Level 4 Lesson 1 / The more … the more … / -면 -을수록

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안녕하세요! Welcome to Level 4!

In this lesson, we look at how to say “the more [A], the more [B]” in Korean. The key expression/verb ending we will be using is “을수록”.

Listen in to learn how to use it, and be sure to practice with us through comments!

You can download a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • jeffderricksy

    우리 헤어진 후에, 제가 가슴을 갈수록 천천히 나아져요.

  • Joel söderström

    들으면 듣수록 좋아요! 이거 맞아요?

    • Seokjin Jin


      들으면 듣수록 > 들으면 들을수록

  • VoldiPhil

    저는 한국어를 좋아질수록 한국에 가고싶어요.

  • b1gpotato

    for this week (january 10, 2015) i’ve been unable to use your iphone app. the links don’t show on the bottom

  • 소피

    웃을수록 행복해요.

  • Chantal

    아침 일찍 일언할수록 시간이 삶을 만끽해요

  • http://csj8719.pixnet.net/blog csjyj

    들을수록 한국어를 많이 배워요^^

  • 이슬나다

    Please Correct me if you find mistakes >>

    * TTMIK을 들으면 들을수록 한국어를 더 잘하게 될 게요.
    * 언어를 많이 있으면 있을수록 직업 기회를 더 있을 거에요.
    *책을 많이 읽으면 읽을수록 똑똑해요 .
    *운동을 많이 했으면 했을수록 겅간이 더 잘할게 될 게요.

  • Kartaljuzin

    I was thinking how would you say ‘the more I think the more I become convinced’

    since “to think” is not commonly used in Korean

  • http://learninghangukeo.blogspot.com/ Shaziane

    돕세요. 이것들이 맞아요?

    읽을 수 록, 알아요.
    The more I read, the more I understand.

    피곤할 수 록 먹어요.

    You need to eat even more, especially when you are busy.

    돕을 수 록 물 만이 마셔요.
    I drink a lot of water particularly when it’s hot.

  • Esat Armağan Kaymaz

    생각할수록 잘 이해할수 있어요.
    The more you think, the more you can understand.

    • JooyeonPark

      네 맞아요! :)

  • Shy Unicorn ♡

    TTMIK에서 공부할수록 좋아요 ^^

  • César Duarte

    한국어는 공부할수록 좋아요

  • Matt

    (Formal – 전댓말)
    [1] 간강에 해로올수록 맛있어요. = The more unhealthy it is, the more delicious.
    [2] 많으면 많을수록 항복해요. = The more, the merrier.

    (Informal – 반말)
    [1] 이거 뭐야? 연습할수록 나빠! = What is this? The more you practice the worse it is!
    [2] 갈수록 사랑해. = As time goes by, I love you even more.

    감사합니다 for the lesson!

    • Kaz

      Hey! For the first sentence there’s a couple of small typo’s. The more unhealthy it is…. should be 건강에 해로울수록….

    • Matt

      Thanks, I always reverseㅏ and ㅓ as well as ㅗ and ㅜ.

  • http://stephenmendenhall.com Stephen Mendenhall

    많으면 많을수록 좋다 = 다다익선 :)
    전 “If a little is good a lot is better” 라는 걸 자주 말해요.

  • https://www.facebook.com/yinara94 Noor M. Ahmed

    안녕하세요 ~
    갈수록 한국을 좋아해요 <3
    이 맞아요?
    감사합니다 선생님 :)

  • 에비

    갈수록 삶에 대해 배우죠

  • Saemi

    correct me please if i’m wrong. 경은 씨 said this “비싸고 재일도 좋고 스기도 편하고 이렇면 잘 팔리죠”

  • Fan Ellis

    1. 이 그림을 보면 볼수록 예뻐요.
    2. 비가 올수록 감기 조심하야 돼요.
    3. 갈수록 그 보고싶은 느낌은 사라져요.
    Please correct me if there is any mistake. 고마워요 :)

    • Jiyeun Lee

      Good!!! You are awesome! Every sentences are correct.
      But 2nd sentence sounds little bit akward in the context..
      In this case, I would say, 비가 오니까 감기 조심해야되요.
      If you want to use “비가 올 수록” you need to use different context such as..
      “비가 오면 올 수록 강의 수위(water level in the river)가 높아져요.”

