Level 2 Lesson 5 / days in a week / 요일

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In this Talk To Me In Korean lesson, we are introducing the Korean names for the 7 days in a week. It takes some effort to memorize and remember these names, but we hope that listening to this lesson will make it a bit easier for you to remember them. As always, please feel free to ask us any questions!

Talk to our friends (whose voices you heard in this lesson) in Korean!

Our friends featured in this lesson are:
우란 (http://twitter.com/rani_woo)
조미경 (http://twitter.com/mikyungcho)
조혜진 (http://twitter.com/nowhere06)

And also, don’t forget to write in the comment what you think 혜진 said in Korean and the translation at the end of the lesson. Thank you for studying with us.

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • Stephanie


  • Danny

    I work from Monday to Friday’s night

    • Seokjin Jin

      정말 오랬동안 일하네요.

  • Anita

    The answer to this lesson’s quiz is:
    한국어: 월요일부터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요.
    영어: I work from Monday until Sunday evening.

    • JooyeonPark

      Very good! :)

  • Baifern

    I want to say tomorrow is Monday. Am I right?
    내일 월요일이여요.

    • Seokjin Jin

      내일 월요일이여요. > 내일은 월요일이에요.

  • Gavin Ng

    In this sentence from the pdf, 토요일 저녁에는 새로운 언어 공부를 시작해요., what does 새로운 mean?


    • Ula

      새로운 means new I think

  • Nicole Persichini

    I sure takes me a lot of times of listening before I get the translation! This weeks quiz is… I work from Monday until Sunday evening.

  • Nicole Persichini

    I sure wish the sample sentences were said a little slower since this is only Level 2 and many of the words used are new! It is frustrating to pick out a couple of words and listen over and over. I really like when things are said slower and then in actual speed. For me, this builds confidence in what I am learning.

  • Nicole Persichini

    안녕하서요! Please correct my sentences.
    Saturday, I am going to the movies together with a friend. 친구 같이랑 영황 에 토요일 갈거여요.
    From Monday until Friday, I work and Saturday and Sunday I hang out at home.
    보터 월요일 까자 금요일 일해요 그리고 토요일이랑 일요일 집에 놀아요.
    I study Korean alot …6 days a week. 한국 말을 많이 여섯 요일 공부해요.
    감사합니다. 한국만을 재미 공부해요!

    • Nudge Zack

      I’m a fellow learner too, but I can help you with your sentences :)

      친구 같이랑 영황 에 토요일 갈거여요 => 토요일에 친구랑 같이 영화를 볼거예요.
      Will watch movie make more sense than will go to movie (I know in english we use go to movies all the time, but not in the sense wise) or you can say will go to cinema, 극장에 갈거예요.

      보터 월요일 까자 금요일 일해요 그리고 토요일이랑 일요일 집에 놀아요. => 월요일 부터 금요일 까지 일해요. 그리고 토요일이랑 일요일 집에서 놀아요.

      한국 말을 많이 여섯 요일 공부해요 => 한국어를 많이 공부했어요. 여섯일주일에 공부해요.
      I’m not that confident with the last sentence, hopefully a 선생님 can fix it for me :)

    • Nicole Persichini

      Thanks so much for your help Nudge! very much appreciated.

  • Ula

    월요일보터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요. – I work from monday to sunday evening.

  • Maddy

    월요일부터 금요일까지 학교에 가요.
    From monday to friday I go to school.

    이거 맟습니다?

    너무 너무 감사합니다!!

  • Shhaseena25

    월요일부터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요
    I work from Monday until Sunday evening! ^^

  • Nawal

    안녕하세요 여러분 ^^

    here is my sample sentence : 내일 토요일이에요, 그래서 친구하고 운동할 거예요.

    is it correct???

    감사합니다 TTMIK Team <3

  • http://ohgawditzal.tumblr.com ohgawditsal

    안녕하세요! 저 이름은 Alexandra입니다 ^^
    My sample sentence: 저는 일요일 피자를 먹을 거예요 = I’m going to eat pizza on Sunday.
    Thank you, 감사합니다 TTMIK Team c:

    • OppaGeek

      Hello ~ I’m like you, learning Korean trough here, but I want to comment anyway :)

      Your sentence (저는 일요일 피자를 먹을 거예요) is correct for me, but I think, I’ll prefer to use “재가” instead of “저는” because of the subject topik particule. (I don’t think to be wrong, but If I am, please tell me)

      For your “PS”, my name is Alexandre is 알렉산드르, 그래서 (So) Alexandra is 알렉산드라 !

    • http://wtfisataehyung.tumblr.com ohgawditsal

      Okay, thank you! :D

  • jeffderricksy

    토요일마다 여자친구하고 만나요 그래서 그 날은 항상 행복해요.
    TTMIK 감사합니다!

