[Ask Hyojin] What is the meaning of “어루만지다” and “안쓰럽다”?


In this Ask Hyojin episode, Hyojin explains two word; 어루만지다 and 안쓰럽다.
If you are a Super Junior fan, you might have heard of these two words from their song “In my dream.”

Vocabulary and sample sentences introduced in this video :
아, 정말 안쓰럽다.

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  • Nupur

    the first one say eolman jida? something related to sleep?

    and the second one i didn’t understand, does it say ansseuleoyeda?
    i didn’t understand 럽 the last double vowel here.

    Hyojin Eonnie what does it mean?

  • Old Boy

    Example sentences:

    그가 머리를 부딪쳐서 아파하니 네가 어루만져 주어라
    He hit his head, so rub/pat it for him.

    어루만지는 어조로 말하다.
    Use a consoling tone of voice.

    그에게 몇 마디 어루만지는 말을 해 주다.
    Say a few comforting words to him.

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  • darkpbj

    Is 안쓰럽다 a ㅂ-irregular verb?