Level 2 Lesson 6 / but, however / 그렇지만, 그런데

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In this TalkToMeInKorean lesson, we are introducing two more conjunctive words, 그렇지만 [geu-reo-chi-man] and 그런데 [geu-reon-de]. 그렇지만 and 그런데 both mean “but” but 그런데 has a wider range of meanings. Listen in to find out what these two words mean and how they are used!

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Talk To Me In Korean – Level 2 Lesson 6 by TalkToMeInKorean

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  • yourippehdees

    한국음식을 먹고십어요 그런데 레스토랑이 너무말리 예요 – Ok, that’s probably terrible, but I’m trying to say “I want to eat Korean food, but the restaurant is too far away.”

  • Cherubiel Cherub

    저는 2시간 반 공항에서 기다렸어요 그런데 우리 친구를 아직도 안 도착했어요.
    I waited at the airport for 2 hours and my friend still didn’t arrived yet.

    오늘 저 과자가게에서 사탕을 많이 샀어요 그렇지만 남동생이 다 먹었어요
    I bought candy at the candy store today but my brother ate it all.

  • Dean Paris

    졸려서 자고 싶어요. so 서 in 졸려서 has the function of therefore, i am sleepy, therefore i want to sleep, just like 그래서.. or not?

  • Dave

    졸렸어 자고싶어요. 그런대 네일 시험이에요

    • Seokjin Jin

      졸렸어 자고싶어요. 그런대 네일 시험이에요
      > 졸려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일 시험이에요.

    • Carlos skHard

      why do you use the verb “이다” instead of 있다.I would say “tomorrow there is an exam” But with I 이다 understand “Tomorrow is an exam”.Why is this?

    • http://facebook.com/peekaboozee Summer Lim

      I have the same question as Carlo skHard~ Seokjin ssi 대답 하세요~

    • Robin
  • carolinacalle_

    So guys it’s okay if unstead of “어제 이거 샀어요 그런데 정말 커요” I say “어제 이거 샀어요 그리고 정말 커요” ??

    • Seokjin Jin

      Yes. You can also say that.

    • carolinacalle_

      Thanks ^^

  • Anita

    진석진선생님, 감사합니다!

  • Anu

    In the quiz sentence why is there a subject marker after “ne-il” ?

  • Kaye Razelle

    i didnt catch the first part so i might be wrong or incomplete but here’s my answer “i am sleepy but i have an exam tomorrow”

  • Estelle

    I feel sleepy, I want to sleep but there is a test tomorrow.

  • Cee

    Is it ‘졸려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일은 시험이에요.’? Which meant ‘I’m sleepy so I feel like sleeping, but exam’s tomorrow.’?

  • Shhaseena25

    I feel sleepy and i want to sleep but i have an exam tomorrow

  • Steve

    저는 한국어가 공부해요 그래서 연습 필요해요 I learn Korean so I need to practise. It it right the way i said it?

  • Fabrício Ferreira

    Does the ㅎ+ㅈ make the pronunciation of 그렇지만 “그러치만”?

    • Fat Choy

      I think it sounds like 그럳지만 keu-leod-ji-man instead

    • Janna

      Yes it does. It’s one of the rules under Korean pronunciation. I wouldn’t exactly call it a rule but it’s because they are pronouncing the ㅎ thats why it sounds like 치 rather than 지

  • Ramses (람세스)

    졸려서 자고 싶어요 그런데 내일 시험이에요 – I’m sleepy and want to sleep but I have a test tomorrow
    Is that the sentence?

    • Seokjin Jin

      Yes, it is. :)

    • MustacheButter

      what does the 서 means ? why is it conjugate like that ?

    • Ramses (람세스)

      졸리다 conjugated with 어서 (taught in a later lesson). It gives it the meaning of “I’m sleepy, therefore….”.

    • MustacheButter

      ohhh, thank you very much Ramses. 감사합니다

  • Summer Lim

    어제 학교에 갔어요. 그런데 금요일이었어요!

    using 그런데 here does it indirectly sound like I’m glad it was friday yesterday even though I had to go to school?

