Monthly K-Pop Words: January 2015 (Introduction)

When you listen to Korean music, you will find that there are many words and expressions that are constantly repeated in the lyrics. In the January 2015 edition of Monthly K-Pop Words, we have analyzed 35 hit songs that were released in the month of January, 2015 and selected more than 200 words that are worth learning. Each word is pronounced clearly for you in the audio program and followed by a sample phrase that the word is likely to be used in.

Monthly K-Pop Words - January 2015


We’ve worked really hard to make this a good learning material for everyone who enjoys studying Korean with K-pop songs, and we hope you find this program useful.

Here’s how you can study with it:

  1. Check how many words you already know in the Self-Check segment
  2. Study the words either through the full audio lesson (3 hours long) or the compact vocabulary audio track (22 minutes long)
  3. Check your progress with the simple quizzes
  4. Try solving the crossword puzzles that use the key words introduced in this program

Monthly K-Pop Words - January 2015 - 2 Monthly K-Pop Words - January 2015 3

Monthly K-Pop Words - January 2015 4 Monthly K-Pop Words - January 2015 5

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