Level 3 Lesson 21 / linking verbs / -는데, 명사 + -인데, 형용사 + -ㄴ데

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안녕하세요! Now this is a lesson that a lot of you have requested! In this lesson we are looking at how “-는데” works in Korean. This is a verb ending that has a very wide variety of meanings, so this lesson is a little bit more lengthy than our other lessons. But we can promise you that if you listen through this lesson, you will learn a lot and your Korean sentences will become much more natural!


You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

We have a dialogue prepared in 100% Korean based on all the lessons in Level 3. If you want to check how much you can understand before studying all of the Level 3 lessons, try listening to the dialogue here.

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We’ve made the Level 3 lessons even better and published them as a grammar textbook! The grammar textbook itself is filled with very effective comprehension questions, but you can practice even further with our workbook for Level 3. Both are available now on our online bookstore.

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  • Tiana Walder

    내일 학교에 가야 되는데, 숙제 시작해야 돼요
    I have to go to school tomorrow, I have to start my homework.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Correct! 잘 했어요. 🙂

  • linnn

    해외팬인데 많이콘서트를 못 갔어요.
    I’m overseas fans, that’s why i can’t go for many concerts(which held in korea).
    Is is correct?

  • is 일요일인데 = 일요일이에요 +ㄴ데?
    i mean the 인 part

  • 감사합니다

  • TheFuzzeePanda

    어제 치구 랑 잡담인데, 전화 링있었어요. = Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend, when the phone rings.

    Is this correct?
    감사합니다 TTMIK!

  • Blenda Camargo

    As for songs with 는데, “Might Just Die” by History is full of it 🙂

  • Winston Bee Weng Ping

    Finally, i get to know what this mean. i keep heard the korean people saying this words.

  • Malori Green

    많이 숙제가 있는데 한국어를 공부하는 거 제가 항상 시간이 있어요~

    그 소녀가 나쁜 사람인데 아직 데이트 가요?

    아, 그거 제가 말하는데요? 어.. 제가 안 하는데요…

    야, 답답하는데!