    • Fan Ellis

      아~~그렇군요~ 알겠어요 :) 감사합니다 ^^

  • 하오라

    공부할수록 좋은 결과를 가져와요.

    • Jiyeun Lee


  • El Heffe

    Great podcast!!! I came across it because last week ago I tried to use the following sentence in a conversation:

    “내가 우리 존교에 대한 역사 더 많이 읽을수록 신앙이 더 많이 없어졌어요.” I was trying to say “The more I read about our religion’s history, the more I lost my faith in it.” The person I was talking to didn’t seem to have any idea what I was trying to say. So after listening to this, right off the bat it would seem that I can remove at least that first 더 and probably the 많이 as well. To clean it up and simplify it a bit let’s remove the other ones too: “내가 우리 존교에 대한 역사 읽을수록 신앙이 없어졌어요.” Does this sentence work now? Is it ok to use this sentence pattern in the past tense like this?

    • Jiyeun Lee

      Wow. you made a good sentence. It is ok to use this pattern in the past tense. One small typo is 종교 not 존교 for religion. And if you want it to be really sound natural, you can say like this. “우리 종교에 대한 역사를 읽으면 읽을 수록 신앙이 더 없어졌어요”

  • Strahinja Jovanovic

    운동할수록 건강해요. 맞아요?

  • Peter

    영어가 모국어인 사람일수록 한국어가 조금 어려운 것 같을 수도 있어요. 그렇지만 연습하면 연습할수록 잘 해서, 저는 열심히 공부 할 거예요.
    Korean may seem a bit difficult, particularly for native English speakers. However, the more you practice the better you get, so I will study hard.

    (Hopefully that makes sense.)

  • Ashley Heil

    연습하면 연습할수록 한국어를 잘해요 ….맞아요?

  • Carlen Wirth

    Can I make a suggestion? I think it would be really great it you created a workbook for these lessons. It would be super helpful :)

  • Stevie boy

    1. 술 마실수록 내일 머리 아파요.
    2. 자랄수록 옷을 많이 사야 돼요.
    3. 가볍을수록 잘 날라요.
    4. 캔디 먹을수록 양치질 해야 돼요.

    정정해 주새요.. ㅠㅠ 감사합니다!

  • Kendra Sintim-Aboagye

    PDF Conjugation 예들에 잘못있는데요.
    “바쁘다 [bi-ssa-da] –> 바쁠수록 [bi-ssal-su-rok] = the busier you are, the more …” 아니라
    “바쁘다 [ba-ppeu-da] –> 바쁠수록 [ba-ppeul-su-rok] = the busier you are, the more …”이죠.


  • Julie Miller

    1) 나는 여행할수록 나는 많이 행복해요. –> The more I travel, the more I am happy.
    2) 운동하면 운동할수록 건강하게 돼요. –> The more one exercises, the healthier one becomes.
    3) 요즘 갈수록 일이 짧아지는데 겨울이 곧 올 것 같아요. –> These days, as time goes by, the days are becoming shorter; it seems winter will soon come.

    • cheum

      요즘 갈수록 낮이 짧아지는데…

  • Dania Freih

    한국어 많이 공부할수록 한국어 잘 해요.
    the more you study korean, the better your korean will be.
    사르면 살수록 배워요.
    the more you live, the more you learn.
    갈수록 한국어 재미있어요.
    korean keeps getting more interesting.

    • cheum

      살면 살수록 (더) 많이 배워요
      한국어가 점점 더 재미 있어져요.

    • Dania Freih

      알았어요.. 감사합니다 ^^

  • Jess

    May i ask, is “sell” 팔다 or 팔리다?
    Cos for the first usage example in lesson 1, “the more delicious it is, the better it sells”, the sentence ended with 팔려요. Shouldn’t it be 팔아요? Appreciate your help in clearing my doubts. Thank you in advanced! :)