Seokjin Jin

I am the main videographer for Talk To Me In Korean, and I enjoy drawing, cooking and eating!

  • 라넬

    아싸! 제가 화요일에 일을 없습니다. 네 기회를 드디어 나타났습니다. 그레서 TTMIK 직원들을 만날 수도 있습니다. 석진 씨 가능합니까?

    • 네. 그럼 내일 오시는 거예요? ㅎㅎ 네. 오실 때 길을 잘 모르시면 연락주세요. 010-4503-3420이에요.

  • hiba

    السلام عليكم سيد جين سوك جين ..
    لأنني مازلت في بداية تعلمي للغة الكورية اردت ان اكتب تعليقي الآن بلغتي وعندما سأتعلم اللغة الكورية بشكل جيد سأقوم بأعادة كتابة التعليق باللغة الكورية
    اريد ان اشكرك وكل من يعمل في مؤسسة تكلم معي بالكورية على جهودكم الكبيرة لمساعدتنا في تعلم هذه اللغة الجميلة
    اتمنى لكم التوفيق الدائم في عملكم

    شكرا جزيلا لكم

  • 라넬

    Talk to me in Korean thank you very much. It was nice meeting all of you finally. I was so nervous sorry about that. Again thank you and i hope TTMIK continue to provide us more Korean related stuff. 정말 감사합니다.

  • JUN

    석진 선생님께,


    2013년 9월 19일, 추석 잘 보내세요.

    즐거운 하루 되세요.

  • reyhaneh

    hi Seokjin Jin
    im from iran
    thank you for learning

  • fatima

    석 진 씨 안녕 하세요!
    저는 Fatima 이에요,remember me?i had some comments before:)(with this huge visitors you don’t know me absolutely!!!)
    I didn’t know that you are interested in drawing!!!!난 도 love drawing…I’m not professional but I try to be someday…(I love Chinese painting specifically!!!)
    after I finished learning Korean with interesting TTMIK I’ll draw TTMIK group portraits and I’ll post it!
    thanks a lot for all your kindness , I really really have fun learning Korean with you all, and also thank you for replying the comments 석 진 씨! it makes me so cheerful!

    • fatima

      p.s. I also love learning foreign languages, I’ve started French since last year and this year I started Korean and Chinese too but I improved in Korean much(I’m in level2 lesson 20+Rosetta stone unit2), because of incredible TTMIK lessons^^) 감사합니다 TTMIK group!

  • chu

    Hi 석진씨,
    안녕하세요. You have the fastest reply/respond, so please allow me to ask you question on the Lesson 🙂
    I have a question on Level 8 Lesson 18. About -(으/느)ㄴ 대로.

    도착하는 대로 전화해 주세요 = Call me as soon as you arrive.
    As from sentence above, If after Verb stem + -(느)ㄴ 대로 it can also mean “as soon as”, then ..
    보는 대로 말해 주세요 = Tell me as the way you see it.
    = Tell me as soon as you see it.
    Which one is correct? And how to differentiate the different?

    Thank you so much, again.

    Best regards,

  • Kelly Gothra

    I am confused regarding topic/subject markers…

    “내일은 저는 일해요. [nae-il-eun jeo-neun il-hae-yo] = “As for tomorrow, I work.”
    Here, 내일 [nae-il], tomorrow, is followed by 은 [eun], is a topic, but not the subject of the verb 일하다 [il-ha-da], “to work” because it is not “tomorrow” that works but “I” that work.”

    If “I”is the subject of the sentence why wouldn’t it be…
    “내일읁 저가 일해요”
    Instead of “내일은 저는 일해요?

    • Kelly Gothra

      “내일읁 저가 일해요”
      Oops supposed to be…
      “내일은 저가 일해요” instead of “내일은 저는 일해요”?
      Please help?
      I am confused regarding topic/subject markers

    • Kelly Gothra

      Oops I mean why wouldn’t it be 내일은 저가 일해요?

  • Kelly Gothra

    안녕하세요, 석진 씨,
    In the “Quick Hanguel” section of the Workbooks1-3(where the vowels and consonants are listed), I am wondering if this “ㅕ” is a vowel and what category of the vowels would it go under? I thought it was one, but I can’t find it.if it is one why wouldn’t it be listed?

    • 안녕하세요. 켈리 씨.
      I am so sorry for that. Because you let me know that, now we found that we did a mistake.
      Yes, ㅕ is supposed to be under the ㅓ.
      We will talk how to deal with it. I am sorry again for this inconvenience.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Kelly Gotha

    안녀하사요 속진 씨,
    Thank you for your reply, I thought that I had seen that as a vowel before but then began to wonder if it was still in use. Thank you so much for your help, I really do appreciate it and all of everyone’s hard work. I think everyone at TTMIK is AWESOME!!! I would love to visit Korea some day but unfortunately I think it will have to wait until I get rich and can be able to afford it. lol! I love all of the text books and work books and will continue to buy them whenever I can and have the money to do so.

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  • Desire

    Hello Mr. Jin. My name is Desire. I’m very eager and interested in learning Korean language from scratch. Actually, I have few knowledge in Korean but since I worked in Thailand, and I have no direct contact with my Korean friends due to their hectic schedules. So, 80% percent of what I used to know about Korean was totally nowhere to find. I would love to learn, again. I hope you can assist me in this matter. Any suggestion of a person or site which I could visit and learn Korean? Thank you.

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  • alexa

    what’s the difference between 저희의 and 우리의?