Level 3 Lesson 8 / to look like, to seem like / – 같아요

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안녕하세요! Welcome back to another TTMIK lesson! Here in this lesson, we are going to learn how to say that something looks like something else, or something seems to be in a certain state. Find out how to use the expression 같다 [gat-da] with nouns by listening to the audio lesson.

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  • Karla UM

    “you are like an animal” lol 경은언니 is so funny, i love her so much x’D you guys make learning korean so much fun!!
    I hope I can meet you guys when I visit korea next year…or if some day you go to Costa Rica ^_^ i’m officially inviting you all

  • b1gpotato

    i think i’m falling in love with her voice

  • VoldiPhil

    Hey, a short question to this lesson:

    In this example sentence:

    A하고 B는 같아요. [A-ha-go B-neun ga-ta-yo.] = A and B are the same

    You use the topicmarker as well as 하고 to say that to things are the same, whereas here:

    이거랑 이거랑 같아요? [i-geo-rang i-geo-rang ga-ta-yo?] = Are this and this the same?

    you use 랑 for both compared nouns. I don’t really understand why. 😛

  • Michael

    If I wanted to say, “I’m going to go home and study Korean,” would it be correct to say, “저는 집에 가서 한국어를 공부할 거예요.”? Since “집” is relating to both 가서 (going home) and 공부할 거예요 (study at home), should it be “집에서” instead?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      “저는 집에 가서 한국어를 공부할 거예요.” is correct. =)

      “저는 집에서 한국어를 공부할 거예요.” means “I am going to study Korean at home.”

  • Sarah Muscutt

    How do you say “I feel like a bird, boat, frog, fish, idiot” etc? It seems different than what you guys are explaining…

  • Myla Rose

    For this question, “Is it similar to this?” Is it “이거랑 비슷해요?” / “이것랑 비슷해요?”

  • 알라나

    학교에서 제 친구는 제가 비슷한 옷 입고 있었어요

    probably incorrect because this sentence is tricky but i tried to use my brain ㅠㅠ

    • Seokjin Jin

      제가 비슷한 옷 입고 있었어요 > 저와 비슷한 옷을 입고 있었어요

  • Matt

    당신은 오늘에 좀비 같아요. 안 잤어요? = You are like a zombie today. Did you not sleep?
    저 여자는 신만아 같아요. 눈 비슷해요. = That woman looks like Shin Min Ah. The eyes are similar.
    그 개는 작은 악마 같아요! = That dog is like a little devil!

    감사합니다 for the lesson!

  • Peter

    호주 국기는 뉴질랜드 국기랑 아주 비슷해요. 그런데 호주랑 뉴질랜드랑 안 같아요.

  • Esat Armağan Kaymaz

    나의 아버지는 슈퍼맨 같아요.

    My father is like superman.

  • Asha

    저 자동차 하고 그 자동차 비슷해요 that car looks like this car
    제랑 아버지랑 얼굴를 같아요 i look like my father

    • JooyeonPark

      Good job! 🙂
      “저는 아버지 닮았어요” is what we usually say that in Korean!
      Hope it’s helpful!

    • Asha

      네 너무 감사합니다 🙂

  • 산티아고

    저 남자는 여자 같아요.
    That man is like a girl 😛

    • Seokjin Jin


  • Gavin Ng

    내 친구가 호란기 같아요. My friend is like a tiger

    이거음식하고 그거음식은 같아요. This food is the same compared to that food.

    너의목소리하고 그녀의목소리는 비슷해요. Your voice is similar to her voice.

    • Jess

      Tiger is 호랑이, and in this case since tiger is already a noun, we do not need to attach the “기” after it. So it should be 내 친구가 호랑이 같아요. 🙂

  • Sena Rainey

    한자는 칸지하고 비슷해요.
    Hanja is similar to kanji.

  • Katie Garcia

    우리 고양이는 사람 같아요. Our cat is like a person.

    소주는 보드카하고 비슷해요. Soju is similar to vodka.

