How Do You Say “Could you take a picture of us, please?” In Korean?

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How would you say “Could you take a picture of us, please?” in Korean? Teacher 경화(Kyung-hwa) is going to explain it in detail in this video. Enjoy!

In this video series, “How Do You Say This In Korean,” we choose one of your questions about how to say certain things in Korean and let you know not only how to say it, but also how the sentence is formed.

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Popular Names in Korea

K-pop: Odebak and fatdoo

All of us at one point or another would have experienced this in school – people in the same class who have the same name.

In elementary school, there were three girls in my class that had the same name, and two of them even had the same surname! As a result, my teacher and our class had to come up with nicknames in order to differentiate between them.

Recently, Hyojin stumbled upon this news article on the Internet ( that analysed the most popular baby names in Korea in the past few decades. As we found the article to be an interesting read, we wanted to share it with all of you!

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Book Intro – Survival Korean

Make your stay in Korea much easier and enjoy it to the fullest with Survival Korean! We picked most essential Korean phrases you need to know while traveling or living in Korea, and divided them into 20 different situations, which comes with detailed explanations about the phrase itself AND fun and useful information about the situation where the phrases are used in.

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