    • Robin

      Ye, I think so. I’m kinda confused, because 그런데 seems to be something good.

      BUT in the sentence: 저는 매일 운동을 해요. 그런데 살이 빠지지 않아요.
      It’s smth. negative. Shouldn’t it be 그렇지만 in that context ?

      ^That’s the only sentence I don’t understand why they use 그런데 in it.

    • Rey

      It’s because 그런데 and 그렇지만 mean the same thing. Any sentence that can be used with 그렇지만 can be replaced with 그런데. The difference is that 그런데 can also have a positive effect on a sentence, when 그렇지만 can only be used as a negative contrast. It really depends on the context to figure out which effect (positive or negative) 그런데 is having on the sentence. Also, 그렇지만 isn’t used as much as 그런데 in everyday situations, which is why the examples they gave were all made using 그런데.

    • Robin

      I see, thanks! ^^

  • jeffderricksy

    졸려서 자고 싶어요 그런데 내일이 시험이에요.
    이제 진짜 배고파요 그런데 요리하는 것 완전 못 해요.

  • PenguinBeng

    졸렸어 자고 싶어요 그런데 내일이 시험이에요.
    I’m sleepy, I want to sleep but I have exam tomorrow.

    한국어를 공부하고 싶어요 그렇지만 내가 너무 너무 게을러요.
    I want to study Korean but I’m very very lazy

  • Maria Larsen

    졸렸어 자고 싶어요. 그런데 데이 시험이에요.

    I’m sleepy so I want to sleep. But it’s test day.

  • Lynn

    Would anyone check if these are correct please? ^.^;

    문을 닫으십시오. 그런데 창문을 열읍시다.
    Close the door and let’s open the window.

    자고 싶어요. 그렇지만, 너무 덥어요.
    I want to sleep but it is too hot.

  • Dae

    I read the comment before I listen to the lesson, so I already saw what everyone posted for the answer to the quiz. These are my sample sentences. Anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.
    1. 저는 친구하고 화영 보고 싶었어요. 그런데 돈 없었어요. I wanted to go see a movie with my friends, but I didn’t have (any) money.
    2. 저는 배고퍼요. 그러데 밥을 없어요. I am hungry, but I don’t have food.


  • http://yixingkyungsooismylife16.tumblr.com Abigail Samuel

    I want to sleep but I have an exam tomorrow.
    Is this right?

  • Min

    Here is my sample sentence
    저는 먹어시퍼요 그렇지만 밥 없어요 = i want to eat but there’s no food

    내가 영화를 봤어요 그런데 안 조앟요 재미없어요 = i watched a movie but i don’t like it it’s boring

  • Dania Freih

    a very modest sample sentence::
    저는 모자 사고 싶어요. 그런데 선물이에요.

    • Robert Alexis Dy

      I want to buy a hat and Its a present.

  • 태한이

    저는 먹어싶어요 그렇지만 밥을 없어요 ( i want to eat but i dont have food )
    어제 지민이의 집에 갔어 그런데 그냥 남준이있었어요 ( i went to jimin’s house yesterday but only namjoon in the house)

    omg pls correct me ㅠㅠ

    • JooyeonPark

      저는 먹고 싶은데 밥이 없어요. (“배가 고픈데 밥이 없어요” would be more natural though. :D )
      어제 지민이네 집에 갔는데 집에 남준이만 있었어요.
      Thanks for studying with us! :)

    • Lucía Domínguez de Miguel

      Army detected! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Bennett Seacrist

    어제 어머니하고 아버기는 저의 집에 오고 싶었어요. 그런데 서는 사무실있었어요.

    Yesterday mom and dad wanted to come to my house. But I was at the office.

  • Bennett Seacrist

    어제 어머니하고 아버기는 저의 집에 오고 싶었어요. 그런데 저는 사무실있었어요.

    Yesterday mom and dad wanted to come to my house. But I was at the office.

  • Lucía Domínguez de Miguel

    저는 그 드레스를 사고 싶었어요. 그렇지만 너무 비싸요.

    • Robert Alexis Dy

      I want to buy a dress but its to much expensive. Am I right?