    감사합니다 TTMIK 🙂

    • JooyeonPark

      우와! 완벽해요!
      감사합니다! 화이팅 🙂

    • Katie Garcia

      주연 씨, 감사합니다!

  • Alice Tan

    안녕하세요! How do you say “My friends says I look like ______”?

    • metal_samurai

      you could say 재 친구는 제가 ___ 같이 보인다고 해요

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    Can anyone tell me if it’s correct.(Sorry for the romanization, since i don’t have a korean keyboard)
    1. Nae app-ae inneun saram minho-sshi rang gathayo.

    • Jakob Løvig Minell

      Tip: Download a Korean language addon to your computer. Then you can have the virtual keyboard in the corner while you write. After a while you will be able to remember where all the buttons are 🙂

    • Sanjeeda Masroor

      감사합니다, that helped!!

    • Sanjeeda Masroor

      That helped!감사합니다

  • Nawal


    ”처음에는 저한테 한국어는 중국어랑 일본어랑 같았어요. 지금은 차이점 들을 수 있어요.” 맞아요??

    고맙습니다 TTMIK 팀 ^^

    • Nawal

      what i wanted to say is :

  • Thomas Osekowsky

    현우 씨가 참외는 멜론하고 비슷하라고 말 했는데, 참외는 근냥 멜론이에요. Melon is a group of fruits and 참외 (korean melon) is just one kind!

  • Chammie Sedilla

    I just got a little confused on one of the examples on this lesson’s podcast.
    “이거랑 이거랑 같아요.”
    How did it come that 랑 is used here twice?

  • yourippehdees

    Random question: What does the 천 in 천재 and 천사 mean? Are they the same? I looked it up in my dictionary but it has so many meanings, it wasn’t clear.

    번대기랑 참외랑 비슷 해요.
    Beondegi and chamwei are similar. (In some alternate reality, I’m sure)

    재 예문은 시하고 같아요.
    My sample sentences are like poems.

    재 시랑 접시 부순 곳랑 같아요
    My poems and breaking glass are the same.

    • Jess

      The 천 word by itself in chinese is 天 (in english it means “sky”),which has a total different meaning. But when combined with other words, for example 천재 (in chinese which is 天才), it means “genius”. And 천사 (in chinese which is 天使), it “means “angel”.

    • yourippehdees

      Thanks for that – much appreciated!

  • lemontumblr

    Just wanna say thanks to Hyunwoo-shi and Kyung-eun-shi – your playful banter makes listening to your podcasts very enjoyable ^^

  • Teleri


  • Jess

    Why does Hyun Woo always bully Kyung Eun? 🙁

  • Bre

    Lol the beginning was so cute/funny

  • Yet D

    How do say, “It looks yummy/ delicious”?

    • shay313

      맛있어요 – ma-si-sseo-yo – It’s yummy or 맛있어보여요–Masisseo boyeoyo.–it looks yummy

    • Aaron Brown

      I hear alot of korean people say “맛있겠다” to convey this meaning.

    • Yet D

      Thanks for responding. Isn’t it맛있겠다 would indicate that the food is “yummy/delicious”? What the speaker would wanna convey is assuming that the food is delicious – “The food looks delicious.” Or “It looks delicious.” I think, 맛있어보여요 is more approriate. Any further thought on this?

  • TTMIK is the best resource for learning Korean.

  • Malori Green

    저 신발하고 양말 같아요.

    아, 문제 같아요!

    너의 오빠랑 내가 비슷해요~

  • Sarah Hutchinson

    제 고양이는 악마 캍아요

  • faiza

    오! 죄송합니다~~ 당신이랑 언니랑 같아요 >> oh! Sorry ~~ you look like my sister
    뒤에 뭐 있어요 ?? 이거 내 사진이랑 같아요 >> what’s behind you ?? it looks like my photo
    이 곳은 내 도시랑 많이 비슷해요 >> this place is so similar to my city
    선생님들 제가 잘 했을까요 ?? 도와주세여 ^^

  • 감사합니다

  • Kristen Hickey

    Is 참외 the yellow melons?? I think those are nasty lol