They/We should drink. = 마셔야 돼요.

  • 아란자

    한국어를 더 공부해야 돼요 means “I should study korean more”, right? 감사합니다!

  • Pamela

    자야 돼요! Is it correct?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Yes! :)

  • Jaymine

    나는 이거 그만해야 돼요

    Is this right?

  • amy

    당시는 오게 사야 됐어요 – does this make sense? “you should have bought it yesterday”

  • Emily Norwood

    저는 빨래 해야 되요. 그리고 자야 해요 – 5시 아침에 예요! 공부 밤새 안 했어요, 놀고 있었어요. 하지만 많이 배우고 있어요!

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Correction :
      해야 되요 –> 해야 돼요
      5시 아침에 예요! –> 아침 5시예요!

    • Emily Norwood


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  • Jasmyne Trimble

    What’s the difference between 자야 하다 and 자야 한다?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Hello Jasmyne,

      “자야 하다” is “자다 + -아/어/여야 하다,” and it means “to have to sleep,” whereas “자야 한다” is “자다 + -ㄴ- + -아/어/여야 하다.”

      “-ㄴ-” is used in 4 different situations.
      1. when you state a simple fact
      2. when you state a repeated/habitual action
      3. when you state a current situation
      4. when you state a definite future

    • Jasmyne Trimble


  • VoldiPhil

    오늘 저는 의사선생님한테 가야돼요.

  • Holger

    오늘 저는 사과해야돼요. (Today, I have to apologize.)

  • Diana Artunduaga Osorio

    저는 운동어야 돼요.

    Is it correct? :)

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Correction : 저는 운동해야 돼요.

  • Guest

    저는 운동야 돼요.

    • Elise

      저는 운동해야 돼요. 운동하다 is the verb form. 운동 itself is a noun.

  • Diana Artunduaga Osorio

    저는 운동아야 돼요.

    Is it correct?

    • B. Alvn

      no. 운동해야 is correct…운동하다 is a verb, 운동 is a noun.

  • Paula Cho

    하국어 공부해야 돼요.

  • disqus_EJIVVr1ld7

    안녕하세요! What if I want to say “I don’t have to cook” or “I should not cook”
    안 요리해야 돼요?
    요리 안 해야 돼요?
    요리해야 안돼요?
    Can someone please help me? 감사합니다!

  • Peter

    어제 저는 친구랑같이 영화 보고 싶었어요. 그런데 8시 반까지 일해야 됐어요.

  • jin

    I really like this site and I’m thinking of study Korean in college, but I think it’s very difficult to remember every verb-ending with the different sentence structures.

    Maybe you could put some more grammar practise on your site like your workbook, but then with some more exercises so we could practise our writing ability.

    But nevertheless, your site is very useful!

    I kind of understand some things when someone on tv speaks korean, but I would like to improve it before my college Korean, so that I can have an advantage.

    So keep going!

    (But can you think of putting more practise material for writing or listening skills on the site?)

  • Soo na

    때문에 그 집을 너무 아름다워, 내가 사야 되요

  • Quan Vu

    As far as i can understand, the sentence take 02 meanings: “Until when should I be here?” Or “Until when should YOU be here?”

    Is that right?

    3.언제까지 여기에 있어야 돼요? [eon-je-kka-ji yeo-gi-e i-sseo-ya dwae-yo?]
    = Until when should I be here?

    Tell me in actual conversations that when sentence shall be understood with “I” and when is understood with ” YOU” as the above case ?

    I always feel confused about the meaning of sentences ” subject” is omitted at the beginning of sentence.

  • Angel

    너무 늦었니까 자야 돼요…
    내일은 더 열심해 공부하고 운동해야 되다!

    thanks for the lessons!

  • Matt

    저는 졸려요. 침대에 가야 돼요. = I’m sleepy, I should go to bed.

    In English, “have to” and “must” have more urgency than “should”. For example “I have to go to bed.” means that you are so tired that you can’t stay awake. While “I should go to bed.” suggests that your tired but that there is something you want to stay awake for (perhaps your favorite show is on). Which is the case for -아/어/여 -야 되다/하다?

    감사합니다 for the lesson!