Level 2 Lesson 7 / “to” someone, “from” someone / 한테, 한테서

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안녕하세요! ^_^In this lesson, let us learn how to say ‘to’ someone, and ‘from’ someone. To say “to someone” or “from someone”, you can use the words 한테 [han-te] and 한테서 [han-te-seo]. Listen in and learn how to use these words in the right context.

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Thank you as always for studying with us!!

감사합니다. ^^

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

  • cath_okay

    I love you guys so much, I am learning a lot. Thanks for everything. But those armpit sample sentences were too awful for me. I just had to fast forward, I couldn’t handle it.

  • Ashley

    우란씨한테 그것 사과 주었어.

    ” I gave that apple to 우란”

  • Yrrej Bojo

    Hey there!

    I got a question…

    the past tense of “받다” is “받었어요” right????

    Then why is it different in the sample sentence??

    Please help.. i’m confused :(

  • Rishabh Manocha

    Fue así: 동생한테 혼났어요. (Me regañó mi hermanito.) ?

    Responden por favor porque no estoy muy seguro. Saludos desde la India! :)

  • http://helpmeteacher.blogspot.com Kate

    동생한태 혼났어요. Either “I scolded my younger sibling” or “My younger sibling scolded me,” but probably the former in most contexts. : ) 저는 동생 너무 많이 있어요!

  • Rachel

    One of the sample sentences saying:
    란: 그건 전 남자친구한테서 받은 거예요.
    [geu-geon jeon nam-ja-chin-gu-han-te-seo ba-deun geo-ye-yo.]
    = That one? I received it from my ex-boyfriend.
    전 남자친구 [jeon nam-ja-chin-gu] = ex-boyfriend
    받다 [bat-da] = to receive
    Question: received (past tense) = 받은 거예요 (future tense) ?

  • JZ

    how to say “i learn korean form the internet” or “you learn korean from where” ?

    • Seokjin Jin

      Hi. I don’t know what you wanted to mean with the “Korean form”. Is it “from”?
      If so, it will be 저는 인터넷으로 한국어를 배웠어요. / 한국어를 어디에서 배웠어요?

  • afham azman

    동생한테 혼났어요. I scolded my younger sister/brother??

    • Seokjin Jin

      I was scolded by my younger sister. :)

  • Holger

    Wow. Impressive. Today I learned a new english word. And needless to say: I worked as an english teacher. Never ever heard the word “to scold sbd.” You must be heroes in English. And I feel like zero.

  • dramabunster

    I think Seokjin songsengnim said,
    “I scolded my younger sibling.”

    • Seokjin Jin

      I was scolded by my younger sister. :)

    • dramabunster


  • Aaron Brown

    저는 내일 친구 한테서 변지 하고 선물를 받을거예요 —- “I will receive a letter and a present from a friend tomorow”

    저의가는 저의고양이한테 맛았어요—— “My dog was beaten up by my cat”

    누구한테서 선물 이에요? 뭐안에 있어요? ——- “who is this gift from? …What is in it? … ”

    I hope i didn’t totally butcher these, I thought I’d give it a shot :)!

    • Seokjin Jin

      친구 한테서 변지 하고 선물를 받을거예요 > 친구한테서 편지하고 선물을 받을 거예요

      저의가는 저의고양이한테 맛았어요 > 제 개는 제 고양이한테 맞았어요.

      누구한테서 선물 이에요? 뭐안에 있어요? > 누구한테서 받은 선물이에요? 안에 뭐가 있어요?

  • mariam

    동생한테 혼났어요 .. . I was scolded by my younger sister or younger brother …
    i have question … when we change the verbs to past by adding (으)ㄴ
    shouldn’t we change the finals if it ㄷ to ㄹ like 듣다 – 들은 .
    why we don’t change the ㄷ in the example 그건 전 남자친구한테서 받은 거예요.
    why is not 그건 전 남자친구한테서 발은 거예요.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Some verbs are conjugated by irregular rules. Please check the link below:

    • mariam

      thank you so much ,i was looking for that

  • joey


    “I was scolded by my younger sibling.”

  • Baitham

    What is meaning of “chowayo” and “wajayo” which using by “Khwo’un shii” again and again during lesson. i.e. “nay chowayo” and “nay wajayo”
    ..as far as I gt is “Yes I like it”or “that’s good”
    Please write me back correct words for this in Korean as well.