    • Lucía Domínguez de Miguel

      Yes, you’re almost right! I wanted to buy that dress but it was too expensive.

  • Fer

    졸렸어요 자고싶어료. 그런데 내일이 시험에요.

    I’m sleepy, I want to sleep. But tomorrow is exam day. / Tengo sueño, quiero dormir. Pero mañana es día de examen.

    Sample sentence: 저는 내 책은 독서 을 완료 할고싶어요. 그런데 지간 없었어. (I want to finish reading my book, but i don’t have the time.) 보정 제발!!!!!

  • Loi Shang

    졸려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내을이 시험이에요.
    I want to sleep cause I’m sleepy but i have an exam tomorrow.
    저 맞아요?

    그리고 in sample sentence did he said 어제까지는 친구 있어요. 그런데 오늘부터는 애인이에요?

  • 이삭

    저는 자고 싶어요. 그렇지만 한국말 공부할 거예요.
    (I want to sleep, but i have to study korean?)

    How would i said i want friends in korea, but im to shy and cant speak korean well)
    저는 한국에 친구 있어고 싶어요. 그렇지만 부끄러워요. (maybe this way idk)

    TTMIK 많이 사랑해요.

    • JooyeonPark

      저는 자고 싶어요. 그렇지만 한국어 공부해야 돼요. (I want to sleep, but i have to study Korean.)
      한국에서 친구 사귀고 싶어요. 그런데 저는 한국말도 잘 못 하고 부끄러워요.

  • Sumcia

    졸여서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 네일 시험이에요. I wan to sleep because I am sleepy. But tomorrow I have a test.
    Is that good?
    I am not sure if I wrote 졸여서 good… basic form is 졸다?
    TTMIK 고마워요. Lessons here are very helpful even for ppl who already learn Korean for so long… ;)

    • JooyeonPark

      Good job! :)
      You can say 졸려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일 시험이에요.

  • Brendan Phoenix

    The quiz was too fast for my ears. :-/
    But I’m sure my reaction is the same for people who have studied as much Korean as I have. 화이팅! ^^

    • http://brendanphoenix.com/ Brendan Phoenix

      After having completed the dictation, I have a suggestion: rather than only recording your friends speaking at faster (native) speeds, please include their sample sentences – at native speed and slower speed – in section 4: dictation. Thereby, increasing the dictation section from three to four or five or six or seven, etcetera. Also, please record the quiz at a slower speed as well, and include it as a bonus in the dictation section.

      I understand the workbooks have already been printed. Maybe there is a way to go about this without too much trouble. I notice there is a lot of ‘blank space’ in section 4: dictation. Maybe we, the listeners, could write there. (Thereby saving you time and money printing new workbooks.)

      TLDR. I really enjoy section 4: dictation. (I like hearing the sample sentences at native and slower speeds.) I understand your friends’ sample sentences may be more natural, but I speak to my Korean co-workers in English at a slower speed than when I am with my native English speaking friends. And they greatly appreciate me for doing so! Otherwise it feels too intimidating.

      It’s only level 2, after all.


  • 에릭

    I’m confused about how “조리다” is conjugated as “졸여서”.
    I heard it as “졸이었어”—the present progressive form?
    Can anyone explain?

    • Alli Su

      졸리다 –> 졸려(present)
      the 서 you heard at the end that made it 졸려서 acts as ‘so’ like in 그래서

      졸려서 자고싶어요(I’m sleepy so I want to sleep)

    • 에릭

      Thank you!
      I’m still a little confused because I thought that the present tense of “졸리다” would be “졸리어요”?

    • Alli Su

      kind of :) 이+ 어 = 여 (when you say it fast). For ease of pronunciation, I guess. So it’s 졸려요.

    • Alli Su

      it’s like an unwritten rule I think haha. So when it ends in ㅣ you use ㅕinstead of ㅓ

  • Micgael

    Why is 늦게 having the ㅈ down the bottom? I can t see,the sound in it.
    What does 밤 mean in 어재 밤 늦게 ? Thanks. 비곤 하지? What is 하지 mean please?

  • michael

    i listened to the quiz several times but only understand the words not sentence, too quick.