Level 5 Lesson 5 / I guess, I assume – Part 2 / -(으)ㄴ가 보다

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안녕하세요! In the previous lesson, we looked at the structure -나 보다 [-na bo-da], which can be used with action verbs to mean “I guess …” or “I assume …”. In this lesson, we are going to look at how to say the same thing but with descriptive verbs : -(으)ㄴ가 보다 Be sure to check the PDF for the correct spelling of the expressions and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us comments!

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • 하오라

    이 드라마는 재미있나 봐요 ..||~

  • Ran Abdel Rahman

    안영하세요 선생님,
    Would the past with 이다 be -이었나 봐요 (ex, 학생이었나 봐요)?

  • 대박인가 봐요.

  • Julie Miller

    1) 모두 사람들이 웃고 있느대 그 코미디언은 재미있나 봐요. –> All the people are laughing, I assume the comedian is funny.
    2) 그 다리기한 여자가 늦었나 봐요. –> That woman who is running must be late.
    3) 내 친구는 지난 주말에 이상한 보는 영화가 지금은 인기가나 봐요 –> That weird movie that my friend saw last week seems popular now.

    • metal_samurai

      인기 is a noun so you’d want to use 있다 or 많다 with it.
      내 친구가 지난 주말에 본 이상한 영화가 지금은 인기가 많은가 봐요

    • JulieAnne Miller

      Very helpful!! Thanks so much! 도와 주셨어 고마워요!

  • 인녕

    에이미 씨는 아직 보지 안는데, 바쁜가 봐요.

    • Seokjin Jin

      >> 에이미 씨는 아직 보이지 않는데, 바쁜가 봐요.

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1)I think I ate it
    – 제가 먹나 봐요

    2) I guess this book is interesting
    – 이 책을 재미있나 봐요

    3) I guess it hurts a lot
    – 많이 아픈가 봐요

    4)I guess it hurt a lot (past tense)
    – 많이 아펐나 봐요

    5) I think she’s annoyed
    – 그녀는 자증난가 봐요

    6) I guess I was surprised
    – 제가 놀랐나 봐요

    7) I think your friend is shy.
    – 네 친구는 수주운가 봐요

    8) I guess you’re bored
    – 니가 지루한가 봐요

    9) Today’s weather seems to be hot.
    – 오늘 날씨는 뜨거운가 봐요


  • Matt

    [1] 저는 그것을 떨어졌고 개지 않아서 상당히 튼튼한 봐요. = I dropped it and it didn’t break so I guess it is pretty durable.
    [2] 너의 소송이 아주 좋아, 비쌌나 봐. Your suit is very nice, I guess it was expensive.

    [3] 그 녀가 데이드에 대해 매우 흥분해요. 남자가 잘 생긴가 봐요. = She is very excited about her date. I guess the man is handsome.

    감사하니다 for the lesson.

  • Saemi

    can someone please tell me how to pronounce 맞은가 봐요. is it said as majeunga bwayo? because it sound a little strange

  • Leni

    그 가게 앞에 사람이 진자 많아요. 유명한가 봐요. There are so many people in front of that store. It must be famous.

    전 오늘 힘이 없어요. 아픈가 나봐요. I have no energy today. I must be sick.

  • Kyungsoo Best

    How do you change 인가 봐요 to the past tense?