Test Your Korean – Level 1 Dialog in 100% Korean

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Check how much you can understand from studying with Level 1 lessons of TalkToMeInKorean! To make the conversation more realistic, we have added some new words and expressions that did not get covered in Level 1 yet, but don’t worry; you have the PDF to use for reference!

First listen to the dialog alone without looking at the Korean transcript or translation, and then compare your understanding with the actual translation.

Let us know how much you understood!

You can view the PDF here or download it here.

  • Ya’eesh Khan

    Was kind of upset that I only understood about 70% when listening to the dialogue but understood about 95% when reading it so thats not bad. Need to talking and listening and not just on paper

  • disqus_VPEBDqoLrg

    I can understand all of these… strangely i only watch dramas and kpop variety shows. never took a lesson before

    • JooyeonPark

      That’s great! 🙂

    • Marc Wentink

      Yeah, that figures.
      When I was 12 years old I never had an English lesson before, but could easily understand spoken English too. Watching dramas whole day to learn a language is very efficient. Far more efficient then the few lessons in level one.

    • disqus_VPEBDqoLrg

      yeah but the problem is, with this way, i wont get to learn the ‘proper’ language nor im able to speak it since i only listen anyway haha

    • Marc Wentink

      If it is comparable to my situation for English and German: You should just do both. If you want to learn Korean that is. You probably know a lot of vocabulary from watching TV. You just don’t know how to write and the grammar. Speaking would not be a problem I think. That is maybe a little bashfullness, shyness. And yes do not copy the bad language! I did the same from American crime stories on TV that is not appreciated. 🙂
      But one thing to add here is that I am Dutch, and the Dutch language is very close to German and also reasonably close to English. So I not totally sure that it is comparable.

    • disqus_VPEBDqoLrg

      Yeah but im probably just a noob. see? this is only level 1 🙁
      But how to put this im always interested to study language any kind of language my dream is to master at least 10 LOOOL way to dream gurlll

    • Marc

      Well speaking 10 languages fluently would be difficult. I speak Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French and some Korean. That sounds brilliant but I am only really fluent in German and English. (And Dutch is my native language off course.)

      I wish you a lot of success. (What is your native language by the way?)

    • disqus_VPEBDqoLrg

      its just a dream lol. cool! how do you do it?
      ive just listened until lesson 5 dialogue turns out i can understand fully until lesson 3 for lesson 4 and 5 i dont get all the vocabulary but i get the gist of whats happening. haha they were so funny. smh i feel proud. i need to buy one of these lesson books.
      my native is bahasa. im from indonesia:) thankyou so much marc!

    • Marc

      I mainly use the koreanwikiproject:

      Here are the lessons in bahasa for you:


    • disqus_VPEBDqoLrg


    • Seokjin Jin

      Great job! You are progressing gradually!

  • Rim Ben Salem

    i did understand 98% of it i thought i wont understand but it still difficult to read hangul so quickly

  • Suga Swag

    I understood 90% on the first listen and 99% while reading <":

    • JooyeonPark

      Great job! 🙂

  • Sehunnie

    Isn’t there a written exam like a workbook at the end of every level? I believe I’ve tried answering it before but i can’t seem to find it this time. I forgot where i saw it. Help, anyone? : )

  • Miles

    Probably 80% without text. With text, I fully understand 🙂 The discussion about time, 이상해요, and 나왔어요 were the main parts that tripped me up.

  • Marc Wentink

    Listening I can understand 30%. Reading the text 90%. And if you count the words I did not know but guessed right even more. I have a hearing problem, and you are speaking very fast, so maybe that is it. I cannot always understand people in my native language Dutch too when they speak very fast or unclear. 🙁

    For example in the dialog:

    민아: 생일 축하해요. 선물이에요.

    현주: 우와. 감사합니다.

    민수: 현주 씨, 생일 축하해요. 저는… 선물이 없어요. 생일을 몰랐어요.

    The first 생일 축하해요 from 민아 I can understand. But then 민수 talks fast because he starts excusing himself, and the second 생일 축하해요 is abacadabra for me. Even though I know the words and it is the exact same sentence. He ‘swallows’ a few syllabels, I am lost, and don’t catch up because it goes so quickly. Hearing is always my weakest point in language tests.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Oh, I am sorry. The person was me. However, we already made many listening materials and even now, we are making good contents for listening. I hope you practice listening more and I am sure your listening skill will definitely better.

    • realtalkbean

      Just FYI. Using “better” in verb form is generally really awkward in casual situations. It’s better to use “improve” in that instance.

  • baek

    i had to read the transcript but i feel so touched knowing i’ve learning enough to understand that small exchange :’-) 감사합니다

    • Kaelah

      I know how you feel some of it was confusing keep it up though 🙂 I’m just a leaner too.

  • Hajarshiii

    I understood all the dialogue!! 100%
    I guess i don’t need to read the transcript 😀

  • Danielle

    Are the dialogues for each level available on the app? I’d like to be able to access them when I’m not at a computer. Thank you for all of your hard work. TTMIK has been a great help over the years.

  • yato

    Surprisingly I understood like 60%+ and I’m only on lesson 6 😮

  • Naarah Callender

    I understood a lot! Since late January I’ve been actively studying Korean and I got the context of this dialogue pretty quickly. What’s help so far is that I have learn bits and pieces of what was taught in Lesson 1 other places, but it was all super confusing. These podcasts really help string my prior knowledge together and I understand so much more. I love this! Can’t wait to get into lesson 2!

  • Roy Nguyen

    Does anyone want to practice Korean together? I can listen and understand 90% of the dialogue but I can’t speak well. My skype is pangaea94. Btw, Thank you for the useful page.

    • Kaelah

      Sure I’m also a learner so we can learn together :3

    • Roy Nguyen

      Good. please talk via Skype. Nice to meet you

  • Susanne Watson

    Is there a mistake in the pdf? Should it be “Who drinks beer in a pizza place?”

  • 사라

    안녕하세요, 사라 입니다 🙂
    I finished all level1 and I understood only 70% of the speech not all of it , sorry 🙁
    there were some words that I didn’t understand (some of these words I understood them from the meaning of the sentence)
    안녕,감사합니다 ^-^

  • Tiia

    By listening I understood 95% and with the text 100%. Yay! 감사합니다 ^^

  • Kaelah

    I can understand a lot of it but it was very fast which did make it difficult. However without text i understood 80% of the dialogue but with the pdf file i understood 99.9% of it there were some new vocabulary words i didn’t know however i am still happy because i’ve only been learning for less then 4 months yay ! thank you talktomeinkorean team for helping me learn.

  • noor

    i understood all of it yayyayayayayayayay

  • Kina Yasnain

    Done lesson 1 and I understand all of it without pdf! 너무 감사합니다~

  • Ryh

    I understood 70% of it without pdf just cause it was kind of fast, but with the pdf i understood 90% of it.