Level 2 Lesson 20 / have to, should, must / -아/어/여야 되다/하다

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안녕하세요! We are learning another great sentence pattern to know in this lesson! Listen in and find out how to say that you “have to” do something or something “should” be done. And after listening to the lesson and checking out the PDF, let us know what you have to do, in Korean!

여러분, 뭐 해야 돼요? What do you have to do?

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • taetheral


    테니스 프랙티스에 가야 돼요 하지만 우리 정말 일찍이에요. 그래서 저는 조금 시간이 있어요. 그래서 저는 한국어를 TTMIK에 배우고 있어요. 재미있어요!

    이 맞아요?

    감사합니다, TTMIK 팀!

  • 벨라

    why in the lesson use 되 and sample sentences use 돼?


    • https://www.bamtaebo.tumblr.com taetheral

      it’s the conjugation

  • Marty Oestreicher

    아침에, 라디오를 듣어야 돼요.


    • JooyeonPark

      아침에 라디오를 들어야 돼요.

  • Baruna Riotama

    okay, no problem @disqus_8lDBIrPl74:disqus
    thank you very much anyway for your thoughts.
    sorry that it took too long to reply your comment..
    by the way I’m on level 2 and I think my Koreans is still very ‘stiff’. Do you happen to know how cann I improve it o that I cann speak more comfortably in a more sophisticated way?
    Thank you :)

    • Salma

      Actually, there are two mobile apps I’m using and I think they’re really useful.
      The first one is called HiNative, where you ask questions about anything related to the language you’re learning. And you can also record yourself speaking a sentence or something and have native speakers telling you how natural it sounds. You can also ask about the definition of a word or phrase, etc.
      The second app is called HelloTalk. It’s a language exchange app where you can talk to native Koreans. You can also find some that live in your area so you can meet up, or you can talk using Skype and help each other out.
      열심히 공부하세요~

    • Baruna Riotama

      Thanks, Salma ,
      I’ll check both apps as soon as possible, though I’m not sure that I’m confident enough to speak to native with my current proficiency.
      I think they will be too puzzled with my speaking, haha. do they give quick response to your questions?
      By the way, how are your learning? How often you practice in a week? I need reference

      네,한국어를 잘 못해서,열심히 공부할거예요.
      Am I right? It’s intended to be “yes, because i can’t speak korean well, therefore i will study hard.” please correct me, :)

    • Salma

      I’m learning using TTMIK and those two apps. Sometimes I search for some listening practices on Google. And later on I might go on a language learning institute to practice with a teacher. But I mainly listen study with TTMIK.

    • Baruna Riotama

      Hi @disqus_8lDBIrPl74:disqus, how’ve you been? I’m doing quite well here :)
      sorry it took so long to reply..
      I’ve checked the apps, but haven’t downloaded it yet due to connection problem, but I personally think, through a glance at both apps, that hello talk is somewhat better than HiNative. What do you think? By the way, have you check the ‘HowToStudyKorean’ website? what do you think of the material? It differs from TTMIK that in fact it’s written by an English speaker. Can I also get that as a reference while keeping my way with TTMIK?
      Thank you!

    • Salma

      I’m doing fine, thank you:)!
      In my opinion, I think both apps are really good and help with improving our Korean skills. As for ‘HowToStudyKorean,’ I haven’t really checked it out, but thank you for giving me another website to study with. If that English speaker is a fluent Korean and knows what he/she is teaching to us, then maybe we can use that website as extra practice?
      By the way, may I ask where you’re living?

    • Baruna Riotama

      Hi @disqus_8lDBIrPl74:disqus ! How are you?
      I’m very sorry that it took so long to reply your message :(
      I cannot reply you from my android, so I’ll have to wait till I get the laptop back again.
      As for HowToStudyKorean, I found out that this website is very helpful, although it’s harder to comprehend;it’s very heavy in grammatical rules. What about you?
      As for where I live, I live in Indonesia. What about you? Where do you live?
      By the way, I already had an account on HelloTalk, is it okay for you to tell me yours so that I can add you as my partner? It’s a little bit hard to find one there, haha
      I’m curious to hear from you :)

    • Salma

      As for me, I currently live in Dubai, UAE. My HelloTalk ID is marshmallowtae10. I’ll be waiting for you to add me~!

  • Cherubiel Cherub

    저는 저녁을 요리하기 전에 집을 청소해야 돼요.
    5시 전에 은행에 가야 돼요.
    누구한테 전화해야 돼요?
    여기 지하철역에서 제가 얼마나 기다려야 돼요?

  • Teleri

    처는 지마 인형를 꿰매어야 돼요
    I have to sew a doll skirt

  • Loi Shang

    저는 한국어 연습해야 돼요.

    그런데.. This lesson made me kind of confuse because I’ve heard this “-야 돼요” a lot and I thought it means “It is/is it ok to do something”
    i.e 저 집에 가야 돼요?
    (Is it ok for me to go home?)
    이거 해야 돼요?
    (It it ok to do this?)
    something like that.

    선생님 설명해 주세요~~

  • linnn

    지금 자야 돼요ㅜㅜ

  • Egizia Coppola

    저는 한국어를 연습어야 돼요, 그런데 지금 자야 돼요.

    • JooyeonPark

      Good job! :)
      Here are a few corrections. 저는 한국어를 연습해야 돼요. 그런데 지금 자야 돼요.

  • Emily P

    저는 내일 학교에 가야 돼요
    Does this make sense?

    • JooyeonPark

      Yes it does! :)