Level 3 Lesson 9 / to seem like, to look like (used with verbs) / 한 것 같아요

  • Sena Rainey

    도 행복한 것 같아요.
    I think they are very happy.

    도 늦은 것 같아요.
    I think it’s very late.

  • Katie Garcia

    샤이니 멤버 태민은 예쁜 것 같아요
    SHINee member Taemin seems to be pretty

    저는 10월에 한국에 갈 것 같아요
    I think I will go to Korea in October

    우리 남편은 너무 졸린 것 같아요
    I think my husband is too sleepy

    • JooyeonPark

      Perfect! 😀
      Keep it up!

    • Katie Garcia


  • Marina Tetelin

    Ouiiiiii, j’ai adoré l’introduction en Français :3

    송지효는진짜 멋있은것 같아요.

    I think that Song Ji Hyo is really cool.

  • Celso Moraes

    If I want to say “I think I can understand” can I say it like this: “이해 할 수 있는 거 같아요” ?

    • Celso Moraes

      Just completing 천천히 말하면 이해 할 수 있는 거 같아요 can it mean ” If you speak slowly I think I can understand you” ?

  • Vichhai(계상)

    A는 B보다 큰 것 같아요. “I think A is taller than B.” is that right?

  • Carlen Wirth

    What about verbs that end with a consonant in the past and future tense? For example, “I think they were eating.”

  • 노래는 것 같아요.
    Is this right?

    • 노래 같아요/노래는 같아요 is better because 노래 is like a noun

  • Viny Lam

    Why is there no past tense for descriptive verbs in noun form?

    • Dickson

      Yeah I’m looking for this too, any answers? Descriptive verbs in past tense in noun form?

  • Minah

    how can i say “the pictures are like art” ?

  • Dania Freih

    비가 올 것 같아요.
    it looks like it’s going to rain.
    혼자 간 것 같아요.
    I think he went alone.

  • yourippehdees

    요즘 번대기를 더 먹는 곳 같아요.
    Lately I seem to be eating more beondegi.

    다음 시즌에 박병호 인기 야구 선수 있을 곳 같아요.
    Next season, I think Park Byung Ho will be a baseball star.

    이년은 덜 먹은 곳 하고 더 마신 곳 같아요.
    This year I seem to have eaten less and drank more.

    • nudg33

      hi, its 것 not 곳

    • yourippehdees

      Thanks for that catch!

  • lemontumblr

    I’m unclear as to the difference between the past and present tense conjugations…they both have ㄴ?

    • one goes under the descriptive verb and the other is in front of it. 산 vs. 사는, 이야기한 vs. 이야기하는.

    • lemontumblr

      Thanks…I’m still a little confused though. 나는 can be contracted to 난 right? But it’s still the present tense…is that just the exception to the rule? ^^;

      In general, the ㄴ under a word is the past tense, and 는 in full is present tense?

    • JooyeonPark

      “나는” is not a verb. 나 is a noun and a subject. So, it’s nothing to do with the past or the present. Like you said, 나는 sometimes can be shortened to 난 when speaking.

    • Yes exactly. 난 is just a shorter way of saying it. like 너를 (you as an object) can be shortened to 널. You can hear this a lot on songs. 나를 –> 날. 저를 –> 절 (though I don’t hear this a lot but I’ve seen it before). But 내가 can not be shortened to 낵. same with 제가 and 니가/네가.

    • 난 is just a shorter way of saying it. like 너를 (you as an object) can be shortened to 널. You can hear this a lot on songs. 나를 –> 날. 저를 –> 절 (though I don’t hear this a lot but I’ve seen it before). But 내가 can not be shortened to 낵. same with 제가 and 니가/네가.

  • pppjyddkyyss


    내일은 비가 올 것 같아서 집에 있을 거예요.

    오늘 재 친구가 슬픈는 것 같아요 그레서 친구한테 꽃을 살 거예요.

    그 사람은 이상한 것 같아지만 이제 좋아해요.

    “너만 초코릿을 샀어? 그는 너를 좋아하는 것 같아.” 저한테 재 친구가 말했어요.

    제가 틀렸으면 정정해 주십시오!

  • Teddy

    재미있다 in its noun form is 재미있는. But this is descriptive verb, is it not?

