Level 2 Lesson 7 / “to” someone, “from” someone / 한테, 한테서

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안녕하세요! ^_^In this lesson, let us learn how to say ‘to’ someone, and ‘from’ someone. To say “to someone” or “from someone”, you can use the words 한테 [han-te] and 한테서 [han-te-seo]. Listen in and learn how to use these words in the right context.

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  • 아야

    Does 혼나다 and 혼내다 has same meaning which is “to be scold / to scold” ?

    • Helena Blažková

      I think that 혼나다 means “to be scolded”, while 혼내다 means “to scold”.

      But I’m really not sure about this one. Someone correct me, if it’s wrong, please.

  • Harvey Rivas Potot

    퀴즈: 동생한테 혼났어요.
    예문–> 생일에 아빠한테 아무것도 안 받았어요.
    예문–> 숙제를 안 했어요. 그래서 선생님한테 혼났어요.

  • Amy Angeles

    동생한테 혼났어요. = I was scolded by my younger sibling.

  • 저는 할아버지한테서 선물을 받았어요. (I received a present from my grandfather.)
    여동생한테 때렸어요. (I was hit by my younger sister.)


  • Mary Wu

    이 문장은 맞아요?

    친구한테 선물을 줬어요.

  • Thwin Aung

    동생한테 혼났어요 – I was scolded by my brother.

  • Semitic akuma

    can you stop people saying examples .. they talk fast and not by the formal roles it’s hard

  • Semitic akuma