Aesop’s Fables – Three Little Pigs

Learn new Korean words and expressions through an Aesop's Fable story! This story is about three little pigs and a wolf that tried to eat them.
  • Estimated study time: more than 30 minutes
  • Suggested activities: Listen to the story once, and read the story out loud. Look up the words you don’t know, and listen to the story again. Try translating all the sentences into your language if possible.

You can read the text for this story below:

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Ice-skating in Seoul (스케이트 타기) (Korean + English subtitles) – Story Time

Every winter, there are some temporary ice-skating rinks you can visit in Seoul. Teacher 석진 and 주연 went to the one near the Seoul City Hall to check out the place.
  • Estimated study time: 25 minutes
  • Suggested activites: Watch the video, study unfamiliar words, and watch the video again while trying to read the Korean subtitles out loud.

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