  • Sauleh

    Hello! Found your site recently and I love it! Thanks a lot! Have a question though. You said ~것 같아요 used a lot by Korean people in order to soften the way they speak. Is it the same as Japanese people tend to add と思う? (By the way I find these two languages very similar, grammar and vocabulary wise and from the cultural point of view too. As I know and feel Japanese language better I find it very useful to understand nuances through Japanese language.)

  • Malori Green

    이 게임이 너무 재미있을 것 같아요

    너의 노래들 좋는 것 같아요?

    야, 줌준 것 같아요, 맞아요?

  • TheFuzzeePanda

    오늘은, 외보 놀겉 같아요. = It seems like you will play/played(idk which would work with this sentence) outside today.

  • faiza

    Vous parlez trés bien la langue française mes professeurs ^^
    이 년에 성공을 것 같아요 >> i think i’ll succed this year
    어제 피곤한 것 같아서 학교에 안 왔어요 >> it seems that she was tired yesterday so she did not come to school
    무슨 일 있어요 ? 걱정하는 것 같아요 >> what’s going on ?? You look you are worry
    선생님들 제가 잘 했습니까 ?? 도와주세요 ^^
    Et bon courage en français mes profs et aidez-moi s’il vous plaît

  • this lesson sucked the energy from me i only had one lesson today >.<

  • is there past tense in descriptive verbs coz you didn’t mention it at all ..
    ” -(으)ㄴ 것 같아요 = present tense for descriptive verbs / past tense for action verbs
    -는 것 같아요 = present tense for action verbs
    -(으)ㄹ 것 같아요 = future tense for action/descriptive verbs “

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Good question. If you want to use “… 것 같아요” with descriptive verbs in the past tense, such as “I think the sky was pretty.”, Korean people usually use -았/었/였던 것 같아요. (-던- is covered in TTMIK Level 8 Lesson 4.)

  • Harvey Rivas Potot

    -다음 주 일본에 올 태풍은 좀 강할 것 같아요.
    -몸이 진짜 아프고 몇번도 밥을 다 토해서 오늘 병원에 가야 될 것 같아요.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      다음 주 일본에 오는 태풍은 좀 강할 것 같아요. (올 태풍 is not wrong, but 오는 태풍 is used more often.)
      몸이 진짜 아프고 밥을 몇 번 먹었는데 다 토해서 오늘 병원에 가야 될 것 같아요.

  • Eskymau

    현우씨보다 경은씨 더 똑똑한 거 같아요

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Here’s my correction: 현우 씨보다 경은 씨가 더 똑똑하신 것 같아요.

  • 야신

    이번 토요일에서 아홒부터 여섯까지 일할 것 같아요 (I think/it looks like i will be working this Saturday from 9 o’clock until 6 o’clock).

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Correction: 이번 주 토요일에 아홉 시부터 여섯 시까지 일할 것 같아요.

    • 야신

      thank you 🙂

  • BaeBea

    I was practicing with ~ 것 같아요, saying it loud while writing it, and suddenly a song, with that word in, start playing in my head. So I searched it on YouTube ( https://youtu.be/8cuorSMOvDQ ) and listened to it while reading the Hangul lyrics and… I was able to understand a lot of what he was singing D: it was crazy! I didn’t understand anything before starting TTMIK 2 months ago!!
    I don’t know why I’m writing this here and I know it’s just a little stupid thing to understand what he is singing ( and maybe it is just a very simple song to understand ) but this makes me proud of myself and more motivated on keep on studying. I’m just… I don’t know… happy. Thank you TTMIK and sorry for this crazy post.

    • Deeti Mali

      yay !! Me too I wouldn’t understand a word of Korean when 2 people were talking, now not only can I answer in one word but also understand (not completely yet) what they are talking

  • Aya

    미안해요 ! 당신은 바쁜 것 같아요 .
    오늘은 다섯시쯤에 민호씨 만날 것 같아요 .

  • اسماء

    이 수업 어려운 것 같아요. 그렇지만 열심히 공부할 거에요.

  • Mary

    Hi! Please, tell me, is this sentense is true? 댄스를 좋아해요. 그리고 그것이 서로 주위를 나비 두 마리의 날는 것 같아요.