Level 5 Lesson 4 / I guess, I assume / -나 보다

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In this lesson, we look at how to say “I guess …”, “I assume …” or “I suppose …” in Korean : -나 보다 [-na bo-da] Today’s key structure is somewhat similar to -것 같다 in meaning, but it has a stronger nuance of “I assume … based on this fact” or “I suppose … because …”. We hope you enjoy this lesson and thank you as always for studying Korean with us!

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • Julie Miller

    1) 그 사람들이 많이 기다리고 있었어요. 기차가 안 오나 봐요. –> Those people have been waiting a long time. I assume/guess the train is not coming.
    2) 여기에 아무도 없나 봐도 기다리 하자. –> Even though it seems there is nobody here, let’s just wait.
    3) 내 친구는 책상에사 잠을 들었어서 내 친구가 읽는 책이 재미없나 봐. –> Because my friend fell asleep at the desk, (I assume that) the book my friend was reading must not be interesting.

  • Asha

    오리 아빠가 전화를 안 받아요 .. 일이 있나봐요
    My father is not answering my calls he must be busy

    그 책이 못 읽었나봐요 !!
    I guess You didn’t read this book !

  • Matt

    [1] 저는 단독으로 먹나 봐요. = I guess I have to eat alone.
    [2] 그들은 아직 왔어요? 바쁘나 봐요. = They haven’t arrived yet. I guess they are busy.
    [3] 대런 씨의 자전거 봤어요. 차를 끊었나 봐요. = I saw Darren’s bike. I guess his car is broken.

    감사합니다 for the lesson.

  • Dania Freih

    노래 하는 사람은 있나 봐요.
    그 영화는 봤나 봐요.
    오늘은 일찍 일어났나 봐요.
    그 사람은 다시 왔나 봐요.

  • Leni

    아무도 없네요…음악회가 끝졌어나 봐요. No one’s here…I guess the concert has ended already.
    왜 이렇게 놀라요? 모르나 봐요. Why are you this surprised? I guess you don’t know.
    한국어 정말 잘해요! 영습 만히 하나 봐요! Your Korean is really good! I guess you practice alot!