Test Your Korean – Level 2 Dialog in 100% Korean

Download Available

Check how much you can understand from studying with Level 2 lessons of TalkToMeInKorean! To make the conversation more realistic, we have added some new words and expressions that did not get covered in Level 2 yet, but don’t worry; you have the PDF to use for reference!

First listen to the dialog alone without looking at the Korean transcript or translation, and then compare your understanding with the actual translation.

Let us know how much you understood!

  • Jade

    wow this is crazy, i was just looking for a website where i can learn Korean properly then I found this. After watching k-variety shows, listening to k-music for almost 3 yrs, I can understand everything 100%. I’m so excited to learn Korean properly!!!

  • xoxoshiii

    I can understand 100% 🙂

  • Dianne Mendes

    I understood everything!!! Thank you sooo much TTMIK!

  • 니키

    I understood 95% of it becausw i forgot some verbs. Haha also, my brain was buffering HAHAHA

  • Angela Capellan

    i understood everything, 감사합니다

  • faiza

    진짜 감사합니다 , 제가 다 알았어요 , 다시 한번 고마워요 ^^

  • Darlene Ferrer

    Thank you very much!!! I understood everything!