Test Your Korean – Basic Greetings


Do you think you know everything about saying basic greetings in Korean?
Test your knowledge by taking a quiz!

There are 12 questions in thie quiz and you have 2 minutes to complete all the questions!

Take the Quiz Here


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wedelia-Ryo/721201876 Wedelia Ryo

    That aigoo moment when i can answer all 100% right but pressing the wrong button.. @.@

    • Bianca

      I know that feeling:) it happened to me!:)

  • astrid

    noo i run out of time, can’t answer the last question
    i only got 11/12 :(

  • https://twitter.com/#!/nikkiyah Nikkiyah

    woooh! i got everything right! jeongmal jaemisseoyo! ^^ komapseumnida sonsaengnim!

  • Ross

    The test seems to be broken it’s not loading the site TT

    • http://twitter.com/jinseokjin jinseokjin

      No, it is still working. :)

  • seesean

    oh yeah! i got everything right! 100 score! ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Do-Yen/100003061466446 Do Yen

    i run out of time 9/12

  • girlie

    I can’t access to the website. :((((

  • chodingPyo

    All correct excpet for one wrong at question “I missed You”,silly mistake to actually confused btween “bogosipoyeo” and “bogoshiposseoyeo”~I need to learn more ^0^

  • chodingPyo

    All correct except for one wrong at question “I missed You”,silly mistake to actually confused btween “bogosipoyeo” and “bogoshiposseoyeo”~I need to learn more ^0^

  • virda

    LOL the questions seem not allow me to think first. haha xD
    I got time out. but yeahh it’s interesting.
    thanks for the test :D

  • ChhangChanvuthy

    I want to gets Korean Test everyday. Can you send Korean test and answer to my email.

  • Jerson

    huh! I only got 10 out of 12 because I did not answer the last two questions. I did not know that there is a time limit. Anyway, 감사합니다. :D

  • Halimah

    ARGH!!!!!! I almost got full! but I ran out of time when i was gonna click the right answer :(

  • http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/lessons/test-greetings/ hannah

    ahh!!! ottoke, i didn’t notice this thing had a time limit!!! chincha!

  • http://www.applesamanthalee.blogspot.com applesamanthalee

    It’s a good way to revise my Korean Language! ^^ I like this site very much!! ^^
    Gonna liked on FB~! 화이팅!!

  • 주디

    That is great way for me to practice what I have learned so far, unfortunately ran out of time to complete all questions. :-)_

  • Judi

    This a great resource…. Thanks for all your hard work…. :-)

  • Lena

    Yeah! I get 100 of 100! B)

  • tat

    waa get 100 score

  • patricio

    25/100 que verguenza…:( resien estoy empezando a aprender coreano, no se mucho de ingles asi que se me ha hecho un poco dificil, pero puedo entender casi todo lo que dicen…thank you TTMIK i`m lerning so much whit you…:)

  • Ice

    I got 100!! Yay!! ^^

  • le7en

    100점 받았어용 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ^^

  • ikram

    aaaaah, i got one wrong because my mouse went crazy on aigoo!

  • Kelly Gothra

    I really liked this. I need to study more :) I answered 6 questions and time ran out and got 1 out of 6 wrong. So I took it again, answered all 12 and within the time limit and got all of them correct, YEAH!!!!! :)

  • http://facebook.com John Adrian

    what is the meaning of this? “jal ji-nae-sseo-yo”

    • Ben

      It mean i’m fine:)

    • kim sooyeon

      it could also be a question..><

    • Seokjin Jin

      Yes. According to the tone, it can be a question.

  • Krs

    Uwa!!! Baeg %:)! Kamsahamnida! This is such a good way to practice my vocab! Its so much fun too!!!:)

  • Keunmi

    백 점! 감사합니다!^_^

  • Keunmi

    May i ask if there’s a more colloquial way or shorter way of saying ” 오랜만이에요”?

  • Jakeline

    ouch! 9/10 but I enjoyed it! :D

  • pandaseyo

    hahaha i got 50% ^^

  • kim sooyeon

    i got 86%..haha

    • Seokjin Jin

      Good job! 잘 했어요!

  • Boemy Korphil

    I got 100%!!!!! 아싸!!!!!!

    • Seokjin Jin

      Great job!


    I GOT 100%…. :))

  • Naa Adei Kotey

    Wow I had a 92 on the greeting test, I guess its thanks to TTMIK and Kdrama

  • ayu

    83 is okey right ?