7 Random Korean Expressions – Ep. 16 – Seoul World Cup Stadium

We introduce 7 random Korean words or phrases in this series. In the 16th episode, 경화 and Terris went to the Seoul World Cup Station (not inside about around the stadium) to help you learn some new words and phrases! Hope you enjoy watching it! ^_^


Words and phrases introduced in this video:
– 월드컵 경기장 [weol-deu-keop gyeong-gi-jang] = World Cup Stadium
– 매표소 [mae-pyo-so] = ticket box
– 현위치 [hyeon-wi-chi] = current location
– 아파트 단지 [a-pa-teu dan-ji] = apartment complex
– 바람이 많이 불어요 [ba-ra-mi ma-ni bu-reo-yo] = It’s very windy.
– 감기에 걸리다 [gam-gi-e geol-li-da] = to catch a cold
– 약을 먹다 [ya-geul meok-da] = to take medicine

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  • Alice

    경화언니가 정~~~말 예뻐요!^o^

  • Wedmer Hernandez

    I enjoy the video…. I got 3 new vocabulary. Not bad!

    • Nice! I will learn more vocabs from the future videos. 🙂

  • Old Boy

    I think this would have been a lot more interesting and educational if 경화 spoke all Korean and Terris spoke all English, or better yet, vice-versa!