How to Participate

Talk To Me In Korean is more than just a website that offers free Korean lessons – we believe it is a community as well as a platform where people can interact with each other and help other people with their own knowledge, experience, and expertise. There are a few different ways you can get involved in our projects and participate. Read the following to find out which you can work on with us!

Become an English proofreader for Talk To Me In English


Talk To Me In English is a service that is similar to HaruKorean, but for Korean people who want to improve their English speaking and writing skills. We are looking for people who can work as a freelance proofreader to correct the English sentences written by the users of Talk To Me In English. It probably can’t be your full-time job, but if you want to help some English learners in Korea while making some money on the side, please sign up using this form here.

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Make your own audiobook or video lessons for Super Audiobook



TalkToMeInKorean has created hundreds of lessons about the Korean language, and we are now making e-book and audiobook products on various subjects, too. In order to develop more abundant foreign language learning materials and provide opportunities for many more people to participate in creating foreign language education material, we would like to invite you to be an author of Super Audiobook.

Anyone who has interesting stories or ideas (that can be used for learning a language and enhancing vocabulary) can participate in Super Audiobook. Your stories can be in any format: novel, essay, diary, letter, explanation, instructions, etc. You can record the audiobook yourself using any recording equipment, such as a digital audio recorder, a laptop or even a mobile phone. You can even use your mp3 player or digital camera that has audio recording functions.

You don’t have to speak a foreign language fluently in order to make an audiobook. You can write and record your stories in your language. That’s the purpose of Super Audiobook – to create more foreign language learning material for second language learners! When your audiobook is registered and sold as an in-app purchase in Super Audiobook, you will get paid and the earnings will be reported to you.

>> Become an author of your own audiobooks or video lessons through Super Audiobook

Be our guest blogger


We have people studying with our lessons and using our learning material in more than 190 countries around the world and the numbers are increasing every month. We are working hard to publish content on our site every day, but we could still use YOUR help! If you enjoy writing, have a blog, or have blog post ideas that you think could help a lot of people, please consider becoming our regular guest blogger. You can help our readers with your information, knowledge, or expertise on topics related to Korea, and gain more traffic to your personal website(s) at the same time.

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More ideas? Let us know.

Do you have other collaboration ideas or ways you want to participate in Talk To Me In Korean? Let us know via e-mail at 감사합니다.