Level 2 Lesson 4 / and, with / 하고, (이)랑

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In this lesson, we are introducing two new words, 하고 and (이)랑. These are conjunctive words that are used to link two nouns together with the meaning of “and”, and also to express the meaning of “together with”. Listen in to find out how they are used in actual conversations.

And from this lesson on, we are trying something new: we are going to have our friends appear in our lessons introducing their own sample phrases, so that you, our listeners, can have access to a wider range of sample sentences and also have a chance to listen to Korean native speakers other than our teachers. But don’t worry. Our friends’ sample sentences are NOT going to REPLACE the sample sentences by the two hosts 경은 and 현우. We are just adding more sample phrases.

We hope you enjoy this lesson as well, and let us know what you think!

And if you listen to the end of the lesson, write your answer for the little quiz at the end in the comment box! Thank you.

Our friends featured in this lesson are:
진석진 (http://twitter.com/jinseokjin)
이경미 (http://twitter.com/callmiaaa)
신영주 (http://twitter.com/syj4ever)

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • Sherry Ho

    I want to buy a computer and a cellphone

  • Audrey

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰이 사고 싶어요. I want to buy a computer and a cell phone.

  • Anita

    It is a great idea to have your friends saying sample sentences in Korean. In my opinion, it is a good way to listen to natural Korean.
    The answer to the quiz is:
    한국어: 저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰이 사고 싶어요.
    영어: I want to buy a computer and a mobile phone.
    I hope it is correct.

    • JooyeonPark

      Correct! good job! :)

    • Anita

      감사합니다, 선생님!! :)

  • Baifern

    I want to buy a computer and a cellphone

    친구하고 한국 가고싶어요

    • Juanis

      i think you would add “에”, since you want to go TO Korea. Im not sure though but i hope it helped (?)

      ~> 친구하고 한국에 가고싶어요

  • Bre

    I want to buy a computer and a cellphone
    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드펀 사고십어요 (I know my spelling is probably wrong though)

    • Seokjin Jin

      핸드펀 사고십어요 > 핸드폰 사고 싶어요.

  • Fatma Seif

    How to make a nnegative sentences with 좋아해요, can I say : 매운 거랑 단 거 안 좋아해요. Is this right???

  • Jimmy (지민)


    한국어- 저는 컴퓨터하고 한드폰 자고 싶어요
    영국- I want to buy compute and handphone

    기더 고 내 답이 맞아 답
    Hope my answer is correct…. >< auto correction keep on change my spelling

    죄송합니다 -_-ㅣㅣㅣ

    • Robin

      It’s, 저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요.

      자다 means to sleep, 사다 means to buy :)

  • Jamayca Benito

    저는 콤퓨타하고 한드포이 사고싶어요.

    I want to buy a computer and a cellphone.

    Hope this is correct. (but i guess it’s not.) ^___^

    • Juanis

      저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요 is the correct way. You got the idea, you just misspelled some words^^

  • Leela

    I guessed she is saying “I want to buy a computer and a cellphone” but I could not really hear 하고 ) I need to train my ear )

  • Serenity Maria

    책장은 짐대 하고 책생 사이에 있어요. – The bookcase is between the bed and desk.
    Is this correct?

  • Nicole Persichini

    I think she said, ” I want to buy a computer and a cell phone”. I love the new sentences and hearing others talk but it would really help if in the pdf the new vocabulary was listed. It is really hard to see if you know what people are saying when you don’t know the vocabulary first. I would like to study the vocabulary then see if I can understand the sentences. Thanks so much!

  • Ula

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요. I want to buy computer and mobile phone. 감사합니다 for the lesson!

  • Sonia Yip

    누나랑같이 한국에서 여행 갈 거예요. I shall go to Korean with my sister, is it correct?

  • Maia Hermosa

    I want to buy a computer and handyphone (mobile phone)… Thank you very much TTMIK, learning a lot here :)

  • Steve

    너를하고 같이 춤을 추고 싶어 I want to dance with you (together). Is it correct?

  • Chiayin Lee

    I want to buy a computer and a mobile phone.
    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요.

  • PenguinBeng

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요. Yehey!

