Level 3 Lesson 9 / to seem like, to look like (used with verbs) / 한 것 같아요

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In this lesson, we are looking at how to use 같아요 with verbs. In order to use 같아요 with verbs to mean “I think…” “It looks like…” or “It seems to me that…”, you need to change the verb into its noun form. Find out how by listening to the lesson and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave us comments!

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  • Sena Rainey

    도 행복한 것 같아요.
    I think they are very happy.

    도 늦은 것 같아요.
    I think it’s very late.

  • Katie Garcia

    샤이니 멤버 태민은 예쁜 것 같아요
    SHINee member Taemin seems to be pretty

    저는 10월에 한국에 갈 것 같아요
    I think I will go to Korea in October

    우리 남편은 너무 졸린 것 같아요
    I think my husband is too sleepy

    • JooyeonPark

      Perfect! :D
      Keep it up!

    • Katie Garcia


  • Marina Tetelin

    Ouiiiiii, j’ai adoré l’introduction en Français :3

    송지효는진짜 멋있은것 같아요.

    I think that Song Ji Hyo is really cool.

  • Celso Moraes

    If I want to say “I think I can understand” can I say it like this: “이해 할 수 있는 거 같아요” ?

    • Celso Moraes

      Just completing 천천히 말하면 이해 할 수 있는 거 같아요 can it mean ” If you speak slowly I think I can understand you” ?

  • Vichhai(계상)

    A는 B보다 큰 것 같아요. “I think A is taller than B.” is that right?

  • Carlen Wirth

    What about verbs that end with a consonant in the past and future tense? For example, “I think they were eating.”

  • http://yixingkyungsooismylife16.tumblr.com Abigail Samuel

    노래는 것 같아요.
    Is this right?

  • Viny Lam

    Why is there no past tense for descriptive verbs in noun form?

  • Minah

    how can i say “the pictures are like art” ?

  • Dania Freih

    비가 올 것 같아요.
    it looks like it’s going to rain.
    혼자 간 것 같아요.
    I think he went alone.