  • Rio

    일 = sun = sun+day = sunday
    월 = moon = moon+day = monday
    토 = saturn = saturn+day = saturday

    • Pororo

      일 is Sun…?

  • PenguinBeng

    월요일부터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요
    From monday to sunday evening I work
    I work from monday to sunday evening

    나는 학교에 월, 수, 금, 토요일 다닜어요. (I attend school every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday)

  • mazeldazel

    Ok so when 일 means sun and 월 means moon, that’s purely chinese words right? Like no one would use them in a normal Korean sentence to mean just sun and moon?

    • JooyeonPark

      Yes, correct! :D

  • Dae

    These are my sample sentences. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    1. 저는 토요일 일 안 가요. I don’t have to go to work n Saturday.
    2.일요일은 친구하고 화영 볼 거예요. I’m going to see movie with my friends on Saturday.
    3.저는 수요일 가방을 샀어요. I brought a bag on Wednesday.

    • Nudge Zack

      I’m a fellow learner but I can help you with your sentences. I think it’s best to include time marker (에) after the days
      1. 저는 토요일 일 안 가요. => 저는 토요일에 일(을) 안 가요
      2.일요일은 친구하고 화영 볼 거예요.=> 토요일은 친구하고 영화(를) 볼거예요.
      3.저는 수요일 가방을 샀어요. => 저는 수요일 (전)에 가방을 샀어요. Last Wednesday, I bought a bag.


  • Dania Freih

    sample sentence by me:
    저는 일요일부터 목요일까지 대학교에 가요.

  • Min

    Here is my sample sentence please do correct me if there are mistakes ^^

    1.온을은 토요일이여요 그래서 내가 영화를 봘거예요 = today is Saturday so im going to watch a movie

    • Nudge Zack


      You’ve got a few spelling mistakes

      아녕하세요 => 안녕하세요

      1.온을은 토요일이여요 그래서 내가 영화를 봘거예요 => 오늘은 토요일이에요. 그래서 내가 영화를 볼거예요


  • cmykevin

    Having learned Japanese, it’s refreshing to see a little crossover here and there. Gives me some easy mnemonics. The days use the same hanja/kanji and have similar pronunciations (ka/hwa, sui/su, moku/mog, kin/keum, do/to).

  • Gareth Zane Barker

    I understand the quiz I think. 혜진시 said:
    워요일부터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요.

    • 제시카 김

      The sentence is right, but When you said 혜진시, the 시 should actually be 씨 :D have a good day!!!

  • toothbless

    1. 틴탑은 여기서 토요일 갈거예요.
    2. 저는 목요일 떡볶이를 먹고 싶었어요.

    Quiz: 월요일부터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요.
    I work from Monday to Sunday evening.

  • 태한이

    오늘 월요일이예요 그레서 태형이랑 캍이 학교에 갈거예요

  • Bennett Seacrist

    저는 월요일하고 화요일하고 목요일부터 토요일까시 한국어 공부해요.

    I hope it means “I’m studying Korean Monday and Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday”. I *think* it’s close if it isn’t correct.

    • JooyeonPark

      Good job! :0
      But, it will be more natural if you say “저는 월요일, 화요일, 그리고 목요일부터 토요일까지 한국어 공부를 해요.”
      Hope this helps!

    • Bennett Seacrist

      감사합니다 :)

  • ethel :)

    I learn Chinese as my mother tongue… I feel your pain. XD but it did help me memorise the days of the week! haha

  • ethel :)

    OMG they talk so fast TT.TT can’t even keep up haiz… will keep studying and hopefully i’ll be able to keep up soon enough^^

  • Alexis Dy

    Don’t you know the Spanish in Monday is Lunes. And Tuesday is Martes.
    In Philippines we used Spanish word too when we say days in a week .
    We used in the Philippines either. Hahaha..

    Cause the Spaniards was colonized Philippines . Its a history inPhilippines.

  • Amina :)

    This lesson’s quizz was a bit easier than the last one hehe, she said : ” I work from Monday to Saunday evening”, right? If I can learn English by my own, then I can learn Korean with such great teachers. Hwaiting Yeoreobeon !

  • Loi Shang

    월요일보터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요.

    감사합니다 선생님.

  • Brendan Phoenix

    I did my best to write a full sentence for the quiz. My ears aren’t developed enough for me to understand the quiz– even with replaying the sentence over and over again. Here’s what I understood, “월요일부터 일요일…이에요.”
    After reading Loi Shang’s comment, I was able to hear the sentence better. But to me – as of now – “일해요” sounds like “이에요”.
    The quiz is a great exercise for your students, and, also a great way to increase viewership/traffic to your website. Everyone wins! ^^