    • 지경

      I know I’m late, but Kyeong-eun was saying 네 좋아요 (neh, jo-ah-yo), meaning “yes, (that’s) good” and 맞아요 (ma-ja-yo), meaning “(that’s) correct” or “(that’s) right.”

  • MSHI

    동생한테 혼났어요. 맞아요?

  • https://www.facebook.com/kristinejoy.catan.7 Kristine Joy Catan

    I’m scolded by my younger sister.
    마자요? 석진 선생님?

    • Seokjin Jin

      맞아요. ^^ Good job!

    • Loïc Laccomoff Faes

      Excuse-me charming girl, may I know how you new that verb? Did you learn it somewhere or, do you look in a dictionary when there’s a new word you did’t know? Something…? Hahaha
      Thank youuuu ~

    • Aigerim Nussupova

      As for me, I usually spell what I hear. And if I am not sure, look up in the dictionary. this time I was sure cause it was easy to spell from just listening to it.

  • 나하린

    동생한테 혼났어요

  • Ninja Queen

    “동생한테 혼았어요” – “I was scolded by my younger sibling.”

    • Seokjin Jin

      혼았어요 > 혼났어요


    • Ninja Queen

      오… 감사합니다 선생님.

  • Houyam

    I was scolded by my younger sister (or brother)

  • Ana Camila Bringel

    그 휴대폰은 내 엄마한테 팔았어요.
    I’ve sellen that cell phone to my mom.
    맞아요, 성생님?

  • Hunter Lind

    from the PDF:

    란: 그건 전 남자친구한테서 받은 거예요.
    [geu-geon jeon nam-ja-chin-gu-han-te-seo ba-deun geo-ye-yo.]
    = That one? I received it from my ex-boyfriend.

    How come the Hangeul is in future tense but the English is in past tense? I’m an amateur so I’m probably missing something!

    • http://twitter.com/jetz531 jetz

      I’d like to know the answer to this as well. 선생님 도와 주세요!

    • Guest

      Teacher, Help me, please!

    • http://twitter.com/jetz531 jetz

      I was referring to Hunter Lind’s question – I wanted the answer to that as well, hence, I asked for help: 선생님 도와 주세요!

    • Seokjin Jin

      받은 거예요, actually this expression is in past tense but not in future tense.
      The future tense sentence will be like this:
      그건 전 남자친구한테서 받을 거예요.

  • Jean-Philippe Defrenne

    Kyeong eun said “경미씨 감사합니다”. I’m confused . what did she meant? Did she meant that she is thankful or appreciate the fact that 경미 got dumped?…

    • Julie

      I think she just wanted to thank 경미 for her sample sentence.

  • Ashley Heil

    Hello, so I’m having trouble understanding how this sentence: 그 남자한테 얻을 건 별로 없을 거예요 is translated to “You won’t be getting much out of him”. What does the 얻을 mean, and did we learn that yet? I figured the nam cha means him, and does geo mean you? and is the 없을 거예요 just the future tense of “to not exist?” thank you for the help!

  • June Law

    동생한테 헌났어요.
    I was scolded by my younger silbling.

  • Sorcha

    Could someone please tell me if I’ve the particles and word order right in this sentence?
    어제는 제 생일이었어요. 그래서 진구가 저한테 선물 줬어요. My birthday was yesterday, so my friend gave me a present.
    Thank you in advance :)

    • hillary

      어제 제 생일이에요. 그래서 친구가 저한테 선물 줬어요.

  • Julie

    동생한테 혼났어요 = I was scolded by my younger sibling

  • KidCannabiz

    Hello, can i use 한테 / 한테서 for department? Like lotte?

  • Paula Cho

    친구가 나한테서 내일 선물 받을거에요
    이거 맞아요?
    Correct me if I’m wrong ☺

  • hillary

    그건 전 남자친구한테서 받은 거예요

    how did you chang 받다 to 받은 거예요 ?

  • crooked-seoul

    roughly, i scolded “to” my little sibling. his brother probably thought he was above getting them hands but thats none of my business.

  • maga

    선생님한테서 많이 배웠어요
    It should mean: I learnt a lot from this teacher.

    • Seokjin Jin

      “이 선생님한테서 많이 배웠어요”

      If you want to emphasize “this teacher”, it is good to add 이 in front of 선생님.