Level 5 lesson 9 / While I was doing …, … and then … / -다가, 하다가

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Are you a person who can multitask effectively? If you are that kind of person you should study this grammar lesson. :D In this lesson, we look at how to use this verb ending -다가 [-da-ga]. This is very commonly used in Korean when you talk about gradual transition from one action to another or one situation to another. Don’t forget to leave us a comment!

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here. And after you learn the basics, try writing your own Korean sentences and get corrections from native speakers through HaruKorean, our 1:1 correction service.

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    Are the mp3 links all working ? Just went through lesson 4 mp3 those files on the first page don’t seem to work ? Is this just on my com ?

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    it’s ok that the audio isn’t working..seeing the particle and example is already enough to learn this another easy lesson.. :)

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  • Wan Imran

    Why are sample sentences are all in past tense? Can I say in present tense like “작은 내 동생을 기다리다가 내가 잘 수가 있어”? 절 도와주기 덕분에 감사합니다.

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    점심을 먹다가 이 래선을 들었어요.

    Thanks for this lesson. I have seen this “다가” structure quite a bit, and have been wondering what it means. :)

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  • Sarah


    1. 밤에 길에 걸어가다가 이상한 소리를 들었어요.
    2. 운동을 하다가 다쳤어요.. 많이 아파요 ㅠㅠ
    3. 쇼핑을 하다가 남자 친구 다른 여자랑 봤어요… =O
    4. 시험을 보다가… 잠 들었어요…
    5. 금식을 하다가 우윤히 물을 마셨어요… 어떡하죠?
    6. 퇴근하다가 이 레슨을 들었어요… ^___^


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    밥 먹다가 ttmik에 왔어요. I was eating before I came to ttmik.

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    2. 혼자서 기다리다가 혼자서 후휘 하다가,미안해요 ㅠㅠ

  • Michelle

    Would it be possible to use this verb ending for a situation like “while you were sleeping, I made breakfast”?

  • Juanita

    점심 먹다가 TTMIK 레슨 들었어요….
    감사합니다 선생님, 수고하셨습니다.

    다른 예문:
    한국어 공부하다가 노래 들었어요…

  • eliza

    안녕하세요, 선생님들 *_*
    1. 먹다가 혀를 씹었어요.
    2. 책을 읽다가 불을 껐어요
    3. 전화를 받다가 이상한 목소리 들었어요.
    4. 우리 싸우다가 갔어요.
    5. 한국어를 공부하다가 TTMIK을 알게 됐어서 너무 행복해요.
    I find ttmik lessons very useful. I am very grateful to you. MULTUMESC. THANK YOU. 너무 감사합니다 ▲_▲

    • http://small.dic.daum.net Greg

      I’ll explain what seems to be the problem with some of these sentences. But they maybe okay if that what you actaully meant, though it’s a bit weird then.

      2. 책을 읽다가 불을 껐어요 – “I was reading a book and then I turned off the lights”. You probably meant that “the lights turned off while I was reading the book”, but it’s not how you say it.
      It’s 불이 꺼졌어요, and I think without 다가 because it’s different subject, unless it’s something related, like 잠이 들었어요.

      3. 전화를 받다가 이상한 목소리 들었어요. “I was picking the phone and then I heard a strange voice (somewhere)”. But you wanted to say “I picked the phone and I heard a strange voice (from the phone).
      In that case you should say 전화를 받았다/받아서/받았는데 이상한 목소리 들었어요 or 났어요. 받았다(가) is finished action, 받다가 is unfinished (interrupted).
      Maybe think of it like short of: 전화를 받고 있는데….

      4. 우리 싸우다가 갔어요.- ??? :D maybe 도망쳤어요? ran away (can think like “hit escape”)

      5. 됐어서 => 돼서

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  • Claira


    여행을 하다가 선생님이 만났어요. (I was travelling when I met my teacher.)

    집을 깨끗하다가 전화를 받었어요. (I was cleaning the house when I received the phone call.)

    말레이시아에서 살다가 한국에 이사갔어요. (I was living in Malaysia and then I moved to Korea.)

    공원에서 운동하다가 집에 왔어요. (I was exercising in the park and then I came home.)

    카페에서 기다리다가 배고팠어요. (While waiting at the cafe, I became hungry.)

    학교에 가다가 강아지 두 마리 봤어요. (While going to school, I saw two puppies.)

    제가 생각하다가 이 아이다어가 있었어요. (I was thinking when I got this idea.)


  • WendyM


    In the following example 밥 먹다가 전화를 받았어요. Here the same subject is doing both actions this structure I understand very well now. Thank you! But I’ve seen written for example: 밥 먹으며….. and also 밥 먹더니 …..in here ~더니 I understand it as “the subject is eating now….and then” something else happens. In the case of ~며 I understand it as “as/while the subject is eating” then action 2 occurs maybe simultaneously.

    In those 2 cases does the subject HAS to be the same performing the 2nd action? Or in the 더니 and ~며 when one uses those verb endings is the action 1 and action 2 can be done by 2 different subjects? I haven’t seen that lesson in TTMiK yet.

  • Michelle

    침대에서 자다가 고양이 왔어요 (I was sleeping in my bed and then my cat came)

    방에서 있었다가 핸드폰을 놀았어요 (I was playing no phone when I was in my room)

    먹다가 갑자기 엄마가 소리 질렀어요 (I was eating and then mom shouted)

    점심 먹고 있다가 편지를 받았어요. (I was eating my lunch and then I recieved a letter)

  • Michelle

    침대에서 자다가 고양이 왔어요 (I was sleeping in my bed and then my cat came)

    방에서 있었다가 핸드폰을 놀았어요 (I was playing no phone when I was in my room)

    먹다가 갑자기 엄마가 소리 질렀어요 (I was eating and then mom shouted)

    점심 먹고 있다가 편지를 받았어요. (I was eating my lunch and then I received a letter)

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    I was taking a bath before listening to TTMIK.

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    안녕하세요! How is this different with -면서?

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    1. 우리 엄마함께 말하다가 드라마를 봐요.

    2. 극장에서 영화를 보다가 전화를 받았어요.

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    Before listenning to today’s lesson, I made sandwiches at Macdonalds.

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