  • Sierra A

    So 싶어요 means buy? :0

    • mingugi

      we use 고 싶어요 to express something we wanted to do and stuff.
      since “to buy” in korean is 사다, so 사고 싶어요 means “want to buy”

  • cheong yana

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요

  • Imani

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰(을?) 사고싶어요 I don’t know if at the end of saying phone she just made a sound…haha what was the sound she made? it sounded like url or eh….weird

    • Robin

      She didn’t make url or eh sound ^^ What are you hearing ? lol

  • Robin

    남자친구하고 데이트할 거예요.

    ^Isn’t: 남자친구 하고 데이트 갈 거예요. the right way to say it ? ‘to go’ instead of ‘to do’ ?!
    I’m going to GO not I’m going to DO.

    • Mao

      Well, even in English isn’t it “I’m going to go on a date” rather than “I’m going to do a date?”

    • Juanis

      in korean, it is isnt “to go to a date”, you would use date in its verb form which is 데이트하다, remember that korean and english are completely different, in korean, saying “Im gonna do a date” is correct

    • Endzkim

      I think they made the word ‘date’ in a verb form..데이트하다..
      The tip when learning a language..don’t make a direct translation in english.it doesn’t work that way..different languages construct words/sentences differently..

      Example: In korean 보고싶어요 translated in english as “i miss you” but LITERALLY in korea it means “I want to see you”..

      I hope you got my point…

    • Robin

      Ye, I knew ur example, since I learned that -고싶어요 means ‘I want to-‘ :) How is it possible to translate it into: ‘I miss you’ ? xD

  • Nabila

    친구랑영화 봤 어요 — is it still correct?

    is it okay if i only use 이랑 as the meaning of ‘with’?

    내일 엄마랑 쇼핑몰 갈거예요
    저는 내친구랑 같이 학교 가고 싶어요.
    친구랑 콘서트 갈 거예요. — or should i use 친구하고? why should i use 하고 instead of 이랑?

    빵하고 팝콘하고 케이크하고 아이스크림 하고 빼빼로 사고 싶어요. – i hope this sentence is correct. hiks! ^^

  • Shaikha Alsuwaidi

    I want to buy a computer and a phone
    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요!
    Is it correct?

  • Rebecca Ze

    This probably won’t make any sense:
    어제 쇼핑하고 영화 봤어요.
    I went shopping and saw a movie yesterday
    Is “쇼핑” considered a noun or a verb on Korean

    Can I even use 랑/하고 with two verbs? How do I conjugate the verbs in this case?

    Sorry, so many questions

    • Juanis

      Omg that is so true, how would you use 2 verbs? i guess you would use geurigo or something as two separate sentences cause what you wrote says= Yesterday I watched a shopping and movie haha, i hope they answer this question

    • Lloyd

      “어제 쇼핑하고 영화 봤어요” is correct! You just use the past tense verb ending for the final action in your sentence. The other verbs before that you can just add 고 to the verb stem.

      For example: 어제 공부하고 밥 먹고 커피 마셨어요.
      (Yesterday I studied, ate a meal and drank coffee.)

  • Udam Chheng

    저도 천둥을 들었어요.

  • Asma Lee

    감사합니다 선생님 ^^
    영주 teacher’s sentence is: 저는 컴퓨터 하고 핸드폰에 하고 싶어요!

  • Kim Boa

    Please let me download soundclip for practice TT

  • Maria Larsen

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요. = I want to buy a computer and a cellphone.

  • Juanis

    I want to buy a computer and a cellphone = 저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요

    Someone please correct me!!

  • http://www.raine0211.wordpress.com/ Raine

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요. I want to buy a computer and a cell!

  • Bo Albean

    I want to buy a computer and cell phone!

  • http://yixingkyungsooismylife16.tumblr.com Abigail Samuel

    I want to buy a computer and cell phone

  • http://remembermagnolias.tumblr.com Ali

    How do you join more than two nouns together using 하고 or (이)랑?
    “커피, 쿠키랑 케이크 좋아해요” = “I like coffee, cookies and cake.”
    “커피, 쿠키, 케이크랑 우유 좋아해요” = “I like coffee, cookies, cake and milk” etc etc
    Are the commas correct?