Level 2 Lesson 7 / “to” someone, “from” someone / 한테, 한테서

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안녕하세요! ^_^In this lesson, let us learn how to say ‘to’ someone, and ‘from’ someone. To say “to someone” or “from someone”, you can use the words 한테 [han-te] and 한테서 [han-te-seo]. Listen in and learn how to use these words in the right context.

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Thank you as always for studying with us!!

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  • Matt

    누나한테 할 선물이 있어요. = I have a gift for my sister.
    친구한테서 편지가 받았어요. = I received a letter from a friend.
    개한테 숙제가 먹혔어요. = My homework was eaten by a dog.

    석진씨 말했어요: “동생한테 혼냈어요.” = “I was reprimanded by my younger sibling.”

    In the lesson it states that “-한테” can only be used for “to” or “from” people, but not objects or places. Are animals considered part of “people” such as 개 or can objects be used when “-한테” is used with a passive verb to mean “by”.

    야구방망이한테 맞았어요. = He was beaten by a baseball bat.

    감사합니다 for the lesson.

    • Seokjin Jin

      개한테 숙제가 먹혔어요.
      We normally say 개가 숙제를 먹었어요. :)

      동생한테 혼냈어요. > 동생한테 혼났어요.

      You can use -한테 to animal, too. Like 개한테 물렸어요. But it is weird to use it to objects. We don’t say 야구방망이한테 맞았어요. :)

  • kahina

    안녕하세요 선생님 :) I have a question please : in this lesson the is this sentence : “그건 전 남자친구한테서 받은 거예요”.you translated in english : “That one? I received it from my ex-boyfriend.” so it’s in past tense, but the is 거예요 which expresses the future ! correct me if i ‘ m wrong please , thanks alot for your efforts 감사합니다

    • Seokjin Jin

      When I show a gift that my wife gave to me few days ago, even though I received the gift in the past, the action of showing it to other people happens in present.

      Simply, let’s think about a sentence form “그건 A예요.(That is A.)”
      And let’s add something that modify A.

      그건 전 남자친구한테서 받은 A예요.

      That is A that I received from my ex-boyfriend.

      Now, can you see why 예요 was used”?

    • Kahina Fifi

      thanks a lot !! I can get the meaning now :) 감사합니다

  • Angel

    Homework: 친구한테(서) 그사람의 비밀을 들었어요.
    Questions: “그건 전남자친구한테서 받은 «거»예요” 중에 «거» means “그건”? So here the 거 = 것, right? Am I misunderstanding?
    Thank you for correct and classes :-)

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Yes. 거 = 것.

    • Angel

      고마워요! 경화씨^_^

  • yourippehdees

    동생한테혼났어요 I want to say “I was scolded by my younger sibling” but “I scolded my younger sibling” (gave a scolding to) also seems like it could be correct. Unless 한나다 is passive by nature. Plus, normally, it’s the younger sibling who gets scolded, right?? I’m trying to do this without looking at the other comments first, so sorry if you’ve answered this already.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Just like you said, “동생한테 혼났어요” means “I was scolded by my younger sibling”. If you want to say “I scolded my younger sibling”, you need to say 동생을 혼냈어요. “혼내다” means “to scold [someone]”.

    • yourippehdees

      경화시 고마워요!

  • tingathy

    In the past-tense sentence “That one? I received it from my ex-boyfriend”, how come the ending is geo-ye-yo? Isn’t past-tense supposed to be eo-seo-yo?

    • Kaye Razelle

      actually “geo ye yo” is a future tense particle.

      i know, confusing right?

    • Seokjin Jin

      Well, actually you can use both “것이에요” and “것이었어요”. In the context, the person is talking about something which is near her, and she “received” it from past. Past tense only modifies “it” but not whole the sentence.

  • dalia

    i do find these lessons hard to memorize …

    • PenguinBeng

      I agree. I suggest you create many sample sentences and comment it for each lesson.. Not only will you get used to the new words but also, many people here will be more than willing to correct any mistakes that you made, which is good! :D

  • Austin Zhong 어스틴씨

    안녕하세요! I have 2 questions:
    1. how do you know to put the marking particle on the right word?
    2. 렸어, 려 is used under what circumstances? How is it conjugated?
    Ex. 졸리다–> 졸려서?

    아이구, 도와 주세요! 정말 감사합니다! ^.^

    • Seokjin Jin

      First of all, you have to check the noun words in the sentence and figure which one works as a subject or object, and then you can put the particle after that.

      졸리다’s verb stem is 졸리 and 어서 was added, and 졸리어서 is shortened to 졸려서.
      Please check out the lesson below, it will help you a lot.

    • Austin Zhong 어스틴

      감사합니다 선생님! 저는 한국어를 열공할거예요!

  • Baifern

    동생 한테 혼났어요 I was scolded by my younger sibling.
    어제 할머니한테서 받을선물이에요. Yesterday I received a gift from my grandma.

    • JooyeonPark

      어제 할머니한테 선물 받았어요 would be more correct for that English sentence :)

  • Leela

    남자한테서 수신했어요 – I received a message from him.

  • Maddy

    동생한테 혼났어요.
    I was scolded by my younger sibling.

    “My younger sibling was scolded” would be
    “동생을 혼났어요.” ?

    감사합니다 선생님!

  • Cee

    동상한테 혼났어요. I was scolded by my younger sibling!

    Thank you for the great lesson!

  • Vichhai(계상)

    what is the difference between 한테 하고 에게(maybe i miss spelling with this one)?

  • Nawal

    안녕하세요 !

    퀴즈를 타임이에요 : ~동생한테 혼났어요.~

    I hoooope it is correct *.*

    감사합니다 TTMIK team ^^

  • PenguinBeng

    동생한테 혼났어요.
    I got scolded by my younger sibling.

    Wow, I thought I understand it wrong but after reading the comments it really is “I got scolded by my younger sibling.”

    나를 많이 모기한테서 물렸어요
    I got bitten by many mosquitoes

  • Maria Larsen

    동생한테 혼났어요.= I was scolded by my younger sibling.

  • Dae

    Can someone check my sample sentences? I’m still a bit confuse on object, subject, and topic marking particles so they might be wrong.

    1. 남자친구한테서 차를 받았어요. I received a car from my boyfriend.
    2. 엄마한테서 책을 얻었어요. I got a book from my mom.


  • Faayo

    has anyone else noticed that in the sample sentences it says that 나다 means to give off a strong smell but it also says that 풍기다 means to give off a smell..?

  • Dania Freih

    이 가방이 친구한테서 선물이에요.
    wondering if the use of the particle 이 is correct in my sample sentence.. please tell me :) 감사합니다

  • dkypjy


    “이거? 저한테서 선문이 있었어요! 너가 안 기억해요?” = This? This present was from me! Don’t you remember?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong~


  • Brianna Mae

    The answer to the quiz question is:
    동생한테 혼났어요.
    I was scolded by my younger sibling.

    Here are some sample sentences of my own:
    저를 공한테 때리었어요.
    I was hit by a ball.

    친구한테서 선물이 받았어요.
    I received a present from a friend.

    너한테 질문 있어요.
    I have a question for you.

    I hope these are correct. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 감사합니다 for all your hard work TTMIK team! ^^

  • ★ Mae ☆

    한테 can mean to/for/by a person?

    이선물이 너한테 줄거예요.
    I will give this gift to you.

    Thank you. :3