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We are here to help you learn Korean.

We are a website and community where learning Korean can be actually fun and exciting. We have a lot of easy-to-follow lessons to help you start learning Korean from a complete beginner level or enhance your current Korean skills and become more fluent. Whether your goal is to understand what your favorite K-pop singers are singing about, to understand watch your favorite Korean drama without subtitles, or to communicate better with your Korean friends, you will find whatever you are looking for here at!

We launched our website in 2009, and we have many Korean books and e-books, hundreds of videos and thousands of online lessons that you can use to learn Korean.

How to start learning Korean

If you are just starting to learn Korean, you can start by listening to our very first audio lesson (Level 1 Lesson 1) and learn the very basic greetings and words. Even if you don’t know anything in Korean now, after listening to a few lessons in Level 1, you will already start feeling more comfortable with basic phrases and what the Korean language sounds like.

Don’t know Hangeul? You can learn to read and write in Korean very efficiently using our “Hangeul Master” book. You can get the book here on our official online store for US$19. (We ship our books internationally.)

Or if you’d like to learn to with a video course, you can take these lessons to learn Hangeul within 90 minutes.

[Hangeul Video Course]


You can download our latest audio and video lessons through our podcast feed here or search for us in any podcast directory including iTunes.

For many of our lessons, a free accompanying PDF is also provided to help you review and reinforce what you’ve learned! (Currently you can only see the download buttons from a computer screen, and from mobile devices, you can view the contents of the PDF straight from our website.)

Already know some Korean?

If you already speak some Korean and want to improve your skills, we have some really good books for you as well as hundreds of online lessons.

You can learn some of the most essential Korean vocabulary words along with 1600+ everyday sample expressions using our My Weekly Korean Vocabulary book.



Or you can start learning with our latest online lessons here. We have many different types of lessons you can use, regardless of your current level of Korean.


If you want to know more about the staff of TalkToMeInKorean, please visit the Team Introduction page, where you can interact 1:1 with the members of the staff. 

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