Level 9 Lesson 10 / Sentence Building Drill 15

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It’s time to reinforce what you’ve learned in a few of the previous lessons and work on your sentence building and expanding skills! If you don’t want to repeat saying similar things, studying with the lessons in this series will come in handy for you! Learn how to change parts of given sentences in Korean to form new and more diverse sentences!

You can view a free PDF for this lesson here, or if you want to study with our TalkToMeInKorean textbooks, you can get them here.

  • rubyroachford

    ” Today I went to the park with my friend Minsu,but we didn’t have any food”
    would it be “오늘은 나하고 내 친구 민수야 공원에 겉이 갔어,그런데 밥이 없어.

    • JUN

      한국어 수업이 끝난 후에 빵집에 가다가 빵이 벌써 다 매진되 버렸어요!! 🙁

      정말 슬퍼서요!
      How sad!

  • Steve

    Thanks for the new lesson! But when i go to lesson 9 under “audio lessons” it only goes from 1-6 and doesn’t show the newer ones? 고맙습니다~~선생님 잘하시네요~~

  • JUN

    안 먹으려고 했는데, 이 식당이 맛있다고 해서 먹고 말았어요.

  • 제시카

    hey guys! just so you know, the last 4 lessons from level 9 don’t appear in the “level 9 curriculum” section.

    just letting you know 😀