Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #8 (grocery store, motorcycle, snow, sign, winter)

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In our 8th Korean vocabulary with Pictures video, Hyojin introduces five words that you can find in the picture below. Enjoy the video and learn how to say snow, winter, sign, motorcycle and grocery store in Korean!



눈 [nun] = snow
겨울 [gyeo-ul] = winter
간판 [gan-pan] = sign
오토바이 [o-to-ba-i] = motorcycle
수퍼마켓 [su-peo-ma-ket] = grocery store

After watching the video, be sure to say all the words in the picture out loud and try to use them whenever you can!

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  • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

    I think it is 슈퍼마켓 (shyupeomaket), not 수퍼마켓 (supeomaket). : )

  • 코코

    This way of teaching is really helpful when you have a visual memory, it’s so much easier to remember the vocabulary!
    고마워 🙂