Level 2 Lesson 25 / something, someday, someone, somewhere / 누군가, 무언가, 어딘가, 언젠가

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안녕하세요! After listening to this lesson, you will be able to say “something”, “someday”, “someone” and “somewhere” in Korean. In Korean, to say these words, you add -ㄴ가 at the end of the interrogative words for “what”, “when”, “who” and “where” in Korean. Listen in to find out how to do this and also listen to some sample expressions using these words! And as always if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment!

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • 나탈리아

    뭐?! 누군가 아이스크림을 먹었어요?
    What? Someone ate the ice cream?

    언젠가 노래방에 친구하고 같이 갈 거예요.
    Someday I will go to a singing room with my friends.

    뭔가 마시고 싶으면, 저는 낼 거예요.
    If you want to drink something, I will pay for you.

    아버지는 어딘가 쉬고 싶어요.
    Dad wants to rest somewhere.

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  • 마틴

    저기 언젠가 있는데, 아무것 못 찾았어요

    It is somewhere in there, but I could not find anything.

  • 마틴

    배고파서, 무언가 먹고 싶어요

    I am hungry, so I want to eat something