Level 2 Lesson 4 / and, with / 하고, (이)랑

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In this lesson, we are introducing two new words, 하고 and (이)랑. These are conjunctive words that are used to link two nouns together with the meaning of “and”, and also to express the meaning of “together with”. Listen in to find out how they are used in actual conversations.

And from this lesson on, we are trying something new: we are going to have our friends appear in our lessons introducing their own sample phrases, so that you, our listeners, can have access to a wider range of sample sentences and also have a chance to listen to Korean native speakers other than our teachers. But don’t worry. Our friends’ sample sentences are NOT going to REPLACE the sample sentences by the two hosts 경은 and 현우. We are just adding more sample phrases.

We hope you enjoy this lesson as well, and let us know what you think!

And if you listen to the end of the lesson, write your answer for the little quiz at the end in the comment box! Thank you.

Our friends featured in this lesson are:
진석진 (http://twitter.com/jinseokjin)
이경미 (http://twitter.com/callmiaaa)
신영주 (http://twitter.com/syj4ever)

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • Dania Freih

    김치하고 김밥 정말 먹고 십어요.
    누구랑 만날 거예요?
    any corrections?? 감사합니다

  • spatchekd

    I didn’t completely understand this sentence from the lesson:

    석진: 대통령하고 춤을 출 거예요. I’m going to dance with the President.

    What does “춤을 출 거예요” mean exactly? Isn’t the word “dance” being said twice?

    And this sentence:

    경미: 매운 거랑 단 거 좋아해요. I like spicy foods and sweet foods.

    Does “거” just mean “foods”?

  • spatchekd

    I wrote a novel and a story. 소설하고 이야기 썼어요.

    I went to the park with my dog. 개랑 공원에 갔아요.

    Please give me this and that. 이거하고 그고 주세요.

    I worked at my home and exercised at the gym with my friend. 집에서 일했어요 그리고 친구랑같이 체육관에서 운동했어요.

  • spatchekd

    Does anybody from TTMIK correct these sentences anymore?

  • toothbless

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰을 사고 싶어요.
    I want to buy a computer and a cellphone.

    저는 비빔밥하고 떡볶이하고 김밥을 정말 먹고 싶어요.
    나증에 맥도날드에서 햄버거랑 베이컨에그맥머핀을 살 거예요.

  • Marjorie

    친구하고김치를먹어요. meaning I eat kimchi with a friend right? please reply and Thank you! :)