Level 2 Lesson 4 / and, with / 하고, (이)랑

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In this lesson, we are introducing two new words, 하고 and (이)랑. These are conjunctive words that are used to link two nouns together with the meaning of “and”, and also to express the meaning of “together with”. Listen in to find out how they are used in actual conversations.

And from this lesson on, we are trying something new: we are going to have our friends appear in our lessons introducing their own sample phrases, so that you, our listeners, can have access to a wider range of sample sentences and also have a chance to listen to Korean native speakers other than our teachers. But don’t worry. Our friends’ sample sentences are NOT going to REPLACE the sample sentences by the two hosts 경은 and 현우. We are just adding more sample phrases.

We hope you enjoy this lesson as well, and let us know what you think!

And if you listen to the end of the lesson, write your answer for the little quiz at the end in the comment box! Thank you.

Our friends featured in this lesson are:
진석진 (http://twitter.com/jinseokjin)
이경미 (http://twitter.com/callmiaaa)
신영주 (http://twitter.com/syj4ever)

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • Sefirit

    I have two questions. The first is in regards to “매운 거랑 단 거 좋아해요.”
    Why is it “좋아해요” rather than just 좋아요?

    The second is similar, for “대통령하고 춤을 출 거예요” why is it “춤을 출 거예요” and not just 춤을 거예요 (assuming 춤다 is to dance)?

    • Nana Atmaja

      Your question is same like me. About 좋다 and 좋아하다 i saw there is lesson in ttmik’s curriculum. But i am forgot what’s number

    • Ikraan H

      좋아해요 is more like LIKING something for example, 오빠 좋아해요 oppa I like you!, and 좋아요 is more like when something is GOOD. for example 날씨는 좋아요 ( The weather is good,)


    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks for your great reply!

  • Boomie

    남자친구항 김치 먹었어요. I eat kimchi with my boyfriend

    우유랑 몰 – milk and water

    친구랑 집에 있었어요 그리고 영화 봤어요 – I stated home with my friend and we watched movie.

    • Nana Atmaja

      It is 남자친구랑 김치를 먹었어요
      우유랑 물 (not 몰)

  • 수박하고 사과 먹었어요. (I ate watermelon and apple.)
    경은씨랑 사무실에 갈 거예요. (I’m going to go to the office with Kyeongeun.)
    고양이하고 같이 놀고 싶어요. (I want to play [together] with my cat.)



    “저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고싶어요.”
    I want to buy computer and cellphone.

    It’s nice to hear other speakers but they speak too fast.

    Btw, i bought all your grammar and workbooks. 🙂

  • hope

    i want to buy a computer and cell phone.

  • James

    There should be more explanation/break down of the sentences from the guest speakers on the pdf- so thst beginners like me are able to fully understand the sentences.

  • 이케이트

    Back when I took Korean classes in Busan our teacher told us that “(이)랑” is used mainly by women and “하고” by men. However my husband (he is Korean, from Daejeon) says that there is no distinction. What’s the truth? Is the former a regional view?

  • Semitic akuma

    저는 검피유타,거피 사고 싶어요
    she wants to buy computer and a phone !! omg i’m so proud of myself took me alot though haha

    • Tee


    • Kenny Lau

      검피유타 >> 컴퓨터

      거피 is coffee, phone is 전화.

      (저는) 컴퓨터랑 전화(를) 사고 싶어요.


    • Kenny Lau

      Oh, I thought you were forming your own sentence lol.

    • since we didn’t learn 핸드폰 the word in this lesson i put coffee instead !!!!!! my god

    • Kenny Lau

      Well there are many words you didn’t learn in specifically >this lesson< but you did learn in the previous lessons…

  • Semitic akuma

    친구 같이 가자 ㅋㅋㅋ
    감사합니다 셈

  • Trinity Pate

    어제 친구하고 텔레비전 봤어요 그리고 김치 많이 먹었어요.
    Yesterday I watched television with a friend and ate a lot of Kimchi.

    바지랑 치마 사고 싶어요. 내일은 살 거예요.
    I want to buy trousers and a Skirt. Tomorrow I am going to buy (them).

    오늘 먹고 싶었어요… 음식은 없었어요. 그래서 소시지하고 양채 샀어요.
    Today I wanted to eat… I had no food. Therefore I bought sausages and vegetables.

    These are my practice sentences from today. Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes!!

    Many Thanks!!

    • Joshua Everly

      Vegetables is “야채” not “양채”. Besides that looks good to me!

    • Trinity Pate

      Thanks so much!!

    • Kenny Lau

      그리고 starts a new sentence so put a period before it.

      음식은 없었어요 >> 음식이 없었어요

    • Trinity Pate

      Thank you!! Why is it that you use a subject marking particle here? 감사합니다!!

    • Kenny Lau

      Because the topic is “I”. (저는) 음식이 없었어요 = As for me, food did not exist = I didn’t have food.

    • Trinity Pate


  • dan.ssi

    she said that she wants to buy a computer and phone.
    please do more of these examples! thank you!!

  • Chocobana

    “I want to buy a computer and a phone.” 🙂

  • 밤여우

    Its same in Japanese, can mean “and” and “with”. と and 하고.

  • Kenza

    Oh . . I thought it was : “I want a computer and a phone” , and then i saw other comments :/ :/
    I need to get more used to the fast way Koreans speak . . .
    But still , i’m proud of how far i came , all thanks to you .
    Btw , this is my very first comment here :p :p

  • Zhang Xiaoxi

    Can I say 여행 누구랑 갔어요? instead of 여행 누구랑 갔다 왔어요?

  • Thiago Schnaider

    Did she say 저는 컴퓨터하고 한드폰 사고 싶어요 (I want to buy a computer and a cellphone) or 저는 컴퓨터하고 한드폰에 사고 싶어요 (I want to buy in my computer and cellphone – as in, online)? I keep hearing her say 한드폰에 so I don’t know which one it is…

    Thanks for the help! 정말 감사합니다!!!

    • Seokjin Jin

      She said 저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰을 사고 싶어요. She said it quite fast so it would be hard to catch the sound.

    • Thiago Schnaider


  • Jess Hill

    저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰을 사고싶어요
    I want to buy a computer and a phone 🙂


    안녕하세요 !!!

    I have multiple questions for this lesson hehe ^^”

    – First, how do we know when to use 그리고, (이)랑 or 하고 ?? Is it just with the feel ?
    – Second, we can use them on ALL places ? (for 홍대 and 신촌)
    – Third, what does the ‘할’ means in Kyungmi’s first sample sentence (데이트할) ? It is from the verb 하다 right ? But why is there no space between the two words ?

    오늘(은) 친구랑 같이 학교(에) 갔어요 🙂
    (영화 보고 싶어요 ._.)

    The quiz’s answer : 저는 컴퓨터하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요 … right? *^*


    [ 방탄소년단의 석진 aka 진 ㅋㅋ
    I heard the thunder krkrkr (I’m laughing but I’m scared when it happen where I live T.T) ]

  • اسماء

    저는 컴퓨터 하고 핸드폰 사